5 Ways To Choose The Best Area Rugs For Your Home Decor

Apart from being comfortable and warm, area rugs also provide some artistic design to the floor. In fact, according to designers, you need to start with the area rug before moving to the wall colors and finding the paintings to complete your décor. 

When it comes to choosing the best rug for your home design, there are a number of things that you need to consider. However, none of these factors is inscribed on stone hence can virtually be changed under the right circumstances.

Here are 5 ways to choose the best area rugs for your home décor.

Choose our rug first

If you are decorating your house from the scratch, you need to start by choosing the rug. This is because it’s not only big but also the impractical piece that normally holds the room together. If you hesitate until you buy the pillow, it could take you long to get the perfect rug.

You could even end up settling for something neutral until you get the perfect rug. In short, when designing your house, you need to look for the rug before throwing in the textiles, curtains, and the pillows (or other rugs like sarahshermansamuel.com did.) 

5 Ways To Choose The Best Area Rugs For Your Home Decor rug on rug

Consider the material

Before choosing the rug you need to consider its material. While faux fur might be so tempting, it’s quite impractical to use it in areas where there is a high traffic. Silk has the sophistication and the sheen but is so costly and is not durable. Polyester is not only strong but also easy to clean.

However, it cannot be designed in different ways hence might not please you. While sisal is ideal for heavy use, it looks more like an outdoor rug. Typically, natural fibers such as cotton and wool feel great and beautiful they are quite susceptible to fading and staining.

It’s, therefore, advisable to go for more affordable synthetic materials which not only fades better but can also resist staining.

Choose the color

If your room already has the furniture then go for more subdued colors. This is because the floor usually attracts much of people’s attention hence choosing a competing pattern may end up disrupting the entire look of the room. A neutral color or a solid color taken from the existing piece is far much better choices.

However, if you are decorating your room from the scratch, it’s a very good opportunity to buy a patterned lively rug. You can then complement it with the color of your furniture. In order to coordinate the color of your rug with existing colors, you need to follow the 60-30 rule.

This means 60% of the room should be your dominant color while 30% should be the secondary color which is the color of the rug. If you want to be a bit creative then you need an area rug with multiple colors and match it with the colors of the walls and furniture.

Play around with the texture

The kind of texture for the rug that you choose is also vital. This is because it will add to the character without even realizing. 

For instance, a wool rug with its warm and soft feel will easily compliment the shiny smooth surfaces. Although the texture is one of the most overlooked aspects, the ruggedness or the smoothness can either contrast or complement the furniture in the house (check this gorgeous layout by nest-studio-home.com)

5 Ways To Choose The Best Area Rugs For Your Home Decor textures


The design of the rug should be more than the patterns and the colors. It should express your personality. Before choosing the design, you need to know what you are looking for.

Whether you need a modern or traditional look, it’s very important to understand the design.

If you want to achieve a modern look, choose geometric patterned rugs. For traditional rugs, it’s important to choose floral patterned rugs. You also need to consider where to locate the rugs. If close to the dining room or the kitchen, you need to choose a rug that can easily hide or absorb the stains.

Rugs with multiple designs and patterns are very good at this.Overall when it comes to choosing your area rug, you need to go for one that matches your lifestyle. This will not only last longer but will also save you a lot of cash in the long run. When you consider all these you are likely to find the rug that adds warmth and color to your home.

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