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Ariens vs Husqvarna snow blowers: Which one is the best?

Are you lost in the world of snow blowers? It’s hard to find the right model for you and to understand all the features, functions, and different brands. 

To help you out, I’ve compared Ariens vs Husqvarna snow blowers in this article, so you can make an informed decision.

Ariens has more choice in their range, so they are the best choice overall

However, both brands have multiple models to choose from, so doing a bit of research will help you decide which one to go for. 

Keep reading, as I’m going to dive into the details of each brand. 

Ariens Snow Blowers

The first step in comparing Ariens vs Husqvarna is to understand what both brands offer.

Ariens describes itself as the “King of Snow”. The company has been run by the same family (the Ariens family, of course) since the 1930s. The company got its start in snowy Wisconsin. Now, they employ 1,500 people across the UK, US, and Europe.

And they don’t just make snow machinery — they also manufacture gardening products, such as lawnmowers and garden tools.

Their range of snow blowers on offer is huge. You can see more in our review of the best Ariens snow blowers

The brand features different models, including the simple but affordable “Path Pro”. You can use this cheaper snow blower to clear pathways, but it may not be great for huge spaces. With this model, you can opt for either a 136cc or 208cc engine and it has a clearing width of 21 inches.

Ariens has different snow blowers for all sorts of needs. RapidTrak works well on hills. It has a totally adjustable tracked or wheeled design, so you can get better traction on steep, frozen ground. 

You can buy this model with either a 28 or 32-inch clearance width and a 420cc or 369cc engine. The brand’s patented “Auto Turn” means the turning circle is small for its size and easy to change direction. You can use the standard mode or the Dig-In Mode.

Professional Ariens Snow Blowers

Ariens Professional 21 SSRC 21 inch Single Stage Snow Blower (938025)

The Ariens Professional range is designed for commercial use and clearing huge spaces. You can use these models in big areas, such as parking lots or if you own a lot of land that needs clearing. They are suitable for heavy-duty residential use, too. 

They can clear 79-102 tons of snow every hour, depending on which model you buy. A choice of 28 to 36-inch clearing widths can blow snow up to 60 feet away. Both models feature an Ariens Polar Force 420cc engine, produced by Briggs & Stratton.

Mid-Range And Compact Ariens Snow Blowers

Mid-range Ariens models include the Classic, with a 208cc engine, solid construction, and a 24-inch clearance width. This model is suitable for use at home and it can clear 58 tons of snow per hour. 

The Track model is great if you’re dealing with hills, as it has a track to help with traction up and downhill. You can choose either a 420cc to 208cc engine and the 24-inch clearance area is plenty for most residential users.

Ariens offers a Compact model, great if you are short on space. The 20 to 24-inch clearing width makes it a good choice if you don’t have much storage space. This model features an Ariens AX 223cc engine.

Ariens Pros

  • Plenty of snow blowers to suit the conditions where you live
  • Both single-stage and two-stage blowers available
  • Available in different sizes
  • Most models have heated handles
  • Auto-turn steering
  • Quality steel frames

Ariens Cons

  • Many of the models are fairly costly
  • If you want the full five-year warranty, you have to pay for it

Husqvarna Snow Blowers

Husqvarna snow blowers also give you a lot of choice of models, though not quite as many as Ariens. 

This brand is not actually best known for its snow blowers. You might be more familiar with Husqvarna’s lawnmowers, chainsaws, leaf blowers, hedge trimmers, and their other outdoor equipment.

Husqvarna describes itself as the “world’s largest manufacturer of outdoor products”. They have been around for over 300 years and the huge range is known for its reliability.

Husqvarna snow blowers are very well made, even though they aren’t the main product the brand manufactures. They’re split into three different series, the 200 series, 300 series, and 400 series.

Husqvarna 200 Series

No products found.

The 200 series may be best for you if you need to clear snow from your driveway or path. These models are not suited for commercial use, but they have plenty of features for residential use.

This model features LED headlights, so you can see what you are doing at all times of the day. You also get heated hand grips for comfort and so your hands don’t go numb.

These models also all come with an electric start, so if you tend to struggle with pull starts, this comes in handy.

The clearance width of the 200 series varies between 24 inches, 27 inches, and 30 inches. The engines start at 208cc and run up to 291cc, found in the ST230P.

Husqvarna 300 Series

Husqvarna ST330, Husqvarna ST330, 30 in. 369cc Two-Stage Electric Start Gas Snow Blower with Power Steering

The 300 series is pricier and suited to heavy-duty use. They feature mid-range models that run somewhere between a commercial and small home snowblower. If you have a large garden or a small commercial property, this range could be suitable.

Again, they all have LED lights, electric starters, and heated grips. The clearance width of these models is either 24 inches, 27 inches, or 30 inches. The engines in this range are a bit more powerful than the 200 series, including a 369cc option.

