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What Is The Best Snow Blower For Your Backyard? Read Our 7 Reviews

Are you looking for the top snow blower for these cold winter months when several inches of snow hit your property? Do you need to clear your yard or driveway?

Making snowblower comparisons isn’t easy and knowing which snow blowers are the best takes some research. After all, there are so many to choose from, that it can be hard to make a decision – you have single-stage snow blowers, two-stage snow blowers, three-stage snow blowers, then you have gas-powered snow blowers or electric snow blowers – safe to say there are a lot of options out there. 

Luckily, I’ve done the hard work for you and created this list of the best snow blowers! My reviews can help you choose the model of the right snow blower for you.

In terms of the model I recommend, the Husqvarna ST224 24-inch 208cc Snow Blower ( No products found ) is a fantastic all-round snow blower with a reliable electric start and rotating chute

But, I’ve got plenty more top recommendations for you, depending on your needs. Keep reading to check them out!

Snow Blower Comparison Chart

Here’s the snowblower comparison table to see the products I’ll discuss and which one is my favorite.

PowerSmart DB72024PA 2-Stage Gas Snow Blower with Power Assist, 24", Black
Briggs & Stratton 1696614 24" 2-Stage Snowthrower, 208cc, Black
YARDMAX Two-Stage Snow Blower – 22”, 24”, 26”
PowerSmart DB72024PA 2-Stage Gas Snow Blower with Power Assist, 24", Black
Briggs & Stratton 1696614 24" 2-Stage Snowthrower, 208cc, Black
YARDMAX Two-Stage Snow Blower – 22”, 24”, 26”
PowerSmart DB72024PA 2-Stage Gas Snow Blower with Power Assist, 24", Black
PowerSmart DB72024PA 2-Stage Gas Snow Blower with Power Assist, 24", Black
Briggs & Stratton 1696614 24" 2-Stage Snowthrower, 208cc, Black
Briggs & Stratton 1696614 24" 2-Stage Snowthrower, 208cc, Black
YARDMAX Two-Stage Snow Blower – 22”, 24”, 26”
YARDMAX Two-Stage Snow Blower – 22”, 24”, 26”
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Snow Blower Reviews

Husqvarna ST224 24-inch 208cc Snow Blower – Best Overall

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  • 24-inch clearance width.
  • Two-stage design.
  • 208cc engine with electric start.
  • Gas-powered.

The Husqvarna ST224 24-Inch 208cc Snow Blower is a mid-range snow blower in terms of price. But, its features are impressive.

It has adjustable skid shoes and a 2-stage design. This means that, according to, you can use this model to remove snow from gravel driveways and many other surfaces. Heavy-duty, 15-inch tires can cope with pretty much any surface, uphill or downhill.

There are some extra features and functions that make this model ideal when it comes to comfort and ease of use. There are heated grips so your hands don’t go numb during snow removal and LED headlights so you can see clearly early in the morning or late at night.

I’ve named this as my pick for the best overall snow blower — the clearance width is good for commercial or home use and the fact that it has such a heavy-duty design means it should last many years. 

The adjustable chute and comfortable controls also are a part of what makes this two-stage blower top option among the best snow blowers. The chute can throw the snow in different directions and this is reasonably easy to alter.


  • Electric start means reliable to start, even after months of being idle.
  • Adjustable chute to throw snow where you wish.
  • Skid shoes to protect the bottom of the blower.
  • 24-inch clearance for faster clearing of snow.
  • LED headlights for use when it is dark.


  • Chute adjustment is not as easy as some other options.
  • Impeller could be better quality steel.
  • Reverse gear is very slow to operate.

PowerSmart DB72024PA 2-Stage Gas Snow Blower – Best Snowblower For Small Spaces

  • 212cc engine with electric start.
  • 24-inch clearance width.
  • Two-stage design.
  • Gas-powered.

