Allen and Roth: Lean More About My Favorite Brand

allen roth window curtains and blinds

One of the most favorite products in our family has been the products by Allen Roth brand by Lowe’s. Actually, this blog has started because of that! I know this information is still very useful for you (and I keep updating it!) so I keep it all in one place here. I think that may …

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Allen and Roth Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Stuck on an island in a sea of countertops to choose from and don’t know where to start? Read this article to find the best Allen Roth quartz countertop! I’ve noticed many Allen and Roth quartz countertops in my friends’ kitchens and it got me curious about this popular, top-quality brand.   As an avid …

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Allen and Roth Lighting: Our Complete Guide For You

Allen and Roth Lighting: The Complete Allen and Roth Lighting Guide #allenroth #allenandroth #allenrothlighting #allenrothlights #allenrothlight

Our last home improvement project was an overall lighting update. While  working on our new and improved lighting plan, I did a lot of searching for  lights that looked good but didn’t break our budget.After seeing what was  available, we decided to go with Allen and Roth lighting. During my search,  I compiled a pretty …

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Allen and Roth Lighting Customer Service: How to Get Support

Allen and Roth Lighting Customer Service

Have you ever tried to contact Allen and Roth lighting customer service? Did you find it difficult to locate the right information? I recently tried to get a replacement globe for one of my Allen Roth Bristow lights. I had a surprisingly hard time locating the correct contact number. When trying to find Allen Roth …

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How to Use Fire Glass in Canyon Ridge Fire Pit

If you are looking for a unique alternative to lava rocks for your Canyon Ridge or any other outdoor fire pit, then fire glass offers a gorgeous choice. Not only are the glass pieces effective in doing their job, they increase the vibrancy and reflection of your fire pit. I prefer it because it won’t …

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Allen Roth Fire Pit Replacement Parts

Looking for Allen Roth fire pit replacement parts? Then you are on the right page! Here, I will share with you a list of replacement parts for these popular fire pits. Keep in mind that the page is still under development as I plan to add more replacement parts! First of all, I have to …

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