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Allen and Roth Lighting: Our Complete Guide For You

Our last home improvement project was an overall lighting update. While  working on our new and improved lighting plan, I did a lot of searching for  lights that looked good but didn’t break our budget.After seeing what was  available, we decided to go with Allen and Roth lighting.

During my search,  I compiled a pretty comprehensive list of options. If you’re thinking about  a lighting update, save yourself some time and check out our handy list of  Allen Roth lighting fixtures.

Allen Roth Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Outdoor lighting makes a huge impact on the look of your home.

We like Allen Roth outdoor lighting fixtures because they offer so many different choices for exterior lights. With pendant lights, wall lighting, and flush mount lighting in coordinating styles, you can add beautiful outdoor lighting all around the yard.

I wanted to make sure my exterior lighting plan included options for overall lighting as well as area lighting and accent lighting. And I also wanted a combination of solar powered and hardwired lighting depending on use and location of the lights.

We found Allen Roth outdoor lighting fixtures had options for most of the items on our list.​​​​m recommends using different styles of lighting in different areas of your yard. Use wall mounted lighting to highlight structures and increase safety. ​ For covered outdoor spaces, pendant lights work well to provide different levels of light.

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There’s such a range of different styles, you could find the perfect Allen Roth outdoor lighting fixture for your industrial condo or your heritage home.

For a modern and contemporary feel, try the Allen and Roth Vickery wall mounted light. With a natural stone back plate and bronze finish, these lights are stunning! If you’re particular about color, you may want to check to ensure the stone matches before you bring the lights home.

​The amber glass shade makes this light perfect for an entryway. ​According to , doorway sconces should be placed on the eye level and have a shade to create a diffused light that doesn’t shine in visitors eyes.

If you want to light your historic home, the Grandura collection offers wall sconces, a post light and a pendant light. The ornate black steel fixtures have seeded amber glass, provide plenty of light and are very durable.

Allen Roth Solar Lights

Allen and Roth Lighting: allen roth solar lights cadenby
2 Reviews

Allen Roth solar lights are available in three different stylish options.

The solar table lamps are like home décor for your yard! You can easily place them anywhere you’d like to add illumination and a bit of style. If you’re looking for Allen Roth landscape lighting, there’s also a selection of easy-to-install path lighting.

I love the Cadenby outdoor lamps! They really give your outdoor seating area a homey feel. There’s a 56″ floor lamp and a 27″ table lamp.

Both come in a bronze finish with a cloth shade.

A great feature of these lights is that the solar charging disc is removable for easy charging. This way you can still get a full charge even if your patio isn’t in the sun.

You want to be careful about leaving these outside in bad weather. They’re not mounted so they could easily get knocked over or blown away. The is another easy way to add decorative lighting with minimal effort. The lantern is sturdier than it appears and provides about 5 hours of light.

Check it out: If you need standalone solar LED fixtures to light up your night, take a look at Everbrite lighting reviews.

How about Back Rattan Decorative Lantern?

Lanterns are a stylish substitute for traditional landscape lighting. Better Homes & Garden  suggest using them to line a stairway or placing them between planters to create the look of luminaria.

Allen Roth Lighting bhg lanterns

If you’re interested in Allen Roth landscape lighting options, there’s a selection of pathway lighting.

The easy-to-use stake lights come in aged iron, stainless steel, or oil rubbed bronze   finishes. There’s a variety of designs and styles to compliment your outdoor décor. These lights look great and give off plenty of light. But be forewarned that the batteries will likely need to be replaced fairly frequently.

If you want to compare other similar looking landscape lights, we found a collection from Enchanted Spaces that might work. 

Allen + Roth Solar Landscape Lights Alternative

Too bad Allen and Roth solar landscape lights are not offered anymore.

