Allen Roth Cabinet Hardware: Stylish Solution For Your Cabinets

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A stylish set of handles (knobs or pull bars) is an essential final touch to the kitchen or bathroom cabinets. Whether you are looking for the contemporary, traditional or somewhere in between, the Allen Roth cabinet hardware collection has something to suit everyone’s taste.

Go with handles that fully complement not only the cabinet, but also the local decor. I fitted out my kitchen recently and the Allen & Roth range is perfect for virtually every situation. You get a choice of colors like silver or black. Plus, there is the option to go with plain or patterned designs.

Here is an overview of the different Allen and Roth cabinet hardware:

Round knobs

Round knobs give a simple, yet elegant design. Plus, the shape of these knobs means they are less likely to snag on clothing compared to flat or irregular shapes.

  • The round knobs are available in a choice of colors including aged bronze, polished nickel, polished pewter, aged brass, satin nickel and polished chrome

  • The most common pattern styles include plain and intricate patterns (traditional and modern styles)

  • All of the knobs are made in the zinc material

  • The general size of the round knobs is 1.25 inches in height by 1.24 inches in width by 1.24 inches in diameter. Other choices include the small knobs at 1.10 inches in height by 1.25 inches in width


  • Great looking and stylish

  • Very sturdy to handle

  • Gives plenty of finger space under the knobs


  • It is important to buy all knobs at the same time to avoid color variations

Oval knobs

Use the oval knobs to quickly update your furniture and cabinets.

  • The main style is traditional

  • Similar to other knobs, the material is zinc

  • The size of the knob is 1.5 inches in diameter


  • Easy to install


  • The only color choice available is aged bronze

Square knobs

Square knobs are perfect to instantly transform the look of your furniture and cabinets. Most are really easy to install and come complete with all mounting hardware.

  • The most popular colors in the square knobs range include brushed-satin nickel, matte black, iron black, oil rubbed bronze and aged bronze

  • Pattern choices include a plain modern look

  • All of the square knobs are made in zinc

  • The size of the knobs is quite similar at 1.25 to 1.4 inches in diameter


  • Very sturdy knobs that have the potential to last a very long time

  • Quick and easy to install with mounting hardware include

  • Knobs come out a decent distant to avoid smudge marks on the cabinets


  • Certain finishes can start to show signs of wear after a while

Arched pulls

Make your home stylish in an instant with the arched pulls. They are very functional in the kitchen or bathroom and give the more unique look.

  • The color choices include aged bronze, satin nickel and black,

  • Most of the arched pulls have a modern plain or patterned look

  • The preferred material for making these pulls is zinc

  • Standard sizes for the pulls are 3.62 inches to 4.17 inches in length


  • Gives a very classy look in the kitchen

  • Very sturdy and nothing like the flimsy builders grade

  • Plenty of space under the pull to slip the finders behind

Bar pulls

Stylish bar pulls aren’t only for the modern kitchen. They are great to give an updated feel to most pieces of furniture or cabinets throughout the home.

  • Allen Roth cabinet hardware in this range is available in polished nickel, aged bronze, pewter and aged brass

  • The most common styles include plain-modern and patterned

  • Standard material used to make the pulls is zinc

  • Bar pulls comes in sizes like 3.94 inches to 4.25 in length by 0.5 to 0.71 inches in width


  • Very smooth finish; no rough seams or edges

  • Great heft to make them very durable

  • Easy to install


  • For the more difficult installations, it may be necessary to buy longer screws


Overall, the Allen & Roth cabinet hardware is available in plenty of different sizes, styles, colors and types to make it really easy to modernize the kitchen or bathroom.

The range of knobs and bars are appreciated for offering a very sturdy build that has the potential to last a long time. Plus, the wide range of color choices means it is very easy to find the right piece of hardware that is able to complement not only the cabinets, but also the local decor and features.

Why not look at this impressive range of cabinet hardware when next looking to quickly and cost-effectively update the look of the home.

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