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Allen Roth Closet Handy Reference Guide to Help Organize your Closet

Do you love a tidy and organized closet? After we installed a closet organizer a few years ago, I knew I could never go back to a standard closet again.

My husband and I can both keep all our things organized and items are much easier to find. It’s helpful to have spots to hang both long and short clothing. This almost doubles our available hanging space.

I really like our Allen Roth closet system, but we wanted to update it with some new pieces to make it even more functional.

But for some reason, Lowe’s does not offer a catalog of their closet system parts. It took quite a bit of research to find the pieces I was looking for in the right color and configuration.

After getting a lot of questions from readers asking about how to find information on Allen Roth closet organizers, I decided to create my own catalog.

Read on for a comprehensive list of available Allen + Roth closet parts.

Overview of Allen + Roth Closet Organizer

If you want an organized closet but are looking for something nicer than the standard wire-framed track system, an Allen + Roth closet organizer might be the answer.

The Allen Roth closet kit looks really good when it’s fully assembled. And it’s less costly than other comparable wood organizing systems.

You have a choice of solid wood or ventilated wood shelves, with a variety of accessories.

If you opt for the solid kit, it comes with a center tower with a drawer and shoe cubby option. The ventilated kit has an extra shelf on the bottom instead of the shoe cubby. There are three hanging rods and two 3-foot shelves included in either kit. You can also buy all of the pieces individually for more configuration possibilities.

The Allen Roth closet system is available in three different colors so there’s an option that will complement your home decor.

The color choices include Antique White, Java, and Rustic Grey.

The antique white is really more of an off-white or cream color. The video below shows the product being opened and suggests painting it if you want it to match your true-white walls or trim.

The Java and Rustic Grey finishes look really nice and are true to what you expect from the pictures.

Check it out: Good alternative to Allen+Roth closet may be Rubbermaid closet organizer.

After looking at all the different options available for Allen Roth closet organizers, I found there were some good and bad points about the system. Here are a few pros and cons that stood out.


  • Durable
  • High quality
  • 3 color choices
  • No track system


  • Can be difficult to assemble
  • May require cutting
  • Not as versatile as a track system
  • Corner installation isn’t ideal

Video Reviews of Allen Roth Closet Organizers

A few people shared videos of their experiences with Allen & Roth closet organizers.

I found these two videos gave a good look at some of the pros and cons of using the organizer kits. The first one gives an idea of how great you can make your closet look. The second really shows the parts and explains a few of the downfalls of the system.

Complete Closet Overhaul

JenCatSmiles shared a video review of her new Allen and Roth closet organizing system:

She had an overcrowded walk-in with a lot of wire shelving. After completely tearing out the old system, she and her husband went to Lowe’s and selected their new closet organizing system.

She opted for two Allen Roth wood closet kits in Java.

They used the same set-up on both walls to create a custom closet. They also got the matching pedestal base for the towers to finish the bottoms.

The size of the packaging for the closet kits is quite large. So, you may want to have the kits delivered rather than trying to transport them yourself.

Some new flooring and lighting completed the project and now they have a gorgeous custom closet with lots of storage space.

Lessons Learned Review

Eric and Amy shared their closet makeover in this video:

Their original closet was in desperate need of an overhaul. They wanted to remove the contractor grade wire shelving and replace it with a nicer wood system. They opted for the Allen Roth premium wood kit with ventilated shelves.

The video discusses some of the downsides they found with the kit.

The biggest being that while there was a corner kit to install the shelves, there was no compatible option for the hanging rods. They solved the problem by buying separate wall mounted poles, but didn’t like that the kit didn’t include a solution for this.

They also found it problematic that the hanging rods are mounted to the shelves.

If you don’t want lower shelves in your closet configuration, the kit doesn’t offer a good way to install lower hanging rods.

The screws that are supplied with the kit may not be the best quality.

Eric suggests using the screws that come with your wall anchors instead of the Allen Roth supplied screws.

They also didn’t like the fact that there is no end cap on the hanging rods to prevent hangers from sliding off the end. The found a DIY solution with a piece from another closet system.

Ways People are Using Allen Roth Closet Kits

Author and blogger Sonja Faust from shared her experiences with an Allen Roth closet re-do on her blog.

Allen Roth Closet: Actual Closet Redo

After spending A LOT of time planning and looking at options, she settled on the Allen + Roth wood closet kit, and added an extra shoe rack. The fact that there’s no track system combined with good value for a quality product won her over.

