Allen Roth Blinds: Turn Your Bedroom Into Stylish Sleep Haven!

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Windows are a great asset to any room since they let in natural light to brighten your home. However, there are times you don’t want that much light coming in your room. Also, leaving your windows barren can be boring as far as decorating goes.

Allen and Roth blinds offer you plenty of sophisticated options so far as style, color, and even how much light you want to let in.

Cordless White Vinyl Light Filtering Mini-Blinds

The first set of the blinds on our list are the cordless white vinyl light filtering mini blinds.

The dimensions of these blinds reach 30.5 inches (common measurement puts width at 31-inches) in width and 64 inches in length. I prefer this set of blinds over others for the simplicity of it. Instead of fighting with a twisting wand to adjust the slats on the blind, I only have to push or pull on the bottom rail lightly to tilt the slats. The cord on these blinds isn’t prone to annoying tangling or knotting as well. You also have a 1-year limited warranty on these blinds, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking.

Unfortunately, there are a couple cons to go with all the good news as well. For one, these blinds only come in white, so you won’t be able to purchase these in a different color. Another issue is that due to the way the blinds function, you cannot shorten them if they are too long for your window. However, these blinds are easy to install and will last you a very long time.

white allen roth blinds classic home

Cordless White Faux Wood Room Darkening Horizontal Blinds

The next item up on our list is a white set of horizontal Allen and Roth darkening blinds made of faux wood. The measurements for these Allen and Roth faux wood blinds reaches 72 inches in length and 34.5 inches in depth with a recommended window depth of 2.5 inches. These blinds do, in fact, feature a wand to tilt the slats but do not feature a cord to operate pulling them up and down. This makes them safer, especially for families with small children.

The bad news about this product is that, once again, it only comes in one color; white. This color doesn’t match every decor, but it isn’t a difficult color to work with either. Other than this, though, no complaints stand for these blinds. They have a fairly easy installation with all the needed tools included in the packages. In addition, they work smoothly and quietly. While these blinds are made to block out light, they also work wonderfully as privacy blinds, making them perfect for a bedroom or even a bathroom.

Bark Faux Wood Plantation Blinds

Allen and Roth made these plantation blinds out of faux wood with a bark finish, giving them a warm, realistic brown color. It has dimensions equal to 58.5 inches in width and 64 inches in length with slats that measure 2 inches. It is easily adjusted by using the bottom rail with no pull cords, which, again, is especially good for families with young children. A tilt wand is included and used to tilt the slats to control both privacy and light exposure. The blinds resemble wood; however, they provide a more durable option that is moisture resistant. It also includes decorative 3.25-inch crown valance and valance returns.

This product doesn’t come with any major drawbacks to it, which is exceptional. It does only come in one color, but the shade is easy to match with almost any décor. These Allen and Roth blinds are sure to be a beautiful addition to any home. I love them in my home and highly recommend them. The company makes it extremely easy for you to assemble the blinds and all of the hardware that you will is included for you to do so.

Pros and cons of the Allen and Roth blinds

Let’s see what cons and pros these blinds have.


  • Easy to install

  • Smooth finish to minimize dirt buildup

  • Durable quality


  • Screws aren’t the best quality

  • Not all blinds are practical for tilting/raising daily

Why I Picked Allen+Roth Windows Blinds

I have a particular experience with Allen Roth blinds!

When I was in college, I had a very typical dorm room.  It was about fifteen feet by fifteen feet and at the time I was actually rooming with my twin brother, which was an experience in its own. But, in this dorm room, we had only one light above the sink in one corner of the room and two giant windows on the other side of the room.

The lighting situation was perfectly fine during the day because we would just open up the windows and we would get plenty of natural light.

The problem was during the night, we didn’t have blinds during our first semester and there was a light pole right outside of the window which would illuminate the whole room.

allen roth shutters

So what did we do?

We decided that we definitely needed a pair of blinds for our windows.  We decided to go to our nearest blinds store and we picked up two allen roth window blinds.  I didn’t know too much about the product, but it came highly recommended by the employee that helped me pick them out.

The installation process for these allen roth window blinds was a lot easier than I thought it would be.

As a college student who didn’t have a large number of tools to use to help with the assembly, I was able to successfully hang both of these blinds within thirty minutes from bringing them home.

Overall, I was very happen with my purchase of these allen roth window blinds.

They were easy to assemble, and when it came to night time the did their job.  The blinds matched my room and looked great, so if I had to do it again I would definitely pick allen roth!


No matter what kind of blinds you end up choosing, the blinds by my favorite brand will prove to be a fantastic choice. Whether you choose simple white blinds or min-blinds or faux wood blinds, they will help you keep the light out when you want a darker environment. They will also give your windows a classy look and blend seamlessly with your home design.

Check them out!

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