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Allen and Roth: Lean More About My Favorite Brand

One of the most favorite products in our family has been the products by Allen Roth brand by Lowe’s.

Actually, this blog has started because of that! I know this information is still very useful for you (and I keep updating it!) so I keep it all in one place here.

I think that may well become your new favorite spot for Allen Roth products!

To many, remodeling a home can be a huge pain, but obviously it is worth it if you are looking for a new style for your home!

I’ve been through the whole ordeal myself. Brett, my husband, spent over three years slowly reconstructing my whole house to the perfect design that we wanted.

We went through our fair share of different products and we even had many recommendations from friends that we ended up purchasing, and those products didn’t exactly fit our needs. But after a lot of looking, we came across the company called Allen Roth.

Allen Roth lighting is a reputable company that has a very unique modernistic feel to its products.

Me and my husband, we have tested a plethora of their products ranging from lighting, closets, to gazebos. There is definitely something you will find that you will love from this company. During your visit to my website, I’ll go through the specific types of Allen Roth products below.

Consider Allen Roth Lighting For Your Interior Needs!

When Allen Roth originally was breaking through to the mainstream of interior design, their original products were lighting based.

Allen Roth lighting made their breakthrough when they signed a deal with Lowes, and they took the interior design marketplace by storm with their unique modern feel to their lighting.

After testing a few different lighting plans for our new house, we found out about allen and roth lighting, and it just felt so right for the design we were looking for at our new house.

The silver and metallic modernistic feel looks amazing in our house. Along with that, the craftsmanship is phenomenal, I’ve had these fixtures for quite a long amount of time, and the fixtures look just as good as when we brought them out of the box.

In this post, I’ll do my best to give you all a non-biased, review of the lighting, and help guide you guys in the right direction!

Click Here To Learn More About Allen Roth Lighting!

Upgrading Your Closet? What About An Allen Roth Closet?

As I said earlier, Allen and Roth have originally been pinned to making lighting products, but in the past few years, they have started to branch out to other interior products.

One of the first of their new line products that I tested out was their closet systems! I was in the time of my house renovation that I pretty much finished up all the really essential stuff, and it was time to look at some new stuff to give my house a new design feel. We inspected our house, and started making notes about what needed to be done, and let me just tell you, these new closets make the rooms look a lot better!

Allen and Roth have a huge range of closet designs. They have a closet for any design you are looking for. They have giant closets that are great for storage and organization, and they also have some that give off a great modernist feel to it.

As I said, there are so many different types of designs they offer, that you really need to see the full post to get a good look at these products. I’ll do my best to provide unbiased and real reviews of these closets so I can help to cut out some of the stress involved with interior design.

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Learn About Getting An Allen Roth Vanity!

When you are looking to upgrade a bathroom, it can be pretty daunting.

You can rip out all the pipes and put in a new toilet, or paint the room, or even redo the tile flooring.

But we didn’t have the money and the time to do all that, so we looked at an even better option. Instead of getting a regular old sink, we decided to get a new vanity. We chose to get an allen roth vanity, sheerly because they had the exact look we were going for, and the craftsmanship was impeccable. I’ve owned a few different bathroom vanities in my lifetime, and they all have been great, but this one surely takes the cake.

We were looking to upgrade our home to a modern feel, and allen and roth have a plethora of vanities that will fit in the modern feel and nearly any other mood you are looking for in your new remodel. We went to our local Lowes and just started looking, and the sheer number of choices was incredible. It was daunting at first, but with craftsmanship assured, it was based purely on which design we liked. We ended up going with a slick oak vanity, that fits great in our new bathroom.

I could go on and on about vanities, and hopefully, I can provide you guys with some tips that will help give you everything you need to know before you purchase.

Need Some Outdoor Time? Look At Allen Roth Patio Furniture!

If you are someone that has barbeques or has friends over a lot, you will know how important it is to have a good gathering area for everyone.

Especially during days where the weather is perfect, the patio is a great place to mingle and talk. So, what do you need to have the perfect patio party environment? Well, I’d say that patio furniture is high up on the list!

My hubby and I, we’re looking at a variety of patio furniture only a couple of months ago. We didn’t have the biggest patio in the world, so it was hard to justify getting a table that took up nearly the whole patio, but we did find a smaller sectional table and some matching chairs that were brilliant.

All the furniture was from Allen Roth, and it looked amazing on our patio. When looking for patio furniture you expect the furniture to survive in the outdoor weather, and that you won’t have to buy new furniture every year, and with the furniture that we purchased I don’t have to worry about these things.

In this post, I’m going to do my best to provide you with real reviews of the furniture I bought, and the furniture that I have tested out.

Click Here To Find Out More About Allen Roth Patio Furniture!

I hope you so far find my post useful – I spent quite some time on it. So when we talk about patio furniture, we talk gazebo!

Upgrade Your Backyard With A Gazebo!


 Along with the patio furniture, you can also increase your backyard presence with a place for people to gather and talk.

There are a few options for this, but I think the most prominent is to go with a gazebo.

Gazebos are an amazing invention that goes back thousands of years, and it’s still around today.! There are quite a few variations of gazebos, but they are essentially a building or canvas ceiling that doesn’t have any walls. This is great for the backyard because it gives people a separate room to mingle while getting away from the sun.

Gazebos are popular in public parks for people to relax and sometimes even for the bands that travel and play, so they can play in the shade. Gazebos have come a long way, and now they are very stylish looking, and they can be a perfect fit for nearly any house!