Husqvarna 400 Series

Husqvarna ST430T (30') 420cc Two-Stage Track Drive Snow Blower w/EFI Engine 961930134

The 400 series are hefty, professional blowers, built for commercial use. As well as the LED lights and heated handles, there is an upgrade on the electric starter that’s better than the 200 and 300 series. 

The 400 series also offers an EFI engine (Electronic Fuel Injection) and a better impeller, made of iron. There’s also a steel control panel for changing the settings.

The clearance width of this range is still either 24 inches, 27 inches, or 30 inches, like the other models. Engines in this range are either 291cc, 361cc, 414cc, or 420cc.

Husqvarna Pros

  • All models have heated grips and LED lights
  • Robust, well-built augers
  • Some models come with tracks for better grip
  • Different models available for different conditions, both residential and commercial

Husqvarna Cons

  • No options with over 30 inches clearance width

Ariens vs Husqvarna — Comparing The Features

Clearance Width

Clearance width is one of the most important features you should look at before buying a snowblower. But what does this mean? 

Clearance width is basically the width of the intake area of the machine. It means how much snow can be taken in at one time and processed and thrown out by the snow blower.

Many of us are okay with a snowblower with a smaller clearance width. If you’re just clearing a path, something like 21 inches is probably fine. Smaller clearance snow blowers are often more affordable, so this is one way to save money.

The Husqvarna range has snowblowers with clearance widths from 24 to 30 inches. Ariens machines span from 21 inches all the way up to 36 inches. This means there is far more choice when buying an Ariens model. 

If you need either a snowblower with either a very small clearance width or a big clearance width, Ariens is better.


The Ariens range of snowblowers is bigger with more models. This means it has cheaper, residential-style snow blowers, as well as more expensive, commercial models that can be used for larger areas and are more heavy-duty. 

The most expensive snow blowers out of these two brands belong to Ariens, but so do the cheapest.

Value for money is on offer with both brands. But because you have more choice when it comes to features with Ariens, this means you only have to pay for what you need, therefore, Ariens has the best range of snow blowers when it comes to price. 


Both brands sell single-stage and two-stage snow blowers. None of the brands sell three-stage machines (here’s how 3-stage machines differ from the other models).

Two-stage models mean they have a set of augers to help break down the snow. You can read more about augers in our guide to the best snow blowers

There isn’t a huge level of difference in the quality of the augers of the two brands, but Husqvarna’s heavy-duty, steel augers are marginally better and operate quickly to clear a lot of snow. 

They also cope slightly better with wet snow (you can read more about clearing wet snow here) than some of the models in the Ariens range. The auger build quality is a strength for both of the brands, but Husqvarna just edges it.

Electric Start

The option to have an electric start means that if the pull start isn’t working, you can plug into a power supply to get your snow blower moving. In cold weather, this is a good feature to have. Engines may not be as reliable when the temperature drops.

All Husqvarna snowblowers offer an electric start. 

Some of the Ariens models don’t come with an electric start, but you can add them at an extra cost when choosing your add-on features.

In terms of how good they are, both brands feature electric starts that are equally reliable. However, because all Husqvarna models include this function, they are the best snow blowers if you’re looking specifically for those with an electric start.


Both brands are pretty equal when it comes to this important feature. Engines vary from around 150cc to just over 400cc with both brands. You can choose the engine you need based on the size of snow blower and how much power you need.

The engines are reliable in both models and can be backed by warranties of up to five years, though this comes at a cost.

Ariens vs Husqvarna – Brand’s Stand-out Features

What are the stand-out features of each brand? Both offer things that the other brand doesn’t. I explore some of the specific stand-out features below.


  • Dual belt drive: Two belts are included instead of one: provides more torque and increases belt longevity 
  • Optional Super High Output impeller in some models: functions at a high speed in order to break up snow


  • X-Trac tires: Heavy tread and excellent traction — Airless tires avoid punctures
  • Remote chute rotator: Gives easy control of the chute direction
  • Clearing stick included: To clear the chute if it gets clogged

Wrapping It Up

Comparing Ariens vs Husqvarna snow blowers is tough because they are both excellent brands. They also both have many different models, which you may need to compare head to head to get the best idea of which is the best snow blower for you.

Choose Ariens if:

  • You need a particularly wide or narrow clearance width — they have the highest range.
  • You need to make sure the belt doesn’t wear quickly.
  • You want commercial snow blower models with tracks, not wheels.

Pick Husqvarna if: 

  • You don’t mind a clearance width of between 24 and 30 inches.
  • You need LED lights and heated grips for your comfort and ease of use. 
  • You want models with electric start as standard.

Have you enjoyed this Ariens vs Husqvarna comparison? Leave a comment below or feel free to share this list with your friends.

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