But I found some amazing solar path lights from Enchanted Spaces that I think will look perfect! You guys, these lights are seriously stunning. Look for yourself:

Enchanted Spaces Bronze Solar Path Light, Set of 6, with Glass Lens, Metal Ground Stake, and Extra-Bright LED for Garden, Lawn, Patio, Yard, Walkway, Driveway
1,687 Reviews
Enchanted Spaces Bronze Solar Path Light, Set of 6, with Glass Lens, Metal Ground Stake, and Extra-Bright LED for Garden, Lawn, Patio, Yard, Walkway, Driveway
  • ✅ BRAND NEW 2021 DESIGN: Larger solar panel, longer battery life, solid metal ground stake, glass lens with...
  • ✅ IMPROVED PERFORMANCE: Waterproof LED Contains upgraded AA 1200mAh Ni-Mh rechargeable battery. Stainless Metal Ground...
  • ✅ EASY TO SET UP AND MAINTAIN: No Hassle Installation! No wires! Easy to maintain by renewing the solar batteries from...

They come in a set of 6 and have a nice bronze tone to them.

The spiral star-shaped pattern that is emitted by these lights at night is beautiful. I think this is my favorite part of these lights. Walking out and seeing such wonderful star patterns in my yard gets me every time. The lights themselves have a fun little spiral pattern to them, also.

These lights are extremely aesthetically pleasing!

They are not only beautiful, but they’re also environmentally friendly. Now you won’t have to feel guilty about having such beautiful outdoor lights.

Solar Path Light Specs

These solar path lights will turn on automatically at night.

This is great because you won’t have to worry about turning them on or off. The LED bulb that is included in these lights is designed to last for years. Each light is constructed in a sturdy manner and comes with a 100% guarantee from the company. If a light bulb goes out, simply ship your light back to the company and they will replace the bulb for free.

The lights measure at 16″ x 4.5″. This is a great size, as it is not too big and not too small.

These lights will look charming when placed along a pathway in your backyard, or around a flower garden.

Get these solar path lights on Amazon! 

Pros of the Solar Path Lights

The solar path lights have a lot of positives to them. So, I’ve put together this list of pros!

  • Solar power charges these lights. This makes them eco-friendly.
  • The light comes out in a beautiful star-designed pattern.
  • There’s an on/off switch on the lights. This is in case you want to save battery.
  • No wires! This makes installation a breeze!
  • The lamps come with LED lights and LED lights tend to last forever. (Or, at least for years!)
  • Also, the bronze color of these lights goes with a lot of outdoor decors.
  • No glass! The domes are plastic, which is safer. The lights themselves are made out of metal, which makes them sturdy and durable.

Cons of the Solar Path Lights

There are a few negatives to these solar path lights. I want to make sure I inform you of both positives and negatives. Here are the downsides to these solar path lights.

  • Replacement of bulbs is not possible.If a bulb goes out, you can’t buy a replacement bulb for it. Instead, you have to ship the light back to the company. The company will replace the bulb, or send you a new light.
  • Also, the lights are fragile.Some people have reported accidentally snapping the lights. Since these solar path lights aren’t very expensive, it makes sense that they might not be the sturdiest options out there.
  • Finally, the bulbs are not super reliable.If you have a very sunny day, the lights will shine brightly all night. However, if you had a cloudy day, the lights may not have absorbed enough energy to power the lights for the entire night.


Allen and Roth Parsons Field Lighting

The Allen and Roth Parsons Field lighting collection is made from hand-worked iron.

The lights have seeded glass panes giving them a classic look. They come in four different styles, including wall sconces, a post light and a lovely pendant lantern to complete the look.

The wall sconces are available in 17″, 22″ and 27″ sizes.

They use three 60-watt candelabra bulbs and produce very bright light. If you’re looking for a larger Allen Roth outdoor wall lantern for your home, the Parson Field lighting might be a good choice.

Some reviews mention the black iron weathers quickly, so you may want to choose another finish if you live somewhere with extreme temperatures.

