Hello Everyone! We are Nadya and Brett and we live in Raleigh, NC.


After spending the past few years completely building a new house with the help of a few friends and dozens of contractors and remodelers, we have learned a lot in this short amount of time. Even at the beginning, we thought we knew it all, but oh boy were we terribly wrong!

After opening up the project we soon realized how lost we were. I and my wife (in the blog, she answers your questions and writes posts) were swamped with tasks we needed for our new home. We needed new lighting for the whole home, we needed new closets as the ones in our house were horrendous.

Along with that, we were going to upgrade our backyard to include a gazebo to make the backyard a better hangout spot.  So obviously we knew we were going to have to go through a major overhaul.  I spent hours upon hours for a couple of weeks straight doing research, and I finally found out it was my time to select Allen Roth for my needs.

When we began we knew it was going to be tedious, but it was something we both wanted.

But what I’m trying to tell you with this story is that if you are looking forward to doing any type of remodeling in your home, hopefully, we can spare you some dispare with all the lessons that we have learned.

Thanks for visiting ANestWithAYard.com (former allenrothhq.com)! I hope you find some helpful tips!

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Cole Trahan

A gardening enthusiast, Cole Trahan has been doing gardening as a hobby for more than 10 years. He lives in South Georgia in a house and enjoys tending his garden on regular basis. He also enjoys writing and here, on anestwithayard.com, he could combine his both passions!
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Candace Osmond

Candace Osmond, an author

Award Winning Designer, Candace Osmond has been in the industry for more than 10 years. She studied Interior Decorating & Design and is also an accomplished writer and multi-published author. Apart from being an author on our website, she also writes for backyardboss.net. In her free time, Candace can be found traveling, tending to her garden, or enjoying the outdoor haven on the earth that is her backyard. Candace currently lives in the beautiful Maritimes of Eastern Canada with her husband, two beautiful kids, and a bulldog.

Ron Wolf

Ron Wolf, an author

Ron Wolf is a hobby designer and a DIY enthusiast, and, above all, a very blessed father of two. Besides that, he has a strong passion for writing. If he is not working he enjoys being outside with his family. Hiking, bike riding, and BBQing are always a thing for him. In the evening, he likes to watch documentaries or build something with kids in their lego corner. Check out his Facebook: facebook.com/ron.wolf.71271.

Kathy Green

Kathy Green is a writer, Master Gardener, and artist living in Middle Tennessee. She wrote two books, “Step by Step Guide to Plant Propagation Revised Edition” and “Mary of Bethany The Untold Story” that are sold on Amazon Kindle. She also owns a backyard nursery called Mimi’s Greenhouse where she grows and sells herbs, Hosta, perennials, and flowers. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

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Brett Jones

Brett is a private yet hardworking office assistant, who resides in Raleigh with his wife Nadya. He has a passion for backyard projects and spends much of his free time working on landscaping, gardening, and building outdoor furniture. Though he shies away from being in the spotlight, he plays an important role in Nadya's blog by providing her with "raw" content. Brett's knowledge and creativity of backyard design and DIY projects give Nadya material to come up with unique and interesting posts for her blog. On occasion, Brett also contributes to the site showing his tech expertise, particularly when talking about snowblowers and other tools. Follow him on Twitter.

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  1. Hi,my name is Hannah and I did by a 10×12 gazebo from Lowes , I do have a problem some of
    the Roof panels did blow away or broke and I am not able to get any replacement,the are not
    hardtop the are ripped synthetic lightweight and we had at one point a replacement but are
    unable to find an adresse to reorder,we only had a label on the box that gave the brand from
    Allen +roth ,is there any way that give us some info, how to find this Roof panels again.

  2. We bought a set of wicker chairs, loveseat and the last remaining Bistro table at our Lowes last summer (2017). We would like to buy another Bistro table to match, but can not find one. We recently bought a Glenlee Bistro table. It is similar, but not the same. Can you help? Is there a number to call to talk with a person?

  3. I have completed installation of all new switch plate covers with the exceptions of 2. You the model I need on the back of the packing but Lowes tells me they cannot order the model I need. It is #689485. Can you help me with this. Thank you.

  4. Hey I’m
    Looking for replacement panels for my hard top gazebo 10 x 12. It is Allen and Roth and bought it at lowes last year. I would also like to buy some screws for the track system that keeps the slide in panels in place.

  5. Hello,

    I am in need of a replacement part for the frame of my Allen + Roth Pergola. I have purchased 3 replacement canopies, but cannot find a site who manufactures frame parts. Thank you for any help you might be able to offer.

    • Hi Kathryn,
      Unfortunately, it looks like nobody makes frame replacement parts.
      At least we were not able to find them either.

  6. I’m looking for 48 replacement hooks for my 10 x 10 hardtop gazebo mosquito netting. Do you know where I can buy them? Many thanks.

  7. I Frank McClain Am trying to purchase the Protective Cover, Part Number 383770-N for my Allen + Roth Outdoor Fireplace, Model # L-OF096PST-A . I have had no luck in find a way to purchase this cover for the fireplace. Can you please tell me where or how I can purchase a cover for this fireplace.
    Thank You,
    Frank McClain
    Wed., 06-28-17


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