Lifestyle blogger Julie Blanner from created her dream closet using two of the antique white Allen Roth closet organizers, along with a few accessories. By positioning the hanging rods on the side walls instead of the back of the closet, they turned a step-in closet into a walk-in.

Allen Roth Closet: Walk In Closet

This also created separate his and hers sides in the closet which they customized to suit their needs. With all the extra space, she was able to bring in some decorative touches to really turn it into a pin-worthy closet.

The system also works for a smaller closet with some adjustments.

Rebecca from installed an 8-foot Allen Roth closet kit in her new nursery.  They experienced a small setback when the kit they purchased was missing a piece. But after contacting Allen + Roth customer service, they received a replacement part the next week.

Allen Roth Closet: Nursery Closet

They had to do some customizing since they needed 25” shelves, and the supplied sizes are 21”, 48” or 72”.  This required some cutting, but they made it work without any issues. They opted for three drawers in the bottom of the tower rather than shoe storage or more shelves.

Tips for Planning your Custom Closet

If you’re looking into parts for closet organizers, you must be almost ready to start work on your closet.

Here are a few helpful tips on making the most use of your space and designing a functional closet:

1.    To ensure you make the best possible use of your space, start with a good plan. This video from Lowe’s explains how to plan a closet that will really work for your needs.

2.    If your closet is narrow, opt for hanging clothes on one side and shelves on the other. says this will make it easier to access items on each side.

3.    You want to be able to see everything in your closet. This Old House suggests making use of available accessories to create easy access to all your things.

Complete Allen Roth Closet Organizer Parts List

After all my research online and in-store, I compiled this list of every available part I could locate for Allen and Roth closet organizer systems.

I made sure to include information about where the parts can be purchased and if any of the colors are no longer available. Hopefully, this list will help prevent others from planning their closet with parts that can’t be found.

Allen + Roth Closet Towers and Kits

Allen + Roth 8-ft Wood Closet Kit

The 8-foot ventilated wood closet kit features a center tower with a raised panel drawer and two adjustable shelves.

It also includes two 3-foot long shelves and three expandable hanging rods. The hardware is finished in satin nickel and is good quality.  The slatted shelves help with ventilation in the closet. Combining more than one kit will even more storage in a larger closet.

With double hang rods on one side and full length hanging space on the opposite side, this kit is a good solution for his and hers closets.

Allen Roth Closet: Java Wood Closet Kit

According to, good closet design takes the amount of single and double hang rods into consideration. Men’s clothes don’t often require much full-length hanging space, so the full-length space can be reserved for long dresses or coats.

One drawback to this system is that it’s designed to fit an 8-foot wide closet.

If your closet is a different size, some cutting or additional pieces will be required. It’s also difficult to get an extra shelf for the tower. The supplied shelves are spaced fairly far apart. If you want to add an additional shelf, it does not seem to be an option.

The ventilated closet kit is available at Lowe’s in your choice of Java, Antique White or Rustic Grey finishes.

Allen+Roth 76-in Closet Tower

If you’re looking to add extra shelf space to your closet, the Allen and Roth closet tower is a good option.

It’s made of solid wood with a choice of three different colored finishes. On its own, the shelf measures 76” high, 24” wide and 17” deep.

Allen Roth Closet: 76-in closet tower

To use this shelf as a free-standing unit, purchase the pedestal base and any coordinating accessories you may need. With a base and the drawer unit, the closet tower will look great out of the closet too.

Innovate Home Org advises using every bit of available space. The Allen & Roth closet tower is perfect for maximizing available space. Adding in extra shelving units can complete a long wall or add extra storage on a wall that’s too short for hanging rods.

Allen Roth Closet: Space Efficient Custom Closet

The Allen Roth white wood closet tower is more of an off-white, so you will want to verify the color before matching it to items you already have. While you can get add ons for the closet tower, unfortunately, extra shelves are not one of the available options.

You can purchase the Allen+Roth 76-in Closet Tower in Java, Antique White, or Rustic Grey at your local Lowe’s or

Ventilated Closet Tower

An extra ventilated tower will create additional shelf space when combined with your Allen and Roth ventilated closet kit.

Allen Roth Closet: Rustic Gray Wood Closet Tower

The tower can be mounted independently if you’re looking for shelving without clothes storage.  The ventilated shelves are made of solid wood resulting in a quality product. The tower is fairly easy to assemble and is compatible with the wood drawer units.

