Allen and Roth Lighting Customer Service: How to Get Support

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Have you ever tried to contact Allen and Roth lighting customer service? Did you find it difficult to locate the right information? I recently tried to get a replacement globe for one of my Allen Roth Bristow lights. I had a surprisingly hard time locating the correct contact number.

When trying to find Allen Roth lighting customer service online, I came across a lot of conflicting information. The top few search results are from the Allen Roth window treatments website. Unfortunately, this won’t help you with lighting.

I did finally find an Allen Roth Lighting link that seemed promising. It even had a contact form. But it turned out to be a site dedicated to Allen Roth lighting that isn’t actually connected with the company.

My ordeal trying to contact customer support prompted me to put together this post. Hopefully, it will help others who are struggling with the same issue.

Contacting Allen and Roth Lighting Customer Service

In my search, I came across a few places where people mention getting replacement parts for their Allen Roth lighting. There are definitely some conflicting reports on dealing with Allen Roth customer service. To save you time, here are a few places where I found information that might be helpful.

The Allen + Roth Website

The Allen + Roth website has almost no information about support or customer service. The only information I could locate is a Customer Care number (1.800.445.6937). It’s provided in very small print at the bottom of the website. It turns out that this number is the same as the Lowe’s customer service number.

Lowe’s Website

The Lowe’s website has instructions for returning an item. It also provides an email address and phone number for Customer Service. But I read a few comments that claim they did not receive replies to their email messages.

You can also text Lowe’s customer service at 1-704-313-1818. They may be able to point you in the right direction. If you’re not a fan of long phone calls or being put on hold, this is a really great option.

Lowe’s Customer Reviews

Multiple comments in the reviews for lighting on the Lowe’s website say that the 1-800 number I provided above worked well to obtain replacement parts. Comments claimed that customer service was helpful and that new shades came quickly. One reviewer expected to pay for their replacement shades, but they were replaced free of charge.

In the Bristow lighting Q&A section, I found a response from an Allen Roth representative which gave this number (800-554-6504) for their Customer Service department. This number is again different from the others I tracked down.

You should be careful when referencing numbers in the comments and reviews though. I found someone who was giving out the customer support number for a different company.

One reviewer needed replacement parts for their Vallymede pendant lights. The instruction manual came with directions to call Allen and Roth customer service. But they claim that they were referred back to Lowe’s customer service by Allen and Roth.

Other Websites Customer Reviews

I also found helpful comments from people on other websites.

One reviewer mentions that a sheet with instructions for getting replacement parts came in the box. He even supplied a picture! The number on his sheet (1-800-439-9800) is different than the one on the Allen and Roth website. Since this number came with the lights, it may be the best one to try.

But there were also some conflicting comments. Some reviewers say they were unable to get new shades from either Lowe’s or Allen and Roth.

Other Sources on the Web

I even found some comments related to customer service on an Allen Roth Lighting focused site. They said the best way to get help was to go through Lowe’s. Going through Lowe’s customer service seems to be a popular solution. But it does conflict with some of the comments on the Lowe’s website that say to contact Allen and Roth.

Order Replacement Parts Directly

In some cases, you can order replacement parts for your Allen Roth lighting yourself. Look at this page for cords and shades available from Lowe’s.

Allen and Roth Lighting Customer Service: Final Verdict

After all my searching, I did not find a consensus on the best way to contact Allen and Roth lighting customer service.

The methods listed above seem to be the most common ways people managed to get replacement parts. Hopefully one of these methods will help you in your search for parts for your Allen Roth lighting.

To summarize, these are all the contact numbers I found in my search:

  • 1-800-445-6937 – Allen + Roth Customer Care, as well as Lowe’s Customer Service
  • 1-800-554-6504 – Allen + Roth Customer Service (found in comments)
  • 1-800-439-9800 – Supplied with Allen + Roth Bristow Lights
  • 1-704-313-1818 – To text Lowe’s Customer Service

If you have any questions or have stories to share about Allen Roth lighting customer service, please let us know in the comments below.

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28 thoughts on “Allen and Roth Lighting Customer Service: How to Get Support”

  1. I have been calling no one answers missing G support bracket the box reads 4 but the instructions
    calls for 8, need 4 more, also I purchased garden treasures the dinning chairs (set of 6) gt pelnam bay c spring missing 6 part d

  2. Thanks for posting this! The 800-554-6504 worked for me. A very nice rep for Kichler Company took down my name and address and the number of replacement shades needed, and said I would get them around the 2nd week of August, as they are currently back-ordered. This was after I’d waited on hold on the 866-439-9800 for an hour and a half.

  3. Getting very frustrated as Allen + Roth are NOT answering their customer service line. I have tried at least 8 times today. We bought a Fire Bar Table from Lowe’s on Friday and were putting it together later that evening and there were 2 ‘K’s’ and no ‘J’s’, so we are unable to put it together and use it. Does anyone have a number that works for them that isn’t the lights department?