Look how Emily from ​improved her curb appeal with Parson Field lighting:

Allen Roth Outdoor Lighting - Allen and Roth Parsons Field Lighting by epinteriordesigns
Image credit:

Allen and Roth Castine Lighting

Allen and Roth Castine lighting offers a full collection of exterior fixtures.

Light your entire yard with coordinating Castine wall sconces, post lighting, flush mount lights and pendant lights. The lights feature crossing canes over seeded glass, providing a truly vintage look. They are finished in rubbed bronze and the clear, seeded glass shades offer a soft, bright light.

Allen and Roth Lighting: allen and roth castine lighting
5 Reviews
Allen+Roth Castine post light
  • This refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. The refurbishing process includes...

The Castine post light is beautiful and will capture attention upon arrival to your home.

The light requires three 60-watt candelabra bulbs and provides good light for a walkway. The post base is sold separately, be sure to pick one up for easy installation.

Allen and Roth Lighting: allen and roth castine outdoor lighting
6 Reviews
Allen+Roth Castine wall scones
  • Brand New in box. The product ships with all relevant accessories

There are three wall sconces available in the line of Allen Roth Castine lights. The 13.78″ fixture uses one 60-watt bulb and has a motion sensor.​

 Install this light over your front door or on your garage where a motion sensor will be most helpful. The matching sconces use three 60-watt candelabra bulbs and do not have the motion sensor feature.

They are available in a 14.41″ version, or a 23.75″ fixture that features a decorative arm.​

Allen and Roth Lighting: allen roth castine lights
2 Reviews
Allen+Roth Castine pendant light
  • This refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. The refurbishing process includes...

To carry the look to your front or back porch, consider the 11″ flush-mount light, or the 17″ outdoor pendant light.

With such a complete collection, Allen and Roth Castine outdoor lighting is an excellent way to provide unified outdoor lighting.

Allen Roth Crackle String Lights

Allen Roth Crackle string lights provide just the right amount of light for your patio or backyard.

They come in an 8.5-ft long string, with 10 globes per set.

The bulbs have white crackle glass shades that offer a soft, warm light. ​Following advice from, ​hang them in trees, on a pergola or gazebo to provide beautiful nighttime lighting. I really love the look of the Allen Roth crackle string lights, but be careful when hanging them. They are quite heavy and the glass globes will break if they are dropped.

Use string lights to easily add charm to a meal on the patio. According to​, string lights are the perfect addition to an outdoor dining room. ​The textured shades and gold accents on the Allen Roth Crackle string lights would work well to add a warm ambience. 

Allen Roth Crackle String Lights by alvinodesign

Allen and Roth Eastview Lighting Collection​

The Allen and Roth Eastview lighting collection offers so many choices, you could easily coordinate the lighting in your entire home!

There’s a selection of chandeliers, pendant lights, track lighting, ceiling fixtures, wall sconces, vanity lights, a floor lamp, and even a ceiling fan. The collection is finished in dark oil-rubbed bronze with amber flake glass. An elegant vine and leaf accent is used throughout the entire line.

The highlight of the Eastview lighting collection are the chandeliers.

There’s a   5-light, 6-light​, 7-light or  9-light   version, allowing you to select the size that works for your space.

The chandeliers look beautiful in a dining room or a foyer. But it’s difficult to extend the length of the drop chain, so be sure to measure your ceiling height before selecting your chandelier.

Check out this unboxing video of 5-light Eastview chandelier (i​tem # 137794) by netman88:

To coordinate your kitchen and dining lighting, consider using the Eastview kitchen Island light and Eastview track lighting. The island light really adds to the look of your kitchen, but it may not be the best choice for over a cook-top because it can be difficult to clean. 

The adjustable track lighting works well in combination with the island light to provide full kitchen lighting.​

The vanity light works in almost any bathroom because it can be installed facing upwards or downwards. The fixture is less than 2 feet wide, so you may want to consider using more than one if you have a big vanity​.

