Allen Roth Mirrors: Use Them Anywhere In Your House!

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The high-quality collection of Allen and Roth mirrors help to add the finishing touches to the bathroom, living room, hallway, etc. It really lets you set your home apart!

The Allen Roth mirror is available in a wide range of designs and styles. They include contemporary and modern ones, as well as the country and French styles.

In addition, you can be sure the collection of mirrors can easily complement the existing decor because they come in a comprehensive list of colors.  This includes cherry, cream, white, chrome, nickel, brown, bronze, and black. Also, there is plenty of choice in relation to shape (square, rectangle and oval) which allows you to style the home in a manner that matches your specific taste.

Whether you are looking to update the existing bathroom or do a complete modernization of the hallway, you will easily find that there are a variety of options to make your home look its best.

Here are some of the most popular styles of Allen & Roth mirrors:

Bathroom wall mirrors

No bathroom renovation project will be complete without the bathroom wall mirrors. The Allen and Roth mirrors can vary from the modern, decorated, beveled and framed to give the most attractive look. Even if you’re doing minor updates to the bathroom, a simple replacement of the mirror can go a long way to making a room look more spacious and attractive.

The wall mirrors are one of the must-have features in any bathroom. They can easily complement the other must-have items like the vanity, bathtub, and shower. Plus, the wall mirrors are a perfect space saver since they easily mount to the wall above the vanity area and do not take up any precious floor space. In addition, stylish Allen and Roth mirrors can go a long way to making a room feel larger and more spacious.

The most popular style of wall mirror for the bathroom is rectangular in shape, with the placement often hung above the sink area. There are plenty of variations in the look of the mirror. While choosing one, you can its size, whether the edges are beveled or not, whether there is a frame or not and the shape (oval, square, round, etc.). In my opinion, the beveled style of mirror is able to give the most attractive look compared to the non-beveled alternative.

Any of the Allen and Roth mirrors can become a very significant feature in the all-around decoration of the bathroom. Even on its own, a well-chosen mirror can create a theme that relates to country, classic, elegant, whimsy, etc.

The series of wall mirrors are designed to be very quick and easy to hang and come complete with all necessary bracket systems to simplify the installation process. However, there are certain mirrors that are quite weighty and it can benefit from using the strong anchors.

Size wise, the wall mirrors can vary significantly in size to match the available space in the home. For instance, a rectangular mirror can measure 42 inches in width by 30 inches in height. A smaller square mirror can measure 30 inches in width by 30 which is in height.

For a really great looking mirror to remodel the main or guest bedroom, Allen and Roth are able to offer a wide range of choices that are available at the very competitive prices.


  • Wall mirrors are very easy to hang and come complete with all relevant brackets

  • The construction seems to be very sturdy and reliable

  • Easily matches the surrounding bathroom features such as the faucets and countertops


  • The mirror can come with a protective plastic coating on the frame which can be quite sticky and difficult to remove (the best treatment I have found to remove this residue is rubbing alcohol).

LED vanity mirrors

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Regular wall mirrors

The regular style wall mirrors are a perfect feature for virtually any room throughout the home and help to create an illusion of space. The Allen and Roth mirror come in plenty of styles and sizes. A large mirror can serve as a great focal feature that is able to make a telling statement. The mirrors come in design choices like country, white beveled, square, oval, silver leaf beveled and reclaimed wood.

By reflecting light across a room, the wall mirrors are perfect to place in a long hallway. They help increase width while also giving a convenience to quickly check your appearance before stepping out.

No matter what size your walls are, you shouldn’t have too much difficulty in finding a suitable mirror that is able to conveniently fill the empty space. Some of the popular mirror sizes include those at 36 inches by 24 inches and 44 1/2 inches by 32 1/2 inches.

The stylish wall mirrors include those with the reclaimed wood frame, metal embellishments, and accented corners. Plus, they can offer a great alternative to a piece of art, especially if you’re able to invest in the mirror that has the really interesting or intricate frame design.

The mirror design can vary from plain and simple to sophisticated and elegant. Any of them can inject life into an otherwise plain part of your home. A wavy design for the frame with a silver leaf finish will certainly help create a great focal feature that stands out in any part of the home.

A great feature of these mirrors is the ability to hang either vertically or horizontally to give greater versatility in the way that you are able to decorate the home.

Whether you are looking for the decorative wall mirror in the hallway or above the fireplace in the dining room, there are plenty of choices that can easily match your specific needs.