  4. Thank you so much for the Bristow Lighting contact info. I needed additional specialty finish chain for a light fixture and called Allen + Roth multiple times but just got a recording saying due to call volume please call later, then the line disconnected without a chance to leave a message.
    I called Bristow, they picked up within seconds and a very pleasant & helpful person named Cindy found the chain and processed an order within minutes. Great customer service from Bristow. Not so much Allen & Roth.

  5. I am trying to find a replacement Globe for a 3-light island pendant item #0339927, model #34534. can you assist me? Thank you kindly. Regina Lesnau

  6. 1-866-439-9800 worked for me. The previously supplied number might have, but it was after hours.
    The lens I need is out of stock… hoping that changes… but it’s just a shade, so the light will work fine without it.

    I have bought 4 of the single lights, 9 of the triple, and two track lights, for my home which is about to get finished after a house fire 11 months ago. One of the single lights was missing the shade. Lowe’s made that right and gave me one from another package, which I then carelessly dropped as I was opening the door to the house.

  7. 1-800-554-6504 WORKS for:

    “allen + roth Bristow 4-Light Specialty Bronze Traditional Clear Glass Shaded Chandelier”
    “Item # 616379 Model # KBF8194A”

    From Lowes;

    When you call them, THEIR part number is 34685.

    This is for, in my case replacing the “Clear Glass Shade”, which I smashed with a broom (Don’t ask). I bought three different fixtures from this collection when we re-decorated our downstairs, so matching the other fixtures was crucial.

    The confusing thing is:

    Lowes STILL sells these units but doesn’t carry the glass…
    Calling “Allen & Roth” gets a “Sorry, We don’t make this anymore and can’t supply parts”.
    And the number I called above that does work is Owned by Aztec Lighting, but their WWW defaults to… and they told me that the Allen + Roth name is owned by… Lowes.

  8. Wow, I am never buying Allen + Roth products again. I can’t believe there is a whole blog on how to get Customer Service from this company, it’s ridiculous. I am having trouble getting a replacement part for a glass globe on the “Bristow Specialty Bronze Single Traditional Clear Glass Globe Pendant Light” (Item # 339928 Model # 34535). I called the number that said it is a Replacement Parts customer service line (1-866-439-9800), but no one knew how to get the replacement part..? Weird. I’ll try to update this when I let you know where I find my part.

    • Me, too! I wanted to order globes for my ceiling fan so they matched the two new kitchen fixtures I put up. No luck!!! So frustrated.

    • I have recently experienced the same unfortunate thing. One of my LED heads on a 7-light flexible track shorted out. I went to Lowe’s and they said the turn around for Allen + Roth light fixtures is every year to two years. And they did not have a replacement. I have been emailing back and forth with Allen + Roth customer care and they are claiming the warranty is only for 1yr even though I provided a screen shot of them claiming 5-year. They also let me know they do not have replacement heads for the fixture. So I’m supposed to go back to Lowe’s and buy a whole new fixture for $200+ and cross my fingers that if it goes out that it happens in a years time and even then buy new fixtures every two years? Please! So ridiculous. My final email was requesting to speak to a manager. Have yet to get a response. So frustrating since I really love my track lights.

  9. Thank you!! This is a public service worth offering. Incredibly useful….fingers crossed I get my replacement globes.

  10. I’m needing instructions on how to replace bulbs in a 22 inch Grandura pendant light. The electrician did not keep any of the instructions. Foe that matter, I also have the 22 inch wall mount carriage lights and will need those as well if they are different……Thanks

  11. I needed a replacement glass bowl for the Latchbury flush mount light and I was able to order at 1-800-554-6504. $12 for replacement and 7 for shipping, so only about $19 – not bad! This # seems to be the manufacturer. I got this # from 866-439-9800 which is the Allen and Roth customer service. Hope this helps someone!

  12. 1-800-554-6504 worked for me. Aztec Lighting – L.D. Kichler Company. I called based on your notes above and on question responses from the Lowes Canada website, and the lady was very nice and new exactly what I needed. As a previous poster commented, $7 US per glass shade for the Valleymede lights and $15 US to ship to Canada.
    Thank you for this post!

  13. The second number 1-800-554-6504 may have worked for me! We will find out in 5-7 business days. The lady was very friendly and seemed to know exactly the part I need when I explained the fixture. They were only $7 each and $5 shipping. We shall see!

  14. I am looking for replacement globes for my Allen Roth Valleymede light. Lowes does not carry single gloves and will only offer for me to purchase entire light. Not an option. Globe came cracked and my electrician had already installed light. I need a replacement globe. Please respond. I sent previous contact info and have tried multiple ways to get in contact. Thank you. Shawna Launsby
    E-mail: [email protected]


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