The Allen and Roth Eastview lighting collection offers one freestanding light. ​

The floor lamp is a great choice to add combination room lighting and task lighting. I like that it’s easy to assemble and the base is heavy enough to keep it from tipping over.

Allen and Roth Track Lighting Kits

Allen and Roth track lighting offers a wide variety of styles to choose from.

Sizes range from 3-light to 6-light fixtures, allowing you to add the right amount of lighting in any space. Several Allen Roth track lighting choices are available as part of a complete lighting line. This means you can easily create a cohesive lighting style throughout your house.

The Allen Roth Tucana 6-light track light kit is especially versatile. Simply adjust the track bars to completely change the shape of the light. ​ The Tucana lights are very bright, but they also run a bit hot. You may want to switch out the supplied halogen bulbs for LEDs to save energy.

If you’re interested in Allen Roth bronze track lighting, the Tyslow lights are attractive and really bright. You cannot replace the bulbs in the Tyslow lights, so if one light goes the fixture needs to be replaced. The lights are supposed to last for 25-30 years so hopefully, replacing them won’t be an issue.

These kits can be used as basement track lighting.

Allen Roth Lighting tyslow track lights by lowes
Image credit:

​If you want Allen and Roth track lighting to match other lighting in your house, there are some really good-looking options. The Eastview track lighting features the same pretty vine and leaf pattern as the rest of the collection. And the Bristow track lighting is part of a whole line of stylish industrial style lighting.

Unfortunately, track lighting isn’t an option with the Valleymede collection.

But Allen and Roth does have a very similar light (with a similar name) that could work. The Valleymeade 4-light track light kit is available in both bronze and brushed nickel, and features the same jar-style glass. As long as the lights aren’t too close together, I don’t think anyone would notice they weren’t from the same collection.

Allen Roth Island Light Fixtures

Allen Roth island light fixtures are available in a few different styles to help coordinate your kitchen lighting with the rest of your home.

All the models measure between 32″ – 36″ in width so you don’t have to worry about dealing with overly large fixtures that overpower the island. Whether you prefer rustic, traditional or contemporary design, you should be able to find an Allen Roth island light for your kitchen.

If you do have a very large kitchen,  ​Better Homes & Garden suggests​​ replacing your kitchen island light with a bigger chandelier. A large decorative fixture can also provide task lighting over the island. Try the  Allen Roth 18-light chandelier  to make a statement in your large kitchen.

Allen Roth Lighting - island light fixtures by bhg
Image credit: by

If your kitchen has an industrial feel, the Galileo 3-Light Island Light will compliment your look well. The fixture is finished in brushed nickel, but it’s the clear glass shades that really make this light stand out. Assembly of the Galileo light is fairly easy, but leveling the light can be problematic due to uneven chain lengths.

If you’re not a handyman, you may want to have a contractor assist with installation.

I really love the look of the Bristow island light, and have considered this one for my kitchen. The Mission bronze finish and antique style glass globes create a rustic feel, but the bold frame adds a modern touch.

There’s also a Tiffany style Allen Roth island light for those with more traditional décor.

The 3-light fixture has an antique pewter finish, with square Tiffany glass shades.. The type of bulb used in this light will change the color of the light it outputs. You can experiment with different bulbs to get the light that looks best with your décor. warns (​see slide 6) that ambient lighting is often forgotten when it comes to the kitchen. Task lighting is important, but you also want overall light that looks good.  The Tiffany-Style Island light could create a nice ambient light to balance out your task lighting.

Allen Roth Lighting - island light fixtures by hgtv
Image credit:

Allen + Roth Vallymede Lights

I really like the look of the Allen + Roth Vallymede lights.

These “barn” style lights have a rustic feel but with a modern touch. You can choose between brushed nickel and aged bronze finishes to compliment your interior design. There are a variety of different options allowing you to carry the look throughout your home.

With vanity lights, mini pendants, chandeliers or flush mount lighting, Allen + Roth Vallymede lighting should have an option that works for your needs.

