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35 Backyard Pavilions Ideas You Didn’t Know You Needed

Nature is a strong antidepressant. We all need some fresh air and greenery in our lives. While the park may be too far or too cold, you can make the most of what you have, your backyard pavilion.

Looking for some awesome backyard pavilions ideas? Well, your search is over.

Pavilions (including gazebos and pergolas) are very flexible and can be decorated and supplemented with a variety of items, each adding a great deal to your enjoyment as well as to the style of your backyard.

Just keep in mind that pavilions are considered to be accessory buildings and are subject to local regulations.

I’ve gathered up some ideas in this article that might help you upgrade your pavilion and transform your patio into your favorite comfort zone.

Go green

Hang it up

Hanging your plants from your pavilion’s ceiling

Image credit:

This is the perfect solution for someone that loves the atmosphere created by plants but doesn’t want to limit ground space.

Whether you want space to move around or something other than overhead lighting, hanging your plants from your pavilion’s ceiling will definitely add a green feel to your space without overcrowding it. Just look at how does it.

Go for a fairytale facade

intertwining plants around the structure of your pavilion

Image credit:

Paired with the right lighting, intertwining plants around the structure of your pavilion can turn it into something out of a fairytale. It will look especially enchanting at night, when only the plants are visible and the structure is barely noticeable beneath it, making it look like a natural and magical space.

Better yet, you can build a pavilion with a structure, like a dome, specially made to complement the plants, as demonstrates.

Cozy up in a greenhouse-like space

sky window in your pavilion, comfortable seating

Image credit: ​​​​

Glass and wood will add a rustic feel to your space while keeping a sense of calm and clarity, especially when paired with plants. Include a sky window in your pavilion to allow the sunlight to peek through your space.

Cozy it up with comfortable seating, a cup of coffee, and a book on a Sunday morning and you’re all set. Head to for more simple décor inspiration.

Let your pavilion be the main event

grid pergola roof with growth of climbing plants

Image credit:

Build a grid pergola roof designed specially to sustain the growth of climbing plants. Pair this with a beautiful terrace door to tie it all together.

Bring the forest home

a tree creating a shade, furniture and a fireplace under the tree shade

Image credit:

For a bolder look, skip potted plants and go for a tree! Letting it branch out to blend with your space will make you feel more in tune with nature. Not to mention, it’ll automatically turn your space into a mini magical forest and serve as a beautiful addition to a simple outdoor space. Go for a mulberry tree or a grapevine, like in this post.

Add a taste of the Arabian Nights

Set up a tent

beautiful chiffon or lace curtains draped over a tent frame

Image credit:

Create an awe-inspiring space using beautiful chiffon or lace curtains draped over a tent frame. Just make sure to use a light material that will give you a sense of privacy, while allowing the sunlight to peek through and light up the space inside.

This design option not only turns your pavilion into an orient-inspired setup, but it will also create a nice ambiance on days where there’s a breeze and the light curtains will flutter in the wind. Bonus: you can add a few strings of fairy lights, like the guys at did.

Make it boho chic

Boho chic chill spot with lots of pillows

Image credit:

Nothing says boho chic like a bunch of cushions and throw pillows! Layer fabrics and cushions for an earthy atmosphere and don’t be afraid to hang a couple of dreamcatchers or lanterns next to the cushions or on a nearby tree branch.

This set up makes the perfect chill spot during spring and summer gatherings – just look at how did it. You can also bring your picnic basket and have a feast!

Go crazy with pattern

Image credit:

You know how they say less is more? Not always! Sometimes, the more pattern, fabric, and color you add, the more it adds to the charm.

Go crazy with Bedouin patterns and colors and turn your patio into a laid back pillow pit. Head to for more pattern inspiration for your garden space.

For more inspiration, check these covered patio ideas.

Include a breakfast table

eautiful sitting areas in open spaces

Image credit:

Place a tiny breakfast or coffee table under the draped fabric to create a space where you can enjoy slow mornings.

Sip a coffee and read your favorite book, share breakfast with a loved one, or even throw a small brunch party in your new open space. If you’re a fan of beautiful sitting areas in open spaces, the folks over at have got you covered.

Speaking of food…

Build a kitchen island

Outdoor kitchen island

Image via

Oh, the convenience a kitchen island can bring! Having an outdoor kitchen island makes things so much easier during gatherings and parties and it eliminates the burden of running back and forth into the house to fetch drinks and snacks.