Lisa Adams, CEO of LA Closet Design has declared that grey is the new white! On her site Closetphile, she recommends moving away from traditional white cabinets and closets.

Allen Roth Closet: LIsa Adams Carlyle Closet

Grey is a neutral shade that goes with everything and adds a modern touch to your closet design. The Allen+Roth Ventilated Closet Tower comes in a beautiful Rustic Grey that will dress up your closet.

Unfortunately, the ventilated tower is not compatible with the pedestal base. So if you want to sit the tower on the floor, it will have to sit flat with no base.

You can purchase the Allen+Roth Ventilated Closet Tower at Lowe’s in the Rustic Grey finish. The Java and Antique White options are no longer available at Lowe’s. But I was able to find the Java finish on ebay.

I wasn’t able to find the Antique White online anywhere else.

8-ft x 6.83-ft Closet Kit with Shoe Divider

The Allen + Roth 8-ft java wood closet kit is a complete closet organizing solution.

The system includes a solid closet tower, which has one raised panel drawer and a shoe divider.  Two 3-foot solid shelves and three expandable closet poles are also included.

Allen Roth Closet: 8-ft x 6.83-ft Java Wood Closet Kit

Fully assembled, it measures 8 feet wide by 6.8 feet high and 17” deep. The hardware is finished in the same satin nickel as the ventilated system.

The Allen and Roth java closet shoe divider provides storage for an additional nine pairs of shoes and is easy to relocate anywhere in the tower.

Architectural Digest advocates using a shoe rack, and storing shoes heel to toe to maximize space.

Allen Roth Closet: Closet Organization Ideas

Closet designer Melanie Charlton, likes to double shoe storage by using both a shoe rack and floor space. The 8-foot closet kit comes with a shoe rack and has space below for shoes on the floor.

Installation of the organizer can be a bit tricky. If your closet is less than 8 feet, you will have to cut the shelves to make them fit. You may not want to attempt to install this on your own unless you’re comfortable with DIY projects.

The Allen+Roth Closet Kit with Shoe Divider is available at Lowes in store or online, in all three finishes.

Allen + Roth Parts

One thing I like about the Allen Roth closet system is that there are quite a few additional parts available.

You can customize your design with drawers, baskets, and extra shelves. Accessories make it easier to store smaller items like scarves and belts.

Apartment Therapy suggests to combine different storage options like drawers, hangers and bins to get storage that meets all your needs. They also recommend storing your most used items at eye-level, and things you don’t use much on higher shelves. Additional parts like drawers and shelves can help you achieve these goals.

Allen Roth Closet: Bedroom Closet

The closet replacement parts come in coordinating finishes to match your Allen Roth closet system. But some of the colors are hard to find or are no longer available.

I’ve collected up information on the available Allen Roth closet replacement parts. You’ll find details about the parts with tips on how to use them and where to find them below.

Expandable Closet Rod

The Allen and Roth closet rod will allow you to add extra hanging space under your compatible closet shelves.

The rod expands from 36″ to 60” and has a brushed nickel finish to coordinate with the closet kit hardware. This rod is sturdy and well made and fairly easy to install. The closet rod works well in combination with Allen and Roth 48-inch shelves.

House Beautiful recommends not folding formal or business attire when storing. Keep your good clothes in good shape by including ample hanging space. Adding extra expandable clothing rods will ensure you have enough space for suits and dresses to be hung up.

Allen Roth Closet: Designing a Closet

There is a problem with expandable closet rod though.

The pole only extends to 5 feet in length so even when fully expanded, it is too short for the 6-foot Allen Roth shelves. There are also no end caps provided with the pole. So if it doesn’t butt up against a wall or shelf, there is nothing to stop hangers from sliding off the end.

The Allen & Roth expandable closet rod is available at your local Lowe’s store. Or you can also find it online at Amazon.


Drawers are probably my favorite of the Allen & Roth closet organizers accessories.

I love the ability to store things like socks and underwear in drawers right inside my closet! The one small drawer in my dresser always seems to fill up quickly. Then I’m left trying to find creative solutions for storing things like socks and bathing suits.

Better Homes and Gardens thinks built-in drawers are a good solution for storing sweaters, undergarments and accessories.

Allen Roth Closet: Organizing Tips for Closets

The Allen Roth closet offers both wood drawers or pull-out wire baskets. This allows you to choose the small item storage solution that works for you.