  • The frames are relatively thick and include nice decorative designs

  • Even though the Allen Roth mirrors are priced quite attractively, they still look very expensive

  • An impressive selection of wall mirrors in different styles and sizes


  • The hanging wire isn’t included with all of the frames so this part needs to be purchased separately before hanging the mirror

Allen and Roth Vanity mirrors

A vanity mirror is a simple yet useful type of mirror that has plenty of practical purposes, such as helping you do your hair, applying make-up, checking your appearance and basically helping you stay looking your best. But, the Allen and Roth vanity mirrors aren’t just there for a functional purpose; they can also look quite attractive and add a touch of style to the bathroom or bedroom area.

The vanity mirror comes in plenty of sizes and shapes with a choice of colors to make it really easy to complement the existing decor of the home. Mirrors are always a great addition to make any space appear much larger, especially in the smaller guest bathrooms. The most popular color choices included in the series of Allen and Roth mirrors are silver and bronze. Thanks to that, they can easily complement other features in the bathroom such as the faucets, toilet roll holder and towel hanging rails.

This is a very versatile type of mirror that comes with the sturdy base that means it is able to stand virtually anywhere, while still compact in size and light in weight to easily carry from the bathroom to the bedroom.

Most of the vanity mirrors made by Allen and Roth are similar in size with a typical mirror measuring 13.5 inches in height by 9.37 inches in width by 4.75 inches in depth. Plus, some of the mirrors include a magnifying mirror on one side that is practical for the most detailed view.

If you’re looking for the portable mirror that is perfect for styling the hair or applying the makeup, the vanity mirrors are certain to offer a very appealing option.


  • Solid and sturdy base to make sure the vanity mirror stays in place

  • The great colors make it very easy to match the existing decor and features in the bathroom

  • Many of the vanity mirrors include a magnifying side to give a more close-up view


  • The stands for the mirrors have a fixed height instead of the telescoped stand that is more flexible for adjusting the height to match your specific needs.

Medicine cabinets with a mirror

An Allen and Roth medicine cabinet with a mirror is a perfect addition to place in a new or existing bathroom and is a simple do-it-yourself project. The style offered by this manufacturer is wall mounted, which means the insulation process is quick and straightforward and there is no need to dig into a wall.

allen roth bathroom mirror: Medicine cabinet

The look of the medicine cabinets varies from the traditional to contemporary with a finish in espresso, brushed nickel or aluminum. If you want to create the modern look and feel in the bathroom, then I recommend you to take a look at the aluminum cabinets.

The affordable prices, great durability and quality, and reliable construction of the body makes the Allen and Roth medicine cabinet a great place to store a wide range of must have bathroom supplies.

Most of the cabinets come with two or three adjustable shelves that often offer enough extra storage space for the family home. A typical size of the medicine cabinet is in the region of 24.75 inches in width by 30.25 inches in height by 7.5 inches in depth. Plus, some of the cabinets can have extra storage space beneath. For example, these models have 3 compact baskets, which is a great feature for those that want even more space to store toilet rolls or similar supplies.

The installation of the medicine cabinet is also quite versatile with the option to mount the door on the left or right-hand side for complete convenience. This is really useful to make it possible to fit the cabinet in a tight spot that wasn’t normally let you install with the hinges on the left-hand side.

For complete ease of fitting the medicine cabinet to the wall, it comes completely assembled. All that is needed is to mount it to the preferred place in the bathroom using the included hardware to screw it in. But, some of the larger cabinets are quite heavy and you may want to get a helper to be able to lift it on the spot.

Other great features include the soft closing hinges, which means there is very little noise when opening and closing the door.


  • The cabinets come in versatile designs to make it really easy to match vanities or the surrounding decor

  • Gives plenty of space for storing a wide range of bathroom supplies

  • The look of the cabinets is a very stylish and much more than you would expect for the price


  • Not all of them provide flexible storage space which would benefit those that need to store the taller items

In summary

If you are looking to update the existing or newly renovated bathroom, hallway, living room, bedroom, etc. you will find there are plenty of sophisticated and stylish choices within the Allen and Roth mirror range. The modern and sleek look is perfect for those that want the contemporary finish to a room. Meanwhile, more traditional frames in wood can help to create the clean and inspired finish that can reference a striking Victorian style. All of the mirrors include great detail with decorative molding, beveled mirrors and included hardware to give a perfect focal feature or finish that matches the specific design tastes.

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  2. I want to purchase three mirrored medicine cabinets that are surface mounted and that measure 16″ wide x 30″ tall. I have found exactly what I want at Lowe’s with the exception of their heighth. I can only find 16″ x 26″. Can you help me find them?

  3. Hello, I am looking to purchase the metal corner décor pieces on this mirror. Can you tell me how I can do that, please? This is the model of the mirror.
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