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12 Blue Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas For A Lovely Christmas In Your Home

Hello Christmas! If you’re like me, you’ll probably be getting ready to start decorating your home and yard and putting up the tree. And I’m here to let you in on a secret – blue Christmas trees are all the rage this year! They’re funky yet absolutely gorgeous! 

Think you like the idea of a blue Christmas? Keep reading to learn more about my blue Christmas tree decorating ideas!

Blue Christmas Balls

You can still have a blue-themed Christmas without having to buy a new artificial blue tree. Even if you’ve got a traditional green or frosty white Christmas tree that’s in perfectly good condition at home, you don’t have to miss out on the “blue” fun.

That’s the great thing about the blue. It’s a “friendly” cool-toned color that’s easy to complement. 

An easy way to make the color blue stand out if you have a tree of another color is by going heavy on the blue decorations, particularly with blue Christmas balls. Depending on the shade of blue you opt for, you can definitely achieve classic, elegant and bold looks.

If you have a green Christmas tree, opt for a blend of green and blue Christmas balls for a subtle, blended in blue look or bold royal blue balls for a statement look. Another great option is to first cover your tree with big bows made out of net-like fabric. This type of material isn’t overpowering and it’ll add a good base for your blue Christmas balls to pop. 

Blue And White Christmas Tree

If you’re going for a bright, crisp and fresh vibe, a blue and white Christmas tree will give you just that! Blue is a cool-toned color, while white is neutral-toned. These colors complement each other really well and when you throw in a pop of silver, the result is pure elegance!

Once again, it really doesn’t matter if you have a green tree. You can still pull off this look! The key is to pick different textures and sizes of decorations for each color. This will help you create a good balance of color without your decorations being overpowering. 

In blue and white Christmas trees, the popular option is to have white decorations made out of a fabric-like material, such as tulle and net. Picture big white tulle bows or flowers and you won’t even need too many of them because of how large they are.

For your blue decorations, go for some that are smaller in size so you can spread them nicely throughout your tree, such as baubles, LED string lights and other ornaments. They don’t all have to be the same size – just as long as they’re smaller than the white pieces you’ve chosen.

For this scheme, you can also tweak the colors and substitute white with silver. Blue and silver Christmas tree decorating ideas are always out of this world!

Blue And Purple Christmas Tree

Blue and purple Christmas tree decoration ideas
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I am obsessed with this combo! Purple and blue are completely different shades but they have very similar tones, which is why they work so well together. If you’re going for fun and funky, this is the perfect color combo for you!

With these colors, I would recommend matching the depth of each color. For example, if you’re going with light blue, match it with a lighter shade of purple. And if you’re going with dark or navy blue, match it with a deep purple.

To tie it all in, throw in pops of silver or gold in there and you’ll be good to go!

Blue And Gold Christmas Tree

Now, this color combination is an absolute classic that screams sophistication! To get that perfect balance, match the intensities of the colors, just as you would for the blue and purple option. A deep navy blue Christmas tree would match beautifully with metallic gold, while a light, baby blue would pair best with white gold.

If you love the colors but would rather go for something a bit more casual, try tweaking the textures you use. Instead of the classic bows and ribbons, opt for feathers and funky-shaped ornaments. 

One of the reasons why I love the addition of gold as a pairing color is because it’s so easy to add in gold, even if you don’t have lots of gold-colored decorations. Just a string of gold LED lights does wonders!

Blue And Red Christmas Tree

Red and blue Christmas tree? Why not? These aren’t the most popular colors for Christmas tree decorations, and when we think of red, it’s usually better paired with green. But, in my opinion, this color combo could be a real hit if it’s done well!

If this color combo is peaking your interest, how about matching cherry red with a bright turquoise or teal? This achieves a more contemporary feel. A fire engine shade of red paired with royal blue would be great if you’re going for a nautical theme. It’s all about choosing the right shade!

Blue, Red And White Christmas Tree

Throw in white decorations amid bright red and blue ones, and you’ve got a winner! 

If you’re from the United States and you’d love to incorporate a red white blue Christmas tree into your festive theme, check out this color combo! White breaks up the deeper colors and ties the whole look together.

If you have a white Christmas tree (or if you plan on getting one this Christmas), pair it with similarly sized red and blue ornaments. The best part about this scheme on a white tree is that the color of the tree itself pretty much eliminates the need for a lot of decorations. A white, red and blue Christmas tree is so simple, yet so bright and beautiful!