The PowerSmart DB72024PA 2-Stage Gas Snow Blower is great for use on a gravel driveway and a variety of other surfaces, as well as small lawns.

The power assist feature means you can spin and swivel the blower easily — think of this feature as power steering like what you may have in your car. 

The electric start means it starts every time. It doesn’t matter if you have left it standing throughout the summer without running the engine.

The chute is adjustable via a hand crank. It’s not as sturdy and reliable as some of the other snow blowers on my list, but you can change direction slightly to spray snow where you want and get it out of the way. 

This two-stage gas snow blower is most reliable on powdery snow. Wet snow can be more of a struggle.


  • Power assist turning means you can change direction quickly and easily.
  • Four-speed variations and two reverse options.
  • Starts every time with a reliable electric start.
  • Fairly affordable for a gas-powered blower.


  • Takes a long time to assemble, especially if you aren’t DIY-savvy.
  • Not as effective on wet snow — best on powder.

Briggs & Stratton 24-inch 2-Stage Snowthrower – Best Snowblower For Heavy, Wet Snow

  • 212cc engine, including electric start. (250cc option available)
  • 24-inch clearance width.
  • Two-stage design.
  • Gas-powered.

Briggs & Stratton make some very heavy-duty snow blowers and the Briggs & Stratton 1696614 has a hard-wearing design. It is great for use on wet snow and after heavy snowfall (if you need to look at other snow blowers for wet snow, check this post by

The friction disc transmission helps clear all types of snow and even cleans pavement after clearing the snow.

The electric start is reliable in cold weather, even after sitting for a long time, and even if you only use it a few times a year!

The dash-mounted chute rotation option lets you choose the direction you throw the snow and adjust it with ease. In fact, as I’ve found, you can adjust this with just one hand. This means you can push the machine and adjust where the snow is thrown at the same time.

The 12-inch steel scroll auger is great for breaking down tough, compacted snow.


  • Comes with LED headlights so you can use it in the dark.
  • Electric start for reliable running.
  • Very sturdy steel augers that break down compacted snow.


  • Can struggle with traction on hills.

YARDMAX YB5765 Two-Stage Snow Blower – Best 22-inch Snow Blower

  • 196cc engine.
  • Gas-powered.
  • Two-stage model.
  • 22-inch clearance width (also available in 24 and 26-inch).

This is a fairly powerful gas-powered snow blower suitable for use at home. It has a 22-inch clearance area, but you can buy larger options within the same YARDMAX range.

The 196cc engine is easy to start, but it doesn’t come with an electric start. However, the larger 24 and 26-inch models do.

The ax-shaped housing is one of this machine’s smartest features. It works with the steel augers to further break down snow. Even compacted or icy snow can be broken down and thrown out. The impeller works at a high speed to further help this breaking down.

The dash is great and easy to adjust. The 26-inch option even has a cup holder! These snow blowers have heated hand grips and LED lights for use in cold and dark conditions.

This is a well-designed snow blower. To get the most out of it, I’d recommend getting the optional LCT electric start 7.0 HP 208cc engine.


  • Does a good job on compacted snow.
  • Easy to control and make chute adjustments while pushing.
  • 5-speeds and a reliable gearbox.


  • No electric start on the 22-inch model.
  • Pull-cord start is not reliable.

Toro SnowMaster 724 QXE 24 in. Gas Snow Blower – Best Snow Blower For Its Warranty

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  • Toro Premium 212cc OHV 4-cycle engine.
  • Two-stage design.
  • 24-inch clearance.
  • Gas-powered.

This two-stage gas snow blower has some good features. The 724 QXE offers a long warranty, at three years, and the chute warranty means it is guaranteed for life. If the chute breaks during standard use, you can claim on the warranty.

Another great thing about this snow blower is its speed. The augers churn up snow quickly. If you want to clear your driveway or other space in a hurry, the SnowMaster might be a good option.

Like most snow blowers on my list, this one has an electric start and it works in even the coldest conditions.  