I’ll do my best to provide you with accurate information and real reviews of these gazebos, If I can help you even a little bit with your purchase then it is a success.

Learn more about Gazebos made by your favorite brand here!

Interested In Upgrading Your Ceiling Fan? Look At Allen Roth!

Although Allen Roth has been in the lighting marketplace for a long while, they haven’t been in the ceiling fan business for too long.

But don’t let this fool you, they may be newcomers in the market, but their products are incredible! Their elegance and style related to these ceiling fans are amazing. They are made from the greatest material, and these products are just going to last forever! With their varying style of modernism, to a very traditional mood, it’s impossible to not find what you like! They have fans that are made of wood and of metal and aluminum. It all goes to personal preference at that point. With all the variations of these fans, you need to do your research to find exactly what the best fan for you is. You need to find out what length you like, and how many blades, and of course style. Each fan is slightly different, so you have to keep your eye out.

I’m going to do my best to try to inform you about everything you will need in regards to ceiling fans so that you can make an educated purchase and be happy with your decision.

Learn More About Allen Roth Ceiling Fans!

Need More Variation In Your Life? What About Allen Roth Wallpaper?

Have you ever looked at your house, and just feel bored with it?

Maybe you have the perfect furniture, and the perfect design layout, but there is something missing. Maybe you’re missing some color variation. Is your house boring looking as well?

Maybe it’s time to consider looking at an interior color redesign. There are quite a few options for you if you’re looking for more color and variation. You can look at painting a few rooms in your house, but of course, that is going to be a project right there… Just painting my spare bathroom which is tiny, felt like a journey, I can’t even imagine painting multiple full-sized rooms. But you could also, put a new set of wallpaper up. In my experience, I like wallpaper more than painting walls because of the design. You can get designs that you just can’t get with paint. With the crazy amount of wallpaper choices out there, you can literally get whatever you can think of. Along with that, it’s most likely going to be cheaper and less labor-intensive as painting rooms.

In this post, I’m going to provide you with in-depth and unbiased reviews of Allen wallpaper that I personally have used and tested!

Learn More About Allen Roth Wallpaper!

Looking For New Window Accessories? Look At Allen Roth Curtains!

 So maybe you just replaced or redone the windowing of your house. Well, now what? Are you going to leave your window bare forever?

It’s time to start looking at curtains and blinds. When I was remodeling our home, I looked all over for unique curtains and blinds, and boy there are some crazy options out there. In the end, I picked variations of different allen roth curtains and blinds, and I haven’t looked back since! The setup for this part of the project was actually a lot easier than I thought of. It took just a few minutes per curtain I setup, and even after setting up eight curtains, it wasn’t too bad. With a large amount of variations in window accessories, it is important to do some research so you know you have looked at every option. I spent quite a few hours on the internet and in various home improvement stores until I finally found some that I knew were perfect. I ended up picking up a few elegant curtains for the downstairs and a few more modern blinds for the upstairs. I learned a lot from picking out these curtains as I needed to learn about the importance of material and length.

I’m gonna do my best to try to cut out some of the learning curves, so that you can make an educated purchase, that you’ll never regret. I know if you read this post, you and your significant other won’t be having any Mr. and Mrs. Smith curtain arguments anytime soon!

Learn More About Allen Roth Curtains and Blinds!

Need To Give Your Bathroom A New Look? Look At Allen Roth Mirrors!


 As I’m sure you have learned from my website, you have noted that Allen Roth as a company produces quite a few different types of home appliances.  This started off with just lighting, but now they are gaining ground on many different products. When I was doing a total remodel in my bathroom I needed to find new sinks and new appliances. I found that my best bet was with allen roth mirrors.

When I was doing my research I discovered that allen & roth mirrors are quite a modern feel. But that was exactly what I was looking for! I feel that with my current room this elegant aluminum and modernistic feel was exactly what I needed.

Learn More About Allen Roth Mirrors

Do You Need New Allen Roth Flooring?

If you are about to begin the major project of ripping out your floor and replacing it with a new set? Well, I have been there quite a few times and it can be a major pain. But, it is worth it! It’s something that can transform the look and feel of a house! There are hundreds of different providers of flooring and just as many different types of flooring, so there is plenty to choose from! But, I have done my research, and I have tried quite a few different companies, and now I only stick with Allen Roth Flooring!

 When I was doing my research, I loved the modern look that these hardwoods provided, and now they are the exclusive floors I chose for my homes, and for my customers’ homes! I also stick to allen roth laminate flooring because of its protective powers, and that it will last a lot longer than unprotected flooring will. If you are building your home with these floors, then you will also need to build upon that with allen roth floor registers, which will make sure your whole house flows and looks up to date!

Learn More About Allen Roth Flooring!

What About Other Allen Roth Products?

When most people think of allen roth, they immediately think of lighting.

But since I’ve been doing some research I’ve come to find that they have literally hundreds of different home appliances that don’t necessarily have anything to do with lighting. I discovered this and I started digging and finding all these unique products that before I would never think of allen roth for.

So this section of is for all the miscellaneous products that don’t fit in the other pages.

Learn More About Other Allen Roth Products!

Allen Roth Installation Instructions

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Learn about how to install different parts such as the replacement canopy, netting, privacy curtains, and more!

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Allen Roth Ceiling Fan Parts

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