You can also create a spot for washing hands; check out our post with the best outdoor wash stations to see what options are available on the market.

This is the perfect set up for hosts that enjoy having friends over to hang out outdoors, especially if the main event is the food. definitely nailed it with their outdoor kitchen island. Check it out!

Install a built-in grill

Outdoor cooking station with built-in grill or stove and kitchen counter

Image credit:

Take it a step further with a built-in grill or stove for BBQ parties. Pair it with a beautiful kitchen counter, like the ones at, to create an outdoor cooking station where all the good stuff happens.

This will keep the kitchen close at hand without taking up too much space or adding unnecessary clutter to the area.

Keep it basic

Pavilion with cooking station

Image credit:

Want to keep things accessible, but don’t really want a whole outdoor stove or cooking station? Just add a small counter with storage space or a few shelves to your pavilion to keep the most important items close at hand.

Add a pop of color and a few rustic accessories here and there and you’ve got yourself a beautiful handy corner. shows us how!

Take a slice of your own kitchen and move it outdoors

Pavilion kitchen with countertops, shelves, cupboards and mismatched tiles.

Image credit:

Sounds a little extra, but is it really? Go for a full-on pavilion remake, with countertops, shelves, cupboards, and even mismatched tiles for a literal piece of home, outdoors! For a natural feel that matches your backyard atmosphere, go for rustic wood, like pine, red oak, or hickory. Not convinced yet? Check out and you’ll be sold.

Take the grilling outside

Pavilion with a grill and a a seating area

Image credit:

A simple grill sometimes changes the whole atmosphere, especially when you throw on a couple of steaks! No need to overcrowd the space with unnecessary counters if you don’t plan on using them.

Pair this with a nice seating area, like the ones at, to create the perfect space for chitchats and lunch.

Take game night outside

Keep it warm

TV screen and comfy sofas on a pavilion

Image credit:

Install a TV screen and place comfy sofas around a firepit for a nice, cozy time while watching football on a lazy Saturday. Or, gather the kids around for a fun movie night and make s’mores around the fire.

Pull out a few fuzzy blankets and I doubt you’ll want to leave your new space. Just look at how beautiful these setups at are.

Add a luxe touch

stone walls and beautiful wood-paneled ceilings on a pavilion

Image credit:

Nothing says French luxe like stone walls and beautiful wood-paneled ceilings. Add carpet, a modern couch to break up the cold stone, and stick to neutral colors. Dark wood adds allure to spaces, so go for mahogany or rosewood. An imperial chandelier makes it even better, just look at this blog post!

Bring the bar home

A pavilion with a bar, stools, and big screen tv.

Image credit:

Remember the kitchen island we spoke about? It doubles as a bar! Place high stools around your bar, a big screen TV, and crack open a few beers for an at-home local bar experience. has so many more ideas for outdoor setups, where you and your buds can spend late nights after work.

Keep it cozy

Loungers around an outdoor tv area

Image credit:

And, if you’re not one for late nights at the bar and would rather keep things cozy, I’ve got you covered. Place a few comfy loungers around your outdoor TV area and turn your pavilion into an outdoor living room. It won’t even feel like you’re outside the house.

Don’t believe me? Check out for more outdoor spaces that will make you feel like staying in.

The bigger the better

Image credit:

We’ve already shown you how to bring the indoors out and we’ve even shown you how to bring the bar home, but I believe it’s time we bring the theatre home, too. Create your own at-home outdoor theatre by installing a projection or hideaway movie screen and an ultra-modern couch pit for the ultimate movie or game night situation.

Head on to for more ultra-modern furniture inspiration for your space.

Build a poolside lounge

Use the pool as your view

A pavilion near the pool

Image credit: Country Lane Gazebos via

There’s another use for swimming pools that I think is often overlooked. Use your pool as a beautiful view for your sitting space and give yourself an outlook your friends will envy you for. Keep things bright and simple with garden furniture, like the options at Country Lane Gazebos (via, and maybe add a few throw cushions and a potted plant here and there. Another good idea is to get a shade over the pool.

Turn your space into a cabana

Gazebo near the pool with a glass back wall or drapes

Image credit:

So posh! Build private gazebo and turn it into a resort cabana, by adding a glass back wall or drapes for extra privacy. Keep things slick with a modern seating arrangement, throw cushions, bold patterns, or solid colors, like did, and add a slick centerpiece to bring the area together.