The chute control and deflector can both be changed with a simple and easy motion. The “Quick Stick” chute control is even a registered trademark.

The manufacturers describe this machine as “ultra-maneuverable”. It is, in fact, quite easy to move around and can be used in small backyards, as well as in large areas.


  • Excellent warranty to protect your purchase.
  • Simple to make alterations and rotate the chute and deflector.
  • Easy to change direction.
  • Can throw snow up to 40 feet.


  • The carburetor may need maintenance after a year or two of use.
  • Doesn’t work very well on hard-packed snow.

Ariens Snow Blower Clearing Path 24 – Best Snowblower For Its Chute Turning

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  • 208cc Ariens AX engine.
  • Two-stage model.
  • 24-inch clearance.
  • Gas-powered.

The Ariens snow blower has a turning angle of 205 degrees. You can alter the discharge chute easily so it can send the snow in the direction you choose.

Like many of the best snow blower options on the market, it has a 2-stage design and is gas-powered. This makes it ideal for clearing snow from gravel driveways. It also has a reliable and powerful Ariens AX engine. 

This sturdy model can clear an incredible 58 tons of snow per hour. If you’re looking for something that can provide you with a quick way to clear your drive, pathway, or even bigger spaces when inches of snow hit it suddenly, this model is ideal.

The Ariens snowblower also allows for one-handed use. This means you can push it with one hand and adjust the chute angle with the other.

Ariens offers a lot of different accessories. This is a relatively affordable snow blower and you can choose to upgrade it by buying covers and mats. This means extra cost, but these options could help your snow blower last longer. Check this post by to read more about this snow blower brand.


  • 205-degree turning angle for the chute.
  • Can be used one-handed.
  • Many compatible accessories.


  • Not great for use on inclines and declines.

Ariens SNO-Tek 20 in. 2-Stage Self-Propelled Gas Snow Blower – Best For Compacted Snow

No products found - check back later!

  • Ariens AX 136cc engine.
  • Two-stage blower.
  • 20-inch clearance.
  • Gas-powered.

The Ariens SNO-Tek 20 In. 2-Stage Self-Propelled Gas Snow Blower is another impressive option from the Ariens brand. Its multiple speeds make it a good choice for chewing through tough snow. This model can also handle compacted snow.

Like the other Ariens snow blower on my list, this one has a 205-degree rotating chute. This quick-turn chute makes it easy to change direction when you are pushing through the snow.

The grip is very comfortable, even if you are using this self-propelled snow blower for long periods of time. The push-button start is electric and it starts reliably, even in very cold weather.

The 20-inch snow clearance width and 20-inch intake height mean this snowblower will work even on deep snow and after heavy snowfall.

There are skid shoes on the bottom so gravel or other rough surfaces don’t damage the bottom of the machine. There is a scraper blade on the front, but this isn’t always perfectly adjusted.

If you wonder where Ariens stands against Husqvarna (another popular brand making snow blowers), read this post.


  • Multiple speeds to plow through snow.
  • Great on even compacted and wet snow.
  • Easy to alter the 205-degree turning chute.
  • Comfortable grip.


  • Scraper blade and skid shoes may need to be adjusted to protect the snow blower correctly.

Buying Guide – How To Find The Best Snow Blower For You?

1-Stage, 2-Stage, or 3-Stage?

This is one of the most important things to understand before you buy a snowblower. The stage of your snow blower impacts what surface you can use it on.

A single-stage snow blower only has one auger and may struggle with a lot of snowfall. They also can’t be used on gravel, as they will pick up stones that can not only damage the machine but cause injury. Single-stage blowers are also called a snow throwers.

Two-stage blowers have an impeller, as well as two augers, to help pick up more snow quickly.

A three-stage snow blower has a third auger. This auger is high-speed and designed to break down snow and pick it up quickly.

Most of the options on my list are two-stage snow blowers. These are sufficient for most types of snow and can be used on virtually all surfaces.

