What Is a rooftop garden and how to make one

What is a rooftop garden? #garden #rooftopGarden #roof #homeImprovements #containers #outdoorSpace

If you want to add more greenery around you, then building a garden is a great idea. However, not everyone has the luxury of space to do so especially for people living in urban environments. This is one reason why rooftop gardens are becoming more popular. Rooftop gardens are man-made green spaces situated on roofs …

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23 Winter Container Garden Ideas For Your Outside Area

23 of the best winter container garden ideas for your backyard #christmas #containers #planters #gardenplanters #christmasBall

Many individuals view container gardening as an activity for summer or spring. But there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy this activity in winter, too.  Sure, there are certain plants that won’t tolerate frigid temperatures. But, that shouldn’t stop you from gardening in the winter. Initially, I also struggled to garden when the temperatures started …

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