There are two types of drawers for the Allen & Roth closet organizers. The information for both the wood and wire drawers is below.

Drawer Unit

Allen Roth closet drawer units are an easy way to incorporate convenient storage for small items in your closet.

The drawers are 10.75” high. You can add up to three drawers in the bottom half of the Allen + Roth closet tower. The holes for the drawer slides are pre-drilled to help with installation.

The see what’s included in the drawer unit and get an idea of what the Antique White color looks like, check out this unboxing video:

HGTV recommends not using your closet drawers as a catchall. Most homes have a “junk drawer”, but that shouldn’t be in your closet. Save your valuable closet space for accessories or frequently used items such as socks or scarves.

There are some issues with the sizing of the drawers.

There seems to be a manufacturing glitch that has resulted in some of the drawers being slightly smaller than required. This issue is fixable by using washers or shims to fill the gap. This may be a job for a handyman if you’re not comfortable with this level of DIY.

There are also some problems with inconsistent colors. So you may want to check the color before you start assembling to be sure all the pieces match.

You can purchase the Allen + Roth Wood Drawer Unit in Java, Antique White or Rustic Grey at your local Lowe’s or You can also find the drawers on Amazon.

Allen Roth Closet: Java Wood Drawer Unit

Nickel Wire Basket

If you want all your items accessible at a glance, include the Allen Roth nickel wire basket in your storage system.

The baskets measure 20.5” wide by 14.75” deep and 8.5” high, and fit both the solid wood or ventilated closet towers.

Allen Roth Closet: Nickel Wire Basket

There is enough space to add three of the wire baskets to the bottom half of the tower. To include additional baskets in the top half of the shelf, you will have to drill the holes yourself. The baskets can be used in combination with the solid wood drawers, or instead of them.

Elle Décor offers this designer tip for a stylish closet:  keep smaller items such as scarves and other accessories visible. The Allen Roth nickel wire basket is a convenient way to store your accessories where you can still see them.


There are some issues with the holes in the sliders not lining up with the pre-drilled holes in the closet tower. This can be corrected by drilling new holes, but this may cause cracking. Use caution when installing the baskets, as they can bend easily.

The Allen Roth nickel wire basket can be purchased at Lowe’s and I also found them online on ebay.


Solid Closet Shelf

The solid wood Allen and Roth closet shelf measures 16” deep and is available in 48-inch or 72-inch lengths.

Both sizes come with two brushed nickel shelf brackets and all the required hardware. The shelf is compatible with the Allen + Roth closet organizer kit.

House Beautiful suggests making your closet match your wardrobe. If you have a lot of clothes that don’t need to be hung up, you can replace clothes rods with shelves. A combination of cubby and open shelving will provide ideal storage for folded garments.

Allen Roth Closet: Shelf-Esteem

Use the solid wood Allen and Roth closet shelves in combination with the tower or closet kit to create additional storage for folded items.

Most people want to hang a clothes rod with the shelf, but unfortunately the clothes rod is not included with the shelf.

You can purchase both the 4-foot and 6-foot shelves at Lowe’s in Java or Antique White.  The Rustic Grey shelf is only available in the shelf kit.

Allen Roth Closet: Antique White Wood Closet Shelf

Ventilated Closet Shelf

Like the solid wood shelves, the Allen and Roth ventilated wood shelves are available in 4-foot and 6-foot sizes.

The 48-inch shelf is available in Antique White or Java finishes. The 72-inch ventilated shelf is only available in the Java finish. I also found a shorter shelf in Pecan finish on Amazon; see it on the left.

This unboxing video provides a look at the Antique White ventilated shelf and the included hardware.

This Old House warns about mold and mildew in closets. Closets are often small spaces with still air. Without airflow, mold can breed in an enclosed space. The Allen + Roth ventilated shelves help provide air flow to reduce moisture build-up.

There are some issues with inconsistencies in the color of the Antique White finish. Ensure you’re happy with the color of all parts before you start assembling.

You can purchase the 72-inch Allen and Roth ventilated shelf Java wood closet and the 48-inch shelf in Java or Antique White at Lowe’s.

Shelf Kit

The Allen + Roth closet shelf kit is a bit misleading.

The name implies that this is a different product than the solid or ventilated closet shelves. But the kit is really just the Rustic Grey version of the solid wood and ventilated wood shelves. It is available in both the 48-inch or 72-inch lengths, but only in Rustic Grey. Each kit includes one shelf and two brushed nickel mounting brackets and the required screws and clips.

