23 Arizona backyard ideas on a budget: Get inspiration for your desert-themed backyard

Arizona backyard ideas on a budget fi

Do you live in an arid area, making it impossible to grow a lush, green lawn? Well, lucky you, because backyard beauty standards are changing! Redecorating to include a desert-themed backyard will still get you the kick-ass results you’ve always dreamed of. It only requires a little creativity and some materials and plants that suit …

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26 Of The Most Amazing Rock and Mulch Landscaping Ideas For Your Backyard

Amazing Landscaping Ideas With Mulch And Rocks For Your Backyard

Are you looking for some design inspiration for your backyard? Need a great landscaping idea with mulch and rocks as the main components? I’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ve collected and compared some great examples of yards that feature these two materials. What is a better way to continue a natural design than …

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How does gardening help the environment?

gardening-for-the-environment fi

Gardens decorate the environment we live in. They are sanctuaries that bring peace into our lives and allow us to feel more connected to Mother Nature. But as well as all the benefits and beauty it gives us as people, gardens also significantly help the environment. Let’s look at 5 reasons why gardening is as …

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Step by Step Guide for Setting Up a Lighted Tent In Your Backyard

No matter if you are celebrating a wedding, anniversary or special occasion party, lighted tents can provide the perfect shelter for your guests. Not only will it keep them out of the elements, but a lighted tent will allow your party to go into late into the night without having to worry about another light …

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25 Wonderful Dry River Bed Landscaping Ideas You Will Love

Wonderful Dry River Bed Landscaping Ideas You Will Love

If you’re anything like me, you sure know that good landscaping can turn your garden from lifeless to enchanting and it’s not just the inside of your house that matters, don’t you agree? A dry river bed, or a dry creek bed, is one of the most fascinating ways to add life to your garden. …

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Antique Bedroom Furniture: How to Style your Home

If you are in the process of adorning your living space with fine antiques, the bedroom can pose a few problems. Finding the right pieces that don’t look out of place can be a real challenge, and while modern, flat-pack furniture has its place in today’s society, there’s nothing to beat an antique set of …

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24 Backyard Pavilion Ideas You Didn’t Know You Needed

Backyard pavilions ideas

Nature is a strong antidepressant. We all need some fresh air and greenery in our lives. While the park may be too far or too cold, you can make the most of what you have, your backyard pavilion. Looking for some awesome backyard pavilion decor ideas? Well, your search is over. I am here to …

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Can You Have A Gazebo With Fire Pit Inside? Here Is What You Need To Know

Can you use a gazebo with fire pit inside? 8 things to think about before

Have you been reminiscing about warm spring nights with a bit of greenery and fresh air but it’s still too cold outside? Same here. I’ve recently been contemplating adding a heating system, ideally a gazebo with a fire pit inside, but I have had some doubts and fears about its safety and durability. After a …

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How to fix outdoor solar lights that stop working? 11 things you can do yourself

How to fix outdoor solar lights that stop working #backyardLighting #outdoorLights #pathlights #backyarddesign #lighting #lights #OutdoorLighting #solarlights #solarlighting

Wondering how to fix outdoor solar lights that stop working? Then our article is right for you! Unlike these improvements, fixing your solar lights is something you can totally do yourself. Here, you will learn about 10 quick fixes and one major one that should help your outdoor lights to shine again. Is It Really …

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What is the purpose of a Pergola? Is it Worth Buying One? Let’s Find Out!

What is the purpose of a Pergola?

When you have a garden or outdoor space like a backyard, there’s so much you can do with it. A well-maintained and lush backyard can truly add to the appeal and decorum of your home. There’s nothing like having a tiny, natural paradise in your own living space outside. In this article, we’re going to talk …

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