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Antique Bedroom Furniture: How to Style your Home

If you are in the process of adorning your living space with fine antiques, the bedroom can pose a few problems. Finding the right pieces that don’t look out of place can be a real challenge, and while modern, flat-pack furniture has its place in today’s society, there’s nothing to beat an antique set of wardrobe and chest of drawers, which can even be mixed with modern furniture.

Sufficient Access

This can pose a problem, as most antique furniture cannot be disassembled, so do make sure that the four-poster bed or French wardrobe actually fits into the room. Check out the affordable antiques dealers online, who would have an extensive collection of genuine antique bedroom furniture, and should they not have what you have in mind, the online antique dealer would have many online contacts, and can, therefore, source most items to order.

Pair of Bedside Chest of Drawers

The ideal accompaniment for a Victorian bed, a pair of walnut bedside chest of drawers gives you a place to keep the things you want to have nearby. With a military campaign chest to one side and a matching wardrobe on the other side, you would have a balanced look that oozes style and sophistication.

Chest of Drawers

There are chests of drawers that come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from a cute painted tall bow to a sturdy Georgian mahogany set of drawers, and lots in between. Proportion is always something to consider when furnishing a room, especially if you are using antique items, and the color is another consideration.

Antique Bedroom Furniture How to Style your Home: Chest drawer, vase, elephant figurines and painting on top of the white drawer

A French cherry armoire would look very distinguished, and with space for all your outfits, plus a few hidden drawers, you have a stylish way to house your clothing collection. Georgian or Victorian mahogany is another great choice, and by searching online antique dealers, you can view many fine examples, before making a decision.


How about an Edwardian bed crafted from oak? Perhaps you prefer the luxurious look and feel of a French Empire upholstered bed, which is usually grey or light blue, or even an iron Victoria bed, which offers a simplistic look. If you are a hopeless romantic, why not go for a classy four-poster? Mahogany and walnut examples would look stunning in any bedroom setting.

Finding the Right Antique Dealer

When looking for antique bedroom furniture, you ideally want to have a wide selection of items to view, and the online antique dealer has many contacts in the industry, and if you were to describe the piece you would like to acquire, the dealer could source it within a short time. It certainly doesn’t pay to rush into furniture choices, especially when you are looking to fill a specific space, and with a Google image search, you have many fine examples to base your search on.

Whatever the style or period you choose, make sure the room is not too humid, as this can damage fine wooden antiques, and with the help of an online antique dealer, you will soon find the ideal pieces to adorn your bedroom.

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