Zen out

Pavilion with wood structure paired with minimalist white decor

Image credit:

Simplistic, raw, and enlightening! A simple wood structure paired with minimalist white decor gives a zen feel to anything! Add this to warm lighting and simple accessories, like the ones at, and you’ll have a romantic and trendy photoshoot-worthy space, right next to your pool.

Make your space the perfect spot to chill after a dip

Pavilion near the pool with a comfortable loungers

Image credit:

Know those times when you’re exhausted from a day in the sun and you just want to pass out in bed? Well, look no further! Place sun loungers under your pergola, so you can head there right after your daily swim for a nap.

Just be sure that your loungers are comfortable enough for a snooze, like these ones on Add some pretty fabrics in the form of drapes or throw sheets and you’ll be good to go.

Make it rain

pool waterfall system into your pergola

Image credit:

Play around with fun features around your pool and add a touch of genius to your space. Build a waterfall system into your pergola, for a beautiful, poolside tropical experience in your own backyard. It will not only be fun, but will also be nice to look at and will definitely add an edge to your pool parties.

The guys at have definitely nailed it when it comes to pool revamping.

Add a Bit of Drama With Drapes

Shades, Drapes, And Light

11 Backyard Pavilions Ideas You Didn’t Know You Needed: Curtains

Image credit:

Curtains aren’t just very useful in providing shade in sunny days and a bit of warmth in windy ones. With an overall modern fresh look, they break the monotony of the brown wooden furniture and light up the place. Moreover, they come in handy if you want to limit the openness of your pavilion and have some privacy. I recommend you check this fabric over at

Go Classy with Chiffon

11 Backyard Pavilions Ideas You Didn’t Know You Needed: White Pavilion with white lace curtains

Image credit:

If you want to transform your pavilion into a classy look, you don’t have to rebuild it from scratch. A nice touch could be new Chiffon curtains and a new coat of paint. Chiffon is your go-to fabric when you want to say soft and chic yet comfy. Problems worth considering are the cost and the specific regulations for cleaning. But with little research, you’re set to go! Find more info at

Cozy Up Around Fire

Fire up Your Pavilion, Literally!

11 Backyard Pavilions Ideas You Didn’t Know You Needed: Pavilion with a yellow lighting

Image credit:

A fireplace, in my opinion, is a great investment for your pavilion or gazebo.

Although it might seem like a hassle, it’s extremely rewarding with a warmer atmosphere in cold nights and a majestic look all around the year. It can be used as a cooking option, a great way to gather around with friends, or just for a stylish new look.

Fireplaces do all these things and more and can help you make the most of your pavilion during all seasons. Read about this and more at

If you are concerned about safety, read our post about how to properly set up a gazebo with fire pit inside

Minimalism is the New Black

11 Backyard Pavilions Ideas You Didn’t Know You Needed: Wooden Pavilion with a firepace

Image credit:

I absolutely love this design’s austere simplicity. Every item is clear, purposeful and intentional. It’s a common misconception that fireplaces can’t be modern, well, this rounded firepit proves it wrong. Check out more contemporary designs at

For Game of the Thrones Fans

11 Backyard Pavilions Ideas You Didn’t Know You Needed: Family gathered in their Pavilion

Image credit:

The stone frame of the fireplace gives a remarkably ancient rustic air to the patio. I’ve always thought vintage decor exudes elegance and sophistication. The pillars are made of raw wood which adds a natural look which interrupts yet complements the rugged construction of stone. Find out more at

Bath In Nature

Add a New Ritual, Relaxation

11 Backyard Pavilions Ideas You Didn’t Know You Needed: Glass Roof Pavilion with Jacuzzi

Image credit:

What could possibly be more relaxing than a hot bath with essential oils, your favorite kind of tea and a book? A hot bath with essential oils, your favorite kind of tea, and a book in your backyard!

You can relax, meditate and detoxify.

And nothing can aid all three more than nature and fresh air. Furthermore, the design of a room with the glass doors and roof can provide the beauty and serenity of the view while staying indoors. BTW, you can easily convert a pergola into such a room if you put a piece of plastic on the top (this is another purpose you can use a pergola for).

