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At ANestWithAYard, we’re passionate about inspiring homeowners to create stunning and functional outdoor spaces with well-kept lawns and landscaped backyards.
We strive to create spaces that enhance the quality of life.

Our gardening and landscaping team shares practical advice and solutions as well as comprehensive reviews of the tools you may need for your landscaping adventures.

We promote sustainable and eco-friendly practices while striving to be your trusted guide for successful outdoor transformations.

How We Test

We are taking great pride in ensuring that our content is reliable and up-to-date. Brett and I, we relentlessly test all the techniques and products we recommend.

In addition, we have Review Boards consisting of certified experts who thoroughly examine our articles for accuracy and credibility.
With their seal of approval, we can guarantee that you are receiving only the most trustworthy and current information on the topics of lawn care, backyard, gardening, and outdoor design.

Our Team

Nadya Jones the writer on

Nadya Jones
Soul Of ANestWithAYard

Nadya’s the creative mind behind this blog, sharing her passion for landscaping, gardening and making spaces that nourish the soul. A blogger based in Raleigh, NC, Nadya turns imaginative ideas into inspiration, fueling home and garden dreams.

Say hi to our writers who are passionate about the same things lawn care, backyard, gardening, and outdoor design you do and want to share their knowledge with you.

Candace Osmond, an author at

Candace Osmond
Outdoor Decor Expert

Cole Trahan a garden expert at

Cole Trahan
Gardening DIY Expert With 10+Years Of Experience

Ron Wolf, an author at ANestWithAYard

Ron Wolf
Backyard DIY Expert And Hobbist

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