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How To Change Snow Blower Tires: Follow Our Guide

If you find yourself depending on your snow blower to get you through the snowy winter season, you should learn how to change your own snow blower tires. 

As daunting as it sounds, it’s super easy to do and will save you the trouble of having to call a professional. Don’t forget you’ll be saving money, too!

Keep reading to find out how to change snow blower tires in just a couple of simple steps!

Changing Your Snow Blower Tires

Changing the wheel of snow blower

Snow blower tires are among the strongest and most durable tires out there, which is perfect seeing as they’re meant to plow across virtually any surface. They’re pretty much beasts of the yard machinery world and are used to carry out some heavy work so it’s understandable that there’d be wear and tear. 

Instead of chucking out the whole snow blower because you haven’t a clue what to do with those worn-out tires, how about replacing them yourself? By all means, chuck the snowblower out and get yourself a new one if it’s beyond repair, but if it’s fixable, giving it a go might be worth your while.

Here’s everything you’ll need to have on hand to change your wheeled snow blower, as well as steps on how to go about it!

What You Will Need

HIAORS 4.10-4 410-4 4.10/3.50-4 4.10x3.50-4 Tires with Inner Tube for Garden Rototiller Snow Blower Mowers Hand Truck Wheelbarrow Go Cart Kid ATV Generators Yard Trailers
  • A new set of snow blower tires
  • Safety goggles
  • Gloves
  • Plastic wrap
  • A wrench
  • Ratchet straps
  • Tire levers or spoon


  1. If you own a gas-powered snow blower, you’ll need to be careful not to spill out any gas.

    You can do this by covering the gas cap with a piece of plastic wrap.

  2. Turn your snow blower over so that it’s resting on its auger blades or on its side for easy access to the tires.

  3. Remove the punctured or faulty tire by pulling the black, rubber cap at the center of the tire.

  4. Release any remaining air in the tire by pushing in the tire valve.

  5. Use tire levers or a tire spoon to pull the bead off.

    Portland Design Works 3 Wrencho Tire Lever (Coated) , Black, Tire Lever/15mm Wrench

  6. You’ll notice a bolt beneath the rubber cap of the tire, which you will need to unscrew using a wrench.

  7. Remove the bolt.

    Image credit:

  8. Remove the washer beneath the bolt and the tire.

  9. Fit in your new tire, making sure it’s the perfect size.

  10. Fit in the washer and tighten the bolt over it.

  11. Put back the rubber cap over the bolt.

  12. Next, fasten your tire beads. You can do this by using ratchet straps.

    RHINO USA Ratchet Straps Tie Down Kit, 5,208 Break Strength - Includes (4) Heavy Duty Rachet Tiedowns with Padded Handles & Coated Chromoly S Hooks + (4) Soft Loop Tie-Downs

P.S. Don’t forget to check your owner’s manual to find out how much pressure your snow blower tires need to have before fitting them back into the snowblower.

You’ve Read All About It – Now It’s Time To Watch It In Action

I don’t know about you guys, but I always find it super helpful to watch a tutorial after reading up on something to help me understand it properly. If you’re like me, I’ve got your back with these videos depicting all things snowblower tire-changing-related!

Here’s a full tutorial by YouTube user donyboy73 on how to go about replacing your snow blower tires from start to finish:

YouTube player

If you’re interested in watching how to set your snow blower tire’s bead, this video by doublewide6 Repairs LLC has everything you need to know:

YouTube player

If your snowblower tires just need a little help and aren’t quite ready for a complete change, you might be interested in learning how to go about replacing snow blower tire tubes. Check out this video by Fixing It Blind:

YouTube player

How Will You Know When It’s Time For A Snow Blower Tire Change?

If you’re new to snow blower ownership and aren’t sure what signs you should keep in mind when observing the performance of your snow blower tires, don’t despair because here are a couple of the most common factors you’ll need to watch out for.

  • Flat tire – There’s a leak and the tire doesn’t hold any air.
  • Using tire sealant just doesn’t work anymore.
  • There are cracks in the rubber.


Do snowblower tires have tubes?

Some brands of snowblower tires have tubes. Inner tubes are used on tires that may have a leak around the bead but aren’t ready to be retired. You’ll need to be careful with these because the roughness of the tire may result in a puncture.

Can I put a tube in a tubeless snowblower tire?

You can put a tube in a tubeless tire. Adding in a tube will extend the life of the tire.

Now You Know How To Change Snow Blower Tires

Many people think that changing snow blower tires is too difficult and they would rather throw the whole thing away and get a new one rather than just change the tires. What a waste of a perfectly good snowblower!

I hope that my little guide helped you understand how to change snow blower tires and that you’re now feeling confident to do it yourself at home. The aim of my guide is to save you some cash that you would’ve otherwise spent on hiring a professional to do it for you (or on buying a brand new snow blower!)

Also, you can use the old tire to make some original decor for your backyard.

Please feel free to let me know your thoughts down below and share if you liked it. I would love to hear from you!

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