A Little More Tumblrish

11 Backyard Pavilions Ideas You Didn’t Know You Needed: Hot tob in a pergola

Image credit:  

The flower bed and the baby lights add a youthful and refreshing ambiance to this pergola turned pavilion. The bathtub is on a high stand with two-step ladder which offers a better perspective of the surrounding garden. It’s a true luxury to sit in a hot bath in the middle of a beautiful garden. Check out this at

Hollywood Like Afterparty Style

11 Backyard Pavilions Ideas You Didn’t Know You Needed: Hot tob with a bar pavilion

Image credit:

This is a perfect setting for a celebration or an afterparty with some of your close friends or just an extra way to spend a usual night in chatting, blasting some music, and drinking fine wine. Just with the tiny addition of a bar stand and some stools. The vine plants climbing on the wooden pillars makes it look and feel more homely and intimate. Source:

Back to the Future

11 Backyard Pavilions Ideas You Didn’t Know You Needed: Glass Dome Pavilion with a hot tob

Image credit:

Domes are where nature meets modern day patterns. They offer some shade and can be easily transformed to a closed space in cold or windy days. This traditional dome has a great asset is its transparency which combines the coziness of being indoors with the scenery of your garden. More on domes over at

Add a Touch Of Futurism

Picasso in Your Backyard!

11 Backyard Pavilions Ideas You Didn’t Know You Needed: Backyard glass pavilion office

Image credit:  

“Cubism is like standing at a certain point on a mountain and looking around. If you go higher, things will look different; if you go lower, again they will look different. It is a point of view.” Picasso’s cubism has not been understood for years. It’s now known as depicting objects from multiple viewpoints. Looking at this design, it’s a perfect example of architecture as a form of art. It’s abstract, cosmopolitan and clearly showing the multiple views through its simplicity and transparency. See this at

Garden Igloo

11 Backyard Pavilions Ideas You Didn’t Know You Needed: Glass Igloo Pavilion

Image credit:

Garden igloos are always promoted as a multifunctional piece. Their uses are numerous including a stylish conservatory, play area for children, greenhouse or a pavilion. An igloo is easily each of these things individually or all at once. Moreover, it’s strong and resilient, as it’s weatherproof, rust-resistant and recyclable.  Its transparent geodesic design is nothing short of bold and innovative. It’s a compelling choice for lovers of practicality as well as style. Take a closer look at

3 reasons to finally build a pavilion in your backyard

  1. It will have you spending more time outdoors
  2. You can use it for parties, events, and gatherings, either as a designated space for your friends and family or as part of the overall decor
  3. It will revamp your backyard and make it look like a page out of a magazine

Things to keep in mind

  1. Building a pavilion can be costly, but that depends on what it includes and what it is made of
  2. Some pavilion structures offer little flexibility to change placement, so if you think you’ll want to move your set up around, you may want to consider a portable pavilion or canopy.

A bit about pavilions

Some backyard pavilions can be attached directly to your home and will not have solid walls. That is, they are shade structures that have completely open sides. Gazebos, one type of pavilion, can have partially-open sides.

Gazebos are almost always unattached to a larger structure, so most of the time they stand alone and have a rounder structure than pergolas.

pergola is a simple shade structure that is also usually unattached to the house, however, pergolas tend to look better without stone or wood flooring. You can almost always attach shade sails to any pavilion to add an extension of shade to your space.

If, however, you don’t want to be confined to the permanent space where your pavilion is set up, you can look into building a tent in the form of a portable pavilion.

As for the materials you can use to build your pavilion, the options are endless. The structure can be made out of stone, wood, aluminum, vinyl, fabric, glass, you name it! You can add tiling to the floor, carpet, or wood panels, among other things.

And as you’ll see in the list of backyard pavilions ideas below, hanging plants, fabric, lighting, or even picture frames will definitely make your space more homey and comfortable.

The cost of building a pavilion will vary widely, depending on what you include. For example, a 9-foot gazebo that has a simple structure and is made out of inexpensive materials, like wood or vinyl, and includes simple furniture and accessories can cost as little as $1,500.

A more complex gazebo, with more features and accessories, can cost anywhere up to $12,000 – it all really depends on your needs, preferences, and budget!

If you want to know more about the difference between a gazebo and a pavilion, read this post by A Nest With A Yard.

Did You Like Our Backyard Pavilions Ideas?

I hope this article was as interesting to you as researching it has been to me. I’ve always been deeply fascinated by home decor and how renovation requires creativity, taste, and patience.

However, decorating my gazebo into a backyard pavilion and digging up new ideas have been my new passion. If you found it useful, please tune in for more on the topic and share with your friends. Any further questions are always welcome.

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