The Best Black Friday 2020 Deals For Gardeners

Dear gardeners! If you are at all like me, then I am sure you have been waiting for Black Friday! I am a frugal (kind of) gardener and I love when tons of stuff goes on sale!

This year, Black Friday started early so check below my latest findings. I am already keeping my eye on a couple of deals here... I hope you will find something for yourself too!

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Hand-Picked Garden Scissors And Shears Sale On Amazon

When working in the garden, you should use the best tools. It will make your work more pleasant and efficient and reduce the possibility of traumas.

It is especially true when it comes to sharp tools such as garden shears and scissors. Shares and scissors are essentials every gardener must have and its quality may even break or make the pleasure you get from working in your garden. That's why you should pay more attention when you are buying them. 

However, you do not need to spend a fortune on good quality tools. That's what sales are for! To save money. And you have come to the right place. Check our finds below!

If you are looking for more information on what are the types of shears and scissors, how to chose the best ones, and what to look for before buying these tools, check out our informative post about Best Garden Scissors And Shears.

Best Hand-Picked Gardening Books Deals On Amazon

I myself started gardening not too long ago. I think my early success happened thanks gardening books I read. Here, I found several great books that are on sale right now! Whether you want to grow better flowers or vegetables or herbs - you can find books on any of these topics!

If you need help with choosing the best gardening book, check out our post about 15 of the best gardening books for beginners.

Hand-Picked Planting Supplies Deals On amazon

This is a section where I collected everything that is useful when doing gardening: from gloves to seedling propagation aid to plant stakes.


If you want to buy a palm tree or two (or three!) for your backyard or for your home, the store RealPlamTrees might be exactly what you need. They offer a huge selection of palm trees for both outside and inside areas. Even if you live in cold hardiness zones (above 7!), you can find a tree for yourself. 

Palm Trees Store offers you 10% off all orders with the code taketenoff as well as discounts on some individual plants (such as Bamboo Palm tree, Areca Palm tree and more). Plus, they offer free shipping on 4 or more large palm trees (certain restrictions may apply - call them for details).

AbbaPatio sells all items backyard, patio, and garden: greenhouses, gazebos, umbrellas, porch swings, and more.

They have just launched pre-Black Friday sale and offers 20% off side-wide!

To obtain this deal, use the coupon sale20 at the checkout.

Counter-top Garden Kits Sale On

If you are looking for growing a herb garden right in your kitchen or a beautiful flowerbed on your bookshelf, then you should take a look at the offers by Aerogarden.

Basically, they offer automated hydroponic units that control everything your plants need, from nutrition to lighting. This helps your veggies or herbs (or anything you want to grow) to grow much faster than usual... and the units work great! 

Check the video below!

They are currently having a sale with 20-50% off - don't miss it! (an affiliate link)

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