Allen Roth Cabinets and Cabinet Hardware

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Are you looking for cabinets or cabinet hardware to renovate the look and style of your bathroom or kitchen? If so, I can give guidance on the best options related to Allen and Roth cabinets. The color of these cabinets’ looks very classy and sophisticated and great value on price.

The cabinets from this range include my favorite bathroom purchases. The medicine, wall cabinets, or linen cabinets hold so much. Plus, you have easy installation with the supplied hardware.

With the right purchase choices you can pair the cabinets with other Allen and Roth products to outfit the entire room.

Whether you are looking at the floor-standing or wall mounted units, Allen and Roth offer plenty of attractive space saving opportunities for the home.

Let’s look at the different choices in Allen Roth cabinets:

Bathroom medicine cabinets

If you’re looking to remodel the bathroom and update the wall storage options, the Allen and Roth cabinets are great for large to limited space bathrooms.

These cabinets have plenty of benefits. They come in plenty of colors and styles to easily blend with the existing decor. White, brush nickel, anodized aluminum, espresso, copper and cinnamon are just some of the colors I believe can instantly transform the look.

For the space limited bathroom the cabinets with two or three wicker baskets underneath are a really practical feature. I love that they are able to offer extra storage for the often-used items without taking up space.

I find that the Allen Roth cabinet units are really easy to install. Most of the cabinets are delivered fully assembled with hardware included. Most of the cabinets are built to surface mount. But, there are few cabinets that will let you use the recessed installation method.

Many of the medicine cabinets are similar in size. Cabinets in the region of 22.25 inches in width by 30.25 inches in height by 5.75 inches in depth are typical. At this size, the cabinets can easily fit the small and large bathrooms.

A nice feature of these cabinets is the ability to mount the doors on the left or right-hand side. This is a practical feature and increases the convenience factor when it comes to installing.

Other great qualities I’ve noticed is the easy to clean interior, multiple shelves, adjustable shelves and option to buy the mirrored or non-mirrored cabinets

I particularly like the cabinets with adjustable shelves because it is a lot easier to store items of various heights. Also, for the really large items you can simply remove one of the shelves to create the extra space needed.


  • The cabinets come fully assembled and a complete snap to hang using the supplied hardware

  • Offers a great amount of space inside

  • Solidly made and well constructed


  • Cabinets only offer flat wall installation (not corner)

  • Some parts of the installation instructions aren’t clear

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Hanging bathroom wall cabinets

Quickly organize your bathroom essentials in one of the many Allen Roth cabinets. Many of the cabinets include adjustable shelves with space for washcloths, hand towels, linens and more. I find the rich cherry finish helps to add a touch of warmth to my bathroom. Other shades of brown can include sable and auburn.

The solid wood construction of the door and cabinet makes a very solid piece. Plus, this is finished with attractive hardware components to add a bright touch. Door knobs or pulls come with a stylish brass nickel or similar finish.

A great feature is the soft closing and adjustable hinges. This makes the process of opening and closing the cabinet doors a quiet and calm experience in the mornings.

Bathroom wall cabinets are slightly larger in size than the medicine cabinets. A typical size is 22 inches in width by 30 inches in height by 8 inches in depth.

For complete ease of setup, the Allen and Roth cabinet is fully assembled. By using the pre-packaged hanging hardware, the cabinets can be in place in a relatively short time. Most of the cabinets weigh in the region of 20 lbs, so practical to install by one person.

Plus, the installation process is quite versatile. Due to the design of my home it isn’t possible to install the recessed style of the cabinet, but the surface mounted choices are still very stylish

Overall, the bathroom wall cabinets are easy to install, well built, give plenty of storage space and very attractive for the price.


  • Easy to install (included template makes it very easy to measure the hole placements)

  • Solid and well made cabinets

  • Plenty of design choices that look very classy


  • I would prefer if the shelves were adjustable to store the tall item

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Floor-standing linen cabinets

If you are after a linen cabinet for your bathroom, bedroom, or powder room, I would say that Allen and Roth are easily able to help your situation. You can get a solid made cabinet and surface top that looks great and matches the needs.

I’ve noticed that most of the Allen and Roth linen cabinets come in light shades. Popular choices include off-white, cream and white. Although, the composite top can help to inject more color into a room.

Because of the compact nature of the linen cabinets, they are relatively small in size. Typical dimensions are 32.3 inches in height by 13 inches in width by 19.5 inches in depth. Even at a small size like this, I would say that it is still incredibly roomy. A simple idea to increase storage is to add a sea-grass basket. This can easily slip into the opening over the pull out drawer.

Also, the cabinets weigh about 58.5 lbs, so you may want assistance to lift the cabinet in place if you aren’t able to lift heavy weights.

The cabinet material is MDF which isn’t everyone’s favorite, but solid enough for this type of furniture to give long-term use and performance.

To give an attractive finish to the furniture piece, stylish brushed nickel hardware is used for the knobs or pulls.

Most of the linen cabinets come fully assembled for ease in setup. Plus, the cabinets can include detachable legs. This makes it possible to create the floating or stand-alone application to blend with the existing decor.

All-round, these cabinets are really great storage pieces for even the smallest bathroom space. The build quality is good and the look is quite appealing.


  • Very well made and constructed

  • Solid surface top

  • Comes fully assembled


  • It is possible to notice minor paint chips after a while

Stylish Allen and Roth cabinet hardware

Make your home stylish with updated cabinet hardware. If you are looking for new knobs or pulls to modernize the kitchen or bathroom, you will appreciate the choices offered in the Allen Roth cabinet hardware range. The cabinet hardware is sturdy and easy to install. Also, I believe the hardware wears well and stays looking great for the long-term.

There are plenty of color choices to easily blend with the existing decor. Silver, polished nickel, brushed nickel, bronze, aged bronze and black are the popular choices. Plus the shape can vary. The zinc made hardware has the square or rectangular shaped knobs. Also the pull handles are plain or elaborate in design.

Most of the colored knobs and pulls look great on white kitchen cabinets. I find that brushed nickel goes especially well with stainless steel appliances and black granite counter-tops.

I’ve used the cabinet hardware to update our bathroom and it is great at complementing the all-round decor. The knobs are very easy to install – mostly thanks to the prepackaged template. Whether you’re looking for stylish or plain styled cabinet hardware, there are plenty of choices on offer. All mounting hardware is included to make the installation process as simple as possible.

Also, the simple square handles are about 1.4 inch diameter and the pull handles are about 3.94 inches in length. A great aspect I liked was the fact the handles come out slightly further than the low-cost alternatives. This means that your fingers stay off the cabinet. This is especially practical for the white colored cabinets.

Whether you are aiming to update your furniture or cabinets, I’m certain that the Allen Roth cabinet hardware has the ability to give the desired look and function.

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So, if you are planning a bathroom or kitchen remodel in the near future, why not take a look at the high-quality collection of wall and floor cabinets offered by Allen and Roth. With the versatile installation options, you can install the surface mounted or recessed units. Recessed cabinets give the flush and stylish finish. But, the surface mounted can still look equally as attractive. For the price you pay, I’ve found the Allen and Roth cabinets to be great value. They are very stylish and easy to blend with existing decor. Plus, they give enough space to easily store the bathroom essentials, while also being easy to install.

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