For more information on augers and impellers, check out this guide on how snow blowers work. To learn more about the differences between various types of snowblowers, read our post about 1-stage and 2-stage snow blowers and this one about 2-stage and 3-stage snowblowers.

If you need a machine that’s easier to operate and more lightweight, take a look at snowblowers for women; they tend to be lighter and easier to use.

Similarly, if you need a model for a senior, take a look at our post about snow blowers for elderly.

best snow blower different stages

Gas vs. Electric

Choosing whether to buy a gas-powered snow blower or an electric snow blower is another decision you’ll have to make. Do you want something that runs off fuel, or are you looking for a rechargeable electric snow blower?

Both can be decent options, but it depends on your individual needs. If you opt for an electric model, it won’t have the best runtime. Batteries often die after 20-30 minutes of snow removal. 

Electric snow blowers can clear small amounts of snow but aren’t suitable for commercial use or large driveways (e.g. a two-car driveway). Obviously, they are better for the environment.

Gas models are more reliable, they can run for a long time, and you don’t need to charge them in advance or between use. However, the engine may need some lubricant and maintenance from time to time, such as an oil change

The benefit of gas snow blowers is that you know, as long as you have gas, it is ready to go whenever you need it.

To learn more about it, dive into our post about the electric vs gas snow blower battle.

1-stage gas snowblower

Clearing Width

Clearing width simply relates to how wide a path the blower can clear in one pass. The larger the clearing width, the more snow it can take in. This makes it quicker in larger spaces and backyards.

Clearance widths of 24 inches are common. Here, I’ve reviewed snow blowers that range between 22 and 30 inches of clearance. 

If you are clearing a large space, such as a parking lot, it could be worth investing in a large model with a quick intake. This means you will have to do fewer passes.

A smaller clearing width is suitable for most home use. It is a case of considering how much space you need to clear and whether you need a big snow blower. A larger model means it will be heavier and harder to store.

Snowblower clearance capacity

Adjustable Chutes

The discharge chute is where the blown snow is discharged after being taken in by the impellers and broken up. Most chutes have some level of adjustability.

Adjustable chutes can often be altered by an angle of 200 degrees or more. This can usually be done with a simple crank or controls on the “dash” of the snow blower. 

An adjustable chute means you can break up the snow and send it to where you actually want it to go (out of the way). Without an adjustable function, you might just be blowing the snow back in the way.

Electric Start – Is It Worth It?

An electric start is an alternative to a pull start. Most of the snow blowers on my list have electric starts. A pull start is sometimes included, too, but this can be unreliable, especially in extreme temperatures.

An electric start means you can plug the snow blower into an electric supply and push a button to start it reliably every time

If you are looking for the best cordless snow blower, I suggest that gas-powered models with electric start might be an option. However, keep in mind that you may still have to use AC power to start the engine. 

Strictly speaking, using an electric start is not always totally “cordless”, though the cord doesn’t have to stay plugged in when the engine is started. It’s because sometimes, batteries don’t work very well in cold weather so the battery of your snowblower may not have enough power to start your machine.

You can usually pull start, but the electric start is a good backup and means you don’t have to spend 20 minutes pulling a crank, hoping for it to start.

This technology is simple but can save time and hassle. Most modern gasoline snow blowers now include electric starts to help you reliably get your blower up and running, even in cold temperatures.

The video below explains more about the snow blower electric start.

YouTube player

LED Headlights And Heated Grips

These are two more features you should look out for, especially if you live in an area with extreme weather conditions. You might need to clear snow very early in the morning when it is cold and dark.

LED headlights are similar to those you would find on a motorbike, but may be less powerful. They allow you to clear snow in the dark but also make you more visible if you are clearing snow in a public place in the dark.

Heated grips are another great feature. It may look like they are just included for comfort, but they can actually be a safety feature. Numb hands can lose control of a snow blower, so it’s important to keep them warm. 