Blue And Green Christmas Tree

Blue and green are both cool-toned colors, which is why they give off a very refreshing vibe when used together. If you’re not yet sold on this combo, don’t despair! There are a lot of options you can try out to make these colors work on a Christmas tree. 

For starters, a simple sprinkle of gold will tie it all in so beautifully. Also, play around with different shades of blue and green. You can choose from baby blue to royal blue and light green to emerald green, and I’m sure there’s definitely a perfect match for your Christmas tree.

However, when matching shades, don’t forget to stick to light colors only or deep colors only. Mixing light and dark may not be the best idea.

Blue and Pink Christmas Tree

This is definitely my personal favorite! I think these colors in a pink and blue Christmas tree complement each other perfectly, especially when paired with a white Christmas tree. Imagine a cerise pink and ocean blue combo – absolutely beautiful! 

Another trend that I’ve recently come across is pink Christmas trees. It may not be for everyone, but I think it’s such a wonderful idea because you really don’t have much decorating to do or need many decorations when you have a bright-colored tree.

Just pop on a couple of blue decorations and you’re good to go! The blue really pops with a pink background, so even if you have a traditional green Christmas tree, try to get larger pink decorations to emulate a bright background.

Miniature Blue Christmas Tree

These are just so cute! If you live in an apartment that doesn’t have much room for a large tree, these mini Christmas trees are great. These mini blue Christmas trees also help the colors of your decorations stand out a bit more just because of the size factor.

They’re so simple to decorate and don’t need much effort at all. Pair it with different shades of blue like cyan and royal blue, and add pops of silver and white to finish it off. Easy peasy, but oh so pretty!

An even simpler option would be to find a blue tree and wrap around wisps of silver ribbon or LED string lights around it.

A mini blue Christmas tree would also be a great addition to your front porch Christmas decorations.

Blue Nutcracker Christmas Tree

Are you on the fence between a blue Christmas and a Nutcracker-themed one? Well, what if I said you could have both?

The Nutcracker theme is so popular, and surprisingly, it’s so easy to incorporate blue into the theme. Besides blue Christmas tree decorations like baubles, ribbon, and tinsel, you can also get ornaments where the Nutcracker is wearing blue to really carry out your theme. And, if you’re struggling to get your hands on blue ones, how about DIYing them with a little paint job?

If you’re planning on shopping for decorations, check out this article on awesome Black Friday and Cyber Monday items to pick up on sale!

Blueberry Christmas Tree

If you’re going for a natural look this Christmas, you’ll love this blueberry Christmas tree! This theme celebrates the tree’s leaves and adds pops of color with hanging blueberry branches. The tiny blueberries aren’t meant to overpower the tree, but rather, to add texture and a beautiful blue color to complement it. 

Planning on hosting an outdoor winter party? These Christmas trees would look gorgeous out on the porch and even under a Christmas gazebo.

Rainbow Christmas Tree

I think I definitely saved the best for last with this one! Rainbow Christmas trees are so fun and unique! If you love bright colors and want to jazz up your Christmas tree this year, it would be a mistake to choose anything else! 

If you have a traditional green or white Christmas tree, you can use red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet baubles to create a pretty rainbow effect. The key to nailing this look is to layer each color starting from one end of the tree. I know it sounds like you’re going to need a ton of baubles, but the rainbow effect can also be achieved when they’re spaced out. 

Did you know you could also get a rainbow Christmas tree? Yes, you read that right! The tree branches are already rainbow-colored and require no decorations whatsoever.


What colors go with blue on a Christmas tree?

Silver and white go with blue on a Christmas tree. These colors compliment light blue really well and give off a bright and refreshing vibe.

What does a blue Christmas tree mean?

A blue Christmas tree doesn’t mean anything specific. It’s just a modern twist on traditional Christmas trees. The color blue is commonly known to symbolize divinity and it’s also known to be beneficial to the mind and body.

Is A Blue Christmas Tree In The Cards For You This Year?

Blue and white Christmas tree
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A blue Christmas tree is a very welcome twist on tradition. Making your own tweaks on Christmas trees of the past is very representative of new beginnings and I hope these unique ideas help you if you’re planning on starting a new tree tradition this Christmas.

What did you think about my 12 blue Christmas tree decorating ideas? Let me know in the comments below if you’re giving one of these a try. I’d love to hear from you!

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