Allen Roth Closet: Rustic Gray Wood Closet Shelf Kit

Elle Décor’s closet design ideas say to avoid stacking more than 5 items in a pile.  Stacking items higher than that results in a messy closet and causes things to fall over. Including additional shelf kits will create more space for small clothing piles in your closet.

Allen Roth Closet: CLOSET IDEAS

Even though these are called a shelf kit, they still do not come with a clothes hanging rod.

You can purchase all four versions of the Rustic Grey shelf kit at

Closet Pedestal Base

The Allen Roth closet pedestal base is designed to fit the solid wood closet tower.

The addition of the pedestal base will convert the tower into a free-standing shelf. The base is 6” high by 24” wide and 16” deep, and is available in Java, Antique White or Rustic Grey to match the closet tower.

The base is solid and pretty easy to assemble.

An extra shelf will help make use of all the available space in your closet. Good Housekeeping recommends using what would otherwise be wasted space to include an extra shelf. The pedestal base will allow you to add an extra free-standing closet tower to your closet for even more storage.

Allen Roth Closet: More Storage

Be aware that the pedestal base only fits the solid wood closet tower and is not compatible with the ventilated tower.

A skilled DIY person could most likely work out a way to attach the base to the ventilated tower. But this does not seem like an easy solution.

You can purchase the Allen Roth closet pedestal base in all three colors at Lowes. You can also find the Java and Antique White finishes on Amazon.

How To Make Your Closet To Fit Even More Things!

You can increase the capacity of your closet with effective folding techniques like the ones we present below.

Folding Women Socks In Japanese Way

Are your drawers full of lonely socks that have lost their partners? If you’re interested in achieving better organization in your home, you might have already heard about the smart Japanese clothes folding methods that you can use to get your closets straightened-out. Learn how to roll socks the way the Japanese way and you’ll never have to put up with odd socks again.

If you’re a novice to storing your clothes Japanese style, learning this easy method for tucking your socks together is a great place to start.

It does take a little longer to fold your socks this way but you will save all that time and more, as you’ll never need to search through your drawers for a missing sock again. Investing in some simple drawer organizers will help you achieve a picture-perfect result with this method. Even without organizers, this approach will help you get your unruly socks in line.

Folding women socks in Japanese way

It’s easiest to show this method, so I’ve photographed the different steps and given you some instructions to go with each one:

  1. Lay both socks down flat, one on top of the other, with the heels flattened and centered (the socks should look like rectangles, not L-shaped)
  2. Starting at the toe, roll the socks up their length into a tight roll
  3. Stop rolling around ½” from the end
  4. Open the end of the top sock
  5. Stretch out the opening using your thumbs
  6. Fold it back on itself to enclose the entire sock roll
  7. Stack your socks in rows or use a drawer organizer for perfectly folded and paired socks

This method works best for thinner socks. It will also work with bulkier socks but you might find it trickier to enclose the whole sock in the roll and fit the roll within the gaps in a drawer organizer.

Folding T-Shits: 6 Steps To Perfectly Organized Drawers You’ll Really Love

For immaculately organized drawers that show all your clothes at a glance, try folding your clothes the Japanese way.

If you’re a fan of the organization or decluttering, then you may have heard of the Japanese folding method. According to this method, we’ve actually been folding our clothes wrong this whole time. If you haven’t had the chance to read about this popular new way of folding, we’ve got the breakdown for you.

You will need some handy drawer organizers to achieve these perfect drawers. But trust me, the end results are worth this small expense. An adjustable drawer organizer or canvas drawer cubes will both work to help keep your clothes in order.

There are a few steps involved in folding your clothes perfectly the Japanese way. It may seem like extra work at first, but once you get the hang of it, you won’t want to go back. And the time you save getting ready will make up for any time you spend folding.

Want to fold like the pros in no time? Follow my infographic guide!

Folding t-shirt in Japanese way pin

Here are the steps:

  1. Lay a shirt out flat
  2. Fold one side in halfway and fold the sleeve back
  3. Repeat Step 2 with the other side (It should look like a rectangle)
  4. Fold the bottom ¼ of the shirt up
  5. Fold the top ¼ of the shirt down
  6. Create a small rectangle by folding in half

You should now have a smartly folded rectangle that will fit neatly into your drawer organizer.

Repeat this method with all your shirts and stand them upright in the organizer. Now you can see all your shirts at a glance when you open your drawer! No more rooting through stacks of wrinkled shirts trying to find the one you want.