Allen + Roth Vallymede 8-Light Brushed Nickel Chandelier

If you’re looking for an oversized, really attractive multi-light chandelier, the Allen + Roth Vallymede 8-light brushed nickel chandelier might be the answer. ​

With eight 60-watt bulbs, this chandelier gives off a lot of clear light.  You may want to consider adding a dimmer switch so you can adjust lighting levels.

This fixture is almost 25″ wide and works best with high ceilings. If your ceiling height is less than 10 ft., a lot of cutting and splicing is required to get the lights to the proper height. But the extra effort is worth it for the how good it looks once it’s up.

​This fixture works well with farmhouse style décor.

It has a rustic look without being too ‘country’. ​Becky at recommends installing this chandelier with a dimmer switch as well.​ The thread filament detail in the Edison bulbs looks best at low lighting levels. 

Allen + Roth Vallymede 8-Light Brushed Nickel Chandelier by smiedendipity

1Allen + Roth 3-Light Vallymede Aged Bronze Lights

To incorporate Allen and Roth Vallymede lighting in a smaller room, the multi-light pendant is a great choice.

Allen + Roth 3-Light Vallymede Aged Bronze Lights
Image credit:

​The light measures 10″ in diameter, and the aged bronze finish compliments almost any décor. You can replace the glass globes with mason jars if you want to make it look even more rustic. The pendant lights are individually adjustable allowing you to create the perfect amount of light in any location.  recommends adding a hanging light to create a focal point that draws the eye upward.​ The Vallymede 3-light chandelier is striking enough to catch the eye, but not so large it will overpower the room.

3-light chandelier
Image credit:​

Allen + Roth Bristow Lights

If you’re ready to embrace the new Vintage Chic trend, you need to try the Allen + Roth Bristow collection.

Allen and Roth Lighting: allen + roth bristow
5 Reviews
Allen+Roth Bristow pendant light
  • Mission bronze finish and retro design will complement many styles
  • All mounting hardware and instructions are included for an easy installation
  • Includes an antique style clear glass globe

Finished in bronze with antique glass globes, these lights combine industrial and vintage styles for a really unique look.

 The collection consists of track lighting, pendant lights, a chandelier, kitchen island light and flush mount lighting options.

The included vintage Edison bulbs emit a very warm light. Remember that light levels will vary depending on the number of bulbs in the fixture you choose. If you’re looking for a lot of light, you may want to consider using multiple lights.

Bridget from used ​a 3-light Bristow ​​fixture ​to hang over ​her dining table. She says that ​the lights brought a ​welcomed ​and finished look to the space:

The 4-light chandelier is 24″ wide and would look nice over a dining room table. It works well in combination with the Allen and Roth Bristow pendant light to add additional light.​ 

For your kitchen, consider pairing the 4-light track lighting with the mini pendant lights or Bristow kitchen island light.​

This should create a really nice mix of task lighting and ambient light. 

Be very careful when installing or cleaning the glass globes as they are quite fragile. Luckily, replacement shades are available if you accidentally break one.

Allen Roth Bathroom Lighting

Allen and Roth has so many choices for bathroom lighting!

From modern to vintage, with a variety of different finishes, sizes, and styles, you should be able to find an option that works with your décor.

Most Allen Roth bathroom lighting is part of a full line of matching fixtures, making it easy to coordinate with the rest of your home.

The size of your vanity is going to determine what size lighting you need. The majority of Allen Roth bathroom lighting features three bulbs.  

But there are a few other combinations available. The popular Vallymede vanity lights come in a 3 bulb or single light option.

And the Hainsbrook Antique Pewter lights give you the choice of one, two or three lights.

These sets of lights work well to coordinate master and guest bath lighting. Consider pairing 3-light fixtures with single lights if you have a larger bathroom. 

Allen and Roth Lighting: allen roth bathroom lighting
14 Reviews
allen + roth Winsbrell 5-Light 9.25-in Brushed nickel Bell Vanity Light
  • This refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. The refurbishing process includes...