Heated grips aren’t included with all snowblower models, but if you are going one in extreme temperatures, they are a welcome feature.

If you don’t buy a snow blower with heated grips, you can also think about installing some. This YouTube guide can help you.

YouTube player

Tracked vs. Wheel Snow Blowers

Depending on your terrain (if it’s especially bumpy), you may need to choose a track snowblower. If your driveway is average, you are better off with a wheel snowblower.

In my post about track vs wheel snow blowers, I discuss this subject in detail so head over there to read more!


How much will your snow blower cost?

Snow blowers come in a huge range of prices. Some electric models can be purchased for under a couple of hundred dollars. This is very affordable, but the electric options are somewhat limited.

Naturally, the more you invest, the better the features. 

If you need a wide clearance area, you may end up spending a little more money.

To learn more about the time of the year when you should do your purchase, check my post about when is the best time to buy a snowblower.

Warranty – Do You Need One?

A warranty is always welcome. If you are going to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars, you want to protect your purchase.

This is an area you should spend time researching. Make sure to check what warranty is on offer before buying.

This can get confusing. Some products with warranties offer protection in all areas. With snow blowers, warranties can cover different parts of the machine. For instance, the No products found has a lifetime warranty on the chute.

If you can get a warranty of 2-3 years, this should offer plenty of protection. It is hard to find longer than this. Some snow blowers don’t even come with a warranty, so be on the lookout for this.

How Much Snowfall Your Area Gets

A good indicator of what snow blower you should consider is how much snow your area gets. If where you live you usually get minimal snowfall or just light snow, there’s no reason for you to spend money on features you will simply not need because you won’t have to deal with heavy snow.

Looking After Your Snow Blower

A snow blower is a big investment, so you should do everything you can to look after it. Nobody wants to spend thousands of dollars on a snow blower only for it to break within a couple of winters.

Make it a part of the overall weatherization process of your home and backyard.

So, how can you look after your snow blower and what are the best tips for snow blower maintenance? 

Check out this video and read our pro tips below it.

YouTube player

 Pro Tips

  • Check the oil level when you are about to use the snow blower. Top up or perform an oil change if needed. 
  • Change the spark plug regularly. Once a season is good, though it might last a couple of seasons.
  • Change the air filter if it is spent.
  • Check and maintain tire pressure if needed. If you have airless tires, you don’t need to worry about this.
  • Check skid shoes, shave plates, and scraper bars. Occasionally, they might need to be replaced. You may also need to align these and get them to the right level.
  • Lubricate the snow blower engine. Use the instructions that come with your model to check how to do this, as it varies in different snow blowers.
  • When you’ve finished using the snow blower, keep it running for a few seconds to totally clear all of the snow out. Otherwise, it can ice up and damage the machine or clog it for the next season.

Evaluating The Very Best Snow Blower

I hope you’ve enjoyed my list of the best snow blowers. The Husqvarna ST224 24-inch 208cc Snow Blower ( No products found ) is my best option. It has a decent 24-inch clearance area and a good balance of features and value. 

Its LED headlights and heated grips make it safer and easy to use, as I’ve explained in my buying guide.

The Husqvarna ST330, 30-inch Two-Stage Snow Blower  is a good runner-up. It is great for those who need a heavy-duty snowblower with a wide clearance area, as it is bigger than the other options on the list, which tend to be around 24 inches wide. This might be overkill for a home snow blower.

If your area does not usually have a lot of snow or it has lighter snowfalls, it may make sense to look for a smaller and lighter option. For example, a leaf blower can do a decent job. Check our post where we talk about how to use a leaf blower for removing snow.

If you need more help, check this post with great snow cleaning tips.

Have you enjoyed my list of the best snow blowers and my snow blower reviews? Do you feel ready to choose the snow blower that’s best for you? Feel free to share this information with anyone you think might find it useful.

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