How To Fold Plastic Bags In Japanese Way

If you have never seen the Japanese style of organization, trying out this simple folding method is a great way to begin learning. It might take you a few tries, but folding your plastic bags like this will save you space, time, and sanity!

This method works best for plastic bags with defined handles and corners. It will still work with rounder plastic bags, but your triangles might not be as precise.  Don’t worry though, it will still save space.

fold bags japanese way

Here are the steps:

  1. Lay bag flat and fold in half lengthwise two times
  2. Turn the corner of the folded back over to create a triangle shape
  3. Continue flipping the triangle. Stop rolling when there is only one fold left.
  4. On the last fold, tuck the final triangle into itself
  5. Start storing your plastic bags in a neat and tidy way!

Some Awesome Closet Inspirations

Fascinating Secrets Of Kris Jenner’s Amazing Closet

It’s always fascinating to get a peek into the lifestyle of the rich and famous, and I recently found this short film about designing a new closet for Kris Jenner. In case you’ve been asleep for the last ten years, Kris Jenner (previously Kardashian) is the matriarch of the Kardashian clan, the celebrity family that features in the hit reality TV series “Keeping up with the Kardashians”.

As well as being a businesswoman, Jenner is known for her personal style which revolves around well-cut blazers, skyscraper heels, and sunglasses.

While we can’t all have the same resources – or the same size closet – as Kris Jenner, this brief video by a celebrity closet designer Lisa Adams of LA Closet Design and CLOSETPHILE has a couple of interesting takeaways for all of us, especially if we’re considering how to tackle a disorganized and overflowing closet of our own.

Takeaway #1 – Storage And Organization Is Key

Jenner is passionate about getting the design of her new closet right, and her highest priority is to ensure that her closet has a place for everything and everything in its place. She knows that smart storage and organization will add value to her life by saving her time when she is picking out her outfits.

A critical step in the process is taking an inventory of her belongings before planning out the storage and organization solutions within the new closet. This ensures that every belt, scarf, and pair of sunglasses has a home. This is a great tip if you’re planning to reorganize your own closet.

Takeaway #2 – Storage Can Be Both Pretty And Practical

Jenner’s new closet blends bunches of practical, customized storage with a glamorous, feminine design. While few of us can afford our own designer, custom-built cabinets lined with black velvet, and inset antique mirrors, there is no need to settle for ugly and practical when pretty and practical is just as achievable.

For example, painted wooden shelves are relatively inexpensive if you paint and install them yourself and are much more attractive than builder-grade wire shelving.  Similarly, pop up fabric storage boxes are widely available, come in a variety of patterns and colors, and are a similar price to plain plastic storage bins but are much more aesthetically pleasing.

Get Closet Envy When You See Mariah Carey’s Walk-In

She opens the tour with the disclaimer “I’m not as casual as most people” and boy does this closet back that statement up! Casual clothes are rare in her wardrobe. (Although we do get a look at one favorite pair of casual shoes.)

Her closet resembles a high-end boutique, complete with multiple aisles of clothing. There’s a whole section of white blouses, a full wall of black tops and skirts, and racks of sunglasses. You also get to see some of her amazing gowns on display throughout the walk-in.

The self-proclaimed shoe fanatic gives us a look at her impressive collection of high-heels. Imagine a whole room filled with floor to ceiling shelves of color coordinated shoes. Even she can’t believe those are all her shoes! And then there’s another whole room just for silky lacey things.

We also get the inside scoop on who gifted her which priceless pieces.

She talks about a favorite item she keeps from another Hollywood starlet. And she even shares which item in her home is her most prized possession.

A walk-in of this size allows for some lush décor. Gorgeous pink silk chairs with gold accents, fresh cut flowers and a collection of personal photos can be spotted throughout the closet.  And of course, there are gold stars on the floor.

See all the glamour for yourself on Vogue’s YouTube feed:

Share Your Thoughts

So that’s our complete list of Allen Roth closet organizers and parts. I hope you enjoyed reading my guide and found the information helpful.

It’s a lot of work to track down all the information on which parts are compatible. And it’s helpful to know which color combinations are available before you start buying parts. Hopefully, we’ve saved you some time and effort with our research.

Please let us know what you think of the post in the comments below. And we’d love to hear about your experiences with Allen and Roth closet organizers.

If you enjoyed the post, please share it to help others find answers to their Allen & Roth closet questions.

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