If you have a long vanity, the Grayson polished chrome vanity light measures 33.5″​. The widest light I found is the Winsbrell 5-Light vanity light which is 38″ long. 

If you’re looking for fixtures that can be installed pointing upwards, you should check out the Eastview, Winsbrell or Grayson vanity lights.

All three of these models allow for up or down pointing installation.

Keep in mind that it’s more difficult to clean upward pointing lights. It’s important to make sure you select lights that can withstand moist bathroom conditions. All Allen Roth bathroom lighting is damp rated for use in bathrooms.

Allen + Roth Merington vanity lights also work well for an upward pointing installation. ​According to Chelsea from , vanity lights that shine downwards on your face can age you. ​Chelsea had her Merington lights installed upwards in both her master and guest bath.

Allen Roth Bathroom Lighting by twotwentyone
Image credit: ​​

Allen Roth Lighting Pendant Fixtures

Allen and Roth Lighting: Allen Roth lighting pendant
2 Reviews
Latchbury Mini Cylinder Pendant
  • Includes a beautiful clear textured glass cylinder shade
  • Requires one 60 watt medium base bulb (sold separately)

I was shocked to discover how many different Allen Roth lighting pendant options there are!

The pendant lights range in size from the  Latchbury 4″ Mini Cylinder Pendant up to the 20″ Art Deco Single Cylinder Pendant. And there really is a style for every taste.  recommends using small pedants to create an open look in a small kitchen.

​ Selecting a pendant that spreads light in all directions like the Allen Roth Country Cottage Mini Clear Glass Bell Pendant will also enhance ambient lighting. 

For an elegant décor, consider the Winnsboro Wrought Iron Bowl Pendant. It uses 3 100-watt bulbs, therefore it produces a lot of light. A dimmer switch might be a good option to adjust the light over a dining table.

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If your tastes are more industrial, you might like the Multi-Light Cage Pendant. This unique light features an open cage-style shade with a bronze finish and vintage style bulbs. An open shade means the bulbs could get quite dusty, so it may require extra cleaning.

The Aged Bronze Glass Urn Pendant has a really retro feel. The supplied antique bulb is visible through the smoked glass urn and gives off a soft, warm light. These would pair nicely with the Lynlore pendant lights if you want to add more light.

Bulbs that create a statement are the new lighting trend to watch for, ​says Vintage style bulbs are now available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Use Allen and Roth vintage pendants or Bristow lighting to get the look in your home. 

Allen Roth Lighting Pendant - lightbulbs by thisoldhous
Image credit: ​​

​Many of the Allen Roth lighting pendants come in more than one size and will work in different locations. The Allen Roth Bristow series has three really pretty pendant lights. There’s a 6.8″ mini pendant, a matching 12″ pendant and a 12″ globe. Try using the mini pendants in a hallway and the larger globe in the foyer to create a unified look.

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Layering light is the key to good lighting ​according to​​. Mixing a variety of overhead lights at different heights will create pools of light. Allen and Roth Bristow lighting offers a collection of lights that could help you create this look. 

You can also combine coordinating lights to create multiple light sources in the same room. The Hainsbrook Rustic Cone Pendants are available in a single or 3-light option.​

Hang the light pendant over the table and the single pendant lights over the island or sink to light the whole kitchen.

Allen Roth Ceiling Fan Light Kits

Allen Roth lighting fans provide another option to consider when updating your lighting.

If you’re dreaming of a ceiling fan that doesn’t look at all like a fan, Allen Roth actually has more than one choice! The Sun Valley ceiling fan looks more like a lampshade than a fan. The 30″ drum shade is made of high-quality linen and distributes air well. It comes with a handy remote that controls both the fan speeds and dimming feature.

Because it is downrod mounted, the distance from light to ceiling is not adjustable. As a result, this fan will work best if you have 10-ft or higher ceilings.

