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Allen Roth Fire Pit Replacement Parts

Looking for Allen Roth fire pit replacement parts? Then you are on the right page! Here, I will share with you a list of replacement parts for these popular fire pits. Keep in mind that the page is still under development as I plan to add more replacement parts!

First of all, I have to tell you that Lowe’s does not make fire pit replacement parts. Yeah, I was upset too when I learned that. However, it turns out that you do not need to buy the parts branded by Allen & Roth! There are plenty of other brands that make them and these parts fit well Canyon Ridge.

Allen Roth Fire Pit Replacement Covers

Fire Pit Cover in Multiple Colors

This is a cover for Bond Canyon Ridge fire pit of 36-inch diameter (the one that gives 50,000 BTU.)

Covermates Round Firepit Cover – Water-Resistant Polyester, Mesh Ventilation, Fire Pit Covers-Khaki

Here are the characteristics of the cover:

  • height is 25” so it will cover your fire pit from head to toe
  • the diameter is designed to fit up to 36” firepits while the actual size is 37”
  • has a 2″ wide Velcro straps to secure the cover in place
  • has an adjustable drawcord to cinch cover tight
  • also, has built–in mesh vents to allow airflow
  • manufacturer provides with 3–year warranty
  • comes in 9 colors
  • comes in 10 sizes from 24” to 60” in diameter

The cover has a great quality and is built to last. It fits super well to a Canyon Ridge. You can adjust the elastic at the bottom during the winter months while keeping it loose in summer (if, of course, you keep your fire pit outdoor in winter.)

Buy this fire pit cover on Amazon! 

Beige Cover

This is another cover for Bond Canyon Ridge fire pit of 36-inch diameter (the one that gives 50,000 BTU.) It’s as good as the one above but comes only in one color (and two diameters – 36” and 50”.) Also, it is slightly shorter – I explain below.

Duck Covers Elite Water-Resistant 36 Inch Round Fire Pit Cover, Patio Furniture Covers

Here are the characteristics of the cover:

  • height is 20”
  • has a 2″ wide Velcro straps to secure the cover in place
  • waterproof
  • UV treated for long outdoor life

The 20” height (or length depending how you call its vertical dimension) is slightly shorter than the 36” fire pit. Basically, 4” on the bottom of the fire pit won’ be covered. For me, it’s not a problem as long as the cover protects the top part of the fire pit. But maybe for you, it is.

Apart from that, the product is great and got a lot of positive reviews on Amazon.

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Fire Pit Toppings: Fire Glass To Replace Lava Rocks

If the original Canyon Ridge lava rocks are not working for you – or, the worse, if the rocks have been exploding in your fire pit – you can replace them with other fire pit toppings.

For example, you can use fire glass.

Stanbroil 20-Pound 1/2 inch Fire Glass for Fireplace Fire Pit, Caribbean Blue Reflective

The fire pit glass has several advantages over the lava rocks. It will never pop, crack, or scratch. It does not produce ash nor smoke. It won’t degrade nor melt. On top of that, the glass is just much prettier than the rocks.

I personally never used fire glass but my friends did. They bought this Stanbroil brand on Amazon and are super happy with it.

They did not replace all the lava rocks with glass; in fact, they kept the original rocks on the bottom and added some glass on the top. Th fire pit still looks pretty… and wallet-friendly 😉 You can read more about how to use fire glass in Canyon Ridge in my post.

Just please note that the fire pit glass is recommended for gas fire pits only.

Check out fire glass on Amazon - they have multiple colors! 

Fire Pit Spark Screen Replacement

This is a fire pit spark screen that comes in a variety of sizes. Whether you have a 36” fire pit (Bond Canyon Ridge) or a smaller one, the chances are the screen will fit it.

Sunnydaze Easy-Opening Fire Pit Spark Screen Cover Accessory - Outdoor Backyard Heavy-Duty Round Firepit Ember Arrester Lid with Hinged Door - 36 Inch

Because of the hinged nature of the screen, the diameter is shorter in one direction comparing to the other. This allows the shorter screen to easily rotate open inside the larger half of the screen.

The screen cannot be attached to the fire pit, just sits on top of it. thanks to its weight, it sits there very well!

Here are the characteristics of the spark screen:

  • it has the following dimensions (the size is the diameter of the circle on the outside):
    • 24” width x 23” length x 12” height
    • 30” width x 29” length x 15” height
    • 32” width x 31” length x 15” height
    • 36” width x 35” length x 18” height
  • for the weight, check each size on Amazon 
  • made from durable steel and steel mesh for long life
  • comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

That’s a very decent spark screen giving it has a manufacturer’s warranty! If the screen gets holes, you can always ask for a replacement – as long as it happens within a year after the purchase. I was impressed when I learned about it and now I recommend this product to all my friends who have a Allen Roth fire pit.

The screen has tall design and this allows you to stack more wood on top of your fire pit.

Buy this fire pit spark screen on Amazon! 

Hope my list of Allen Roth fire pit replacement parts was useful for you. Let me know your opinion in the comments!

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17 thoughts on “Allen Roth Fire Pit Replacement Parts”

  1. I have a Allen+Roth Firebowl, Model #67382, Item #0472968. Can you tell me where I can get the ignitor for thisunit?

  2. Hello,
    we bought a allen + roth 16-in W 30000-BTU Brown Composite Fire Column
    Item #1260944Model #F170185-A1 Lowes this past year. Went out to uncover it and the glass [i think it is called the windshield] was broken. Do you know where we could order another one. It is one soild piece of glass all the way around the top. Thank you for any help you can give.

  3. I have the Allen and Roth Fire table model 67385 and need the control knob assembly. Any leads on where I can purchase this? Thanks so much!

  4. Nadia…
    Have you found any place that can replace a broken (I can only describe it since the name is the only part not listed in the manual) ring around the firepit? It’s the granite-like tabletop that is in a circular pattern on the top of the table, around the fire bowl. I have the 36.6 inch “Canyon Ridge Stone Design Composite Propane Gas Fire Column.” Thanks!

  5. bought new at lowes and does not have thermo coupling
    model fhts80007b
    would take it back but gave as present and now its in south mississippi
    couldn’t get it to light and after awhile face timing so find it came with no thermo coupling

  6. I’m looking for igniter and wire for my Allan Roth canyon ridge fire table? Can someone locate one for me ,thank you

  7. I have owned this for pit for about three years. I love it! Yesterday I was cleaning it and found that underneath the fire bowl and the propane tank there was some type of fiber hear resistance material that needs to be replaced. Any idea where I can buy this piece?


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