I think the Eastview ceiling fan is much prettier than your typical ceiling fan. The light uses four 40-watt candelabra bulbs, which aren’t super bright so it works best in combination with other lighting.

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This remote operated fan provides plenty of air. 

But it only blows straight down so take that into consideration when deciding on a location. To get a good look at the ceiling fan, check out the above  video of it in action.

No products found - check back later!

For a more traditional looking Allen Roth ceiling fan light kit consider the Laralyn Mount Ceiling Fan. The fan has 4 blades that are reversible allowing you to easily change your color scheme. 

At only 32″, this fan is small and won’t adequately provide air flow in a large room.If you want to add airflow to your porch or outdoor kitchen a ceiling fan might be the answer. 

The Castine indoor/outdoor ceiling fan light kit is stylish and easily coordinates with other Castine lights.

Eco-Friendly Lighting by Allen + Roth

What is Eco-Friendly Lighting?

Lighting that is eco-friendly doesn’t have to be hard to come by.

Recycled, natural or reused textiles can make eco-friendly lighting fixtures. Glass, metal or plastic lighting fixtures can all be produced using these types of environmentally friendly materials. It’s not just enough to use an eco-friendly lighting fixture, however.

When choosing which bulbs to put into your new light fixtures, choose a LED bulb.

 LED bulbs are 80% more efficient than traditional light bulbs and waste much less energy as heat. You can now find LED bulbs that come in warmer white colors, instead of the blue tones they originally produced. Read more about LED bulbs in our post Can you use LED bulbs in regular fixtures? 7 things you need to know.

Can you use led bulbs in regular fixtures?

CFL bulbs are also eco-friendly. CFL stands for “compact fluorescent bulb.”

It is a type of bulb that uses only a quarter of the energy a traditional incandescent bulb uses. They also last much longer than traditional bulbs! You will save time and money by using CFL bulbs.

Why is Eco-Friendly Lighting Important?

Traditional incandescent light bulbs of the past waste most of their energy on heat production.

In fact, only five to ten percent of the energy an incandescent bulb consumes is used to make light! This is not acceptable! They also typically run out of energy much faster than a CFL or LED bulb.

Purchasing eco-friendly lighting allows you to lower your carbon footprint and reduces your contribution to garbage dumps and landfills. CFL and LED bulbs are a smart choice.

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Eco-Friendly Lighting Fixtures from Allen + Roth

Allen and Roth Lighting:
4 Reviews

​Allen and Roth by Lowe’s offers a wide variety of eco-friendly light fixtures for you to choose from.

Beautiful ​string lights, such as Allen+Roth Globe string lights the ​​may certainly add class to your room. You can also use them on ​the patio or even in the bathroom ​since ​the lights are listed for wet locations​. ​​

Th​ese ​lights are a​ good example of a​n attractive decor while ​doing ​better for the environment​!

Allen + Roth also offers a variety ​LED track lights that ​are great for the kitchen. For example, the Bronze Dimmable LED Flexible Track Light ​has an interesting look while offering a flexibility in the light arrangement of your kitchen. 

If you are ​in need of an LED enabled fan with light kit, take a look at ​Allen + ​Roth Stonecroft ceiling fan with light kit and remote

It includes three 4-watt LED candelabra bulbs so you do not need to buy any extra bulbs. The fan can be installed both outdoor and indoor and is great for coastal and nautical theme decor.

Allen and Roth Lighting Stonecroft fan lowes
Image credit:

How to get replacement parts for lights?

If you are looking for replacement parts for your Allen+Roth lights, go ahead and contact Allen And Roth lighting customer service. Here’s how to get support from them.

Final Thoughts

What do you think of our Allen and Roth lighting roundup? I feel we’ve made a pretty comprehensive list that could help others when researching new lights. 

We’ve been happy with both the look and function of our Allen Roth lights so far.

Please let us know your thoughts on Allen and Roth lighting in the comments below. If you enjoyed the list, share it to help others with their lighting research.

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