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How To Choose Best Shade Sails: 5 Shade Sails Reviews

Great book? Check. A cool drink? Check. Put your phone in airplane mode. It’s time to chill.
Spending time in your backyard is a chance to relax and chill. But what about the annoying sun rays? The strong sun can prevent you from enjoying your time the way you want to.
Picking the best shade sails allows you to transform your backyard to a cool refreshing spot regardless of the weather.

Investing in shade sails grants you the chance to enjoy your time comfortably.
You don’t have to worry about sunburns or headaches, especially when there are kids or elderlies involved.
If you need to find more information about the best shade sails on the market and how to pick the perfect product for your outdoor area, then you’ve come to the right place.

In A Ruch? Best Shade Sails At A Glance!

Are you in rush? Check our comparison table to see the products we will talk about here and what’s our favorite.

Petra's 26 Ft. X 20 Ft. Rectangle Sun Sail Shade. Durable Woven Outdoor Patio Fabric w/Up to 90% UV Protection. 26x20 Foot. (Desert Sand)
Petra's 26 Ft. X 20 Ft. Rectangle Sun Sail Shade. Durable Woven Outdoor Patio Fabric w/Up to 90% UV Protection. 26x20 Foot. (Desert Sand)
Petra's 26 Ft. X 20 Ft. Rectangle Sun Sail Shade. Durable Woven Outdoor Patio Fabric w/Up to 90% UV Protection. 26x20 Foot. (Desert Sand)
Petra's 26 Ft. X 20 Ft. Rectangle Sun Sail Shade. Durable Woven Outdoor Patio Fabric w/Up to 90% UV Protection. 26x20 Foot. (Desert Sand)

Why Should You Buy A Shade Sail?

As the temperature rises, your family and friends will be tempted to spend more time in the outdoors.

Nevertheless, you need to install some protection to make sure that everybody is safe.

Long exposure to the sun rays can cause skin burns, dehydration, headaches, and also increases the risk of skin cancer. This is why you need to buy shade sails that will add an aesthetic value to your backyard and keep everybody cool and comfortable. Here are some reasons why you should invest in high-quality sails:

  • High-quality sails come in different styles and models. You can choose a model that complements the look of your outdoor furniture or even combine several ones to increase the ornamental value of your outdoor area.
  • In addition to sun protection, they keep the area cool. You won’t need outdoor fans if you are hosting a BBQ dinner or a brunch because your area will be protected from the sun heat.
  • Shade sails are versatile. They can be installed around the pool area, in the patio, or backyard.
  • They are easy to install and maintain. Good sails will also last for a long time because they are made of durable fabric.
  • Sun sails or shade sails are practical to use and store. You can easily unclip yours and store it away if you need to install it elsewhere or don’t feel like you need it anymore.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Shade Sail

You can plan a lot of fun events once you install the best shade sails with the right outdoor furniture.

It is the perfect spot to invite friends over or host your kid’s birthday party. However, you need a practical product that adds aesthetic value and provides comfort and protection to your backyard or patio, otherwise, your guests won’t be comfortable. So how can you buy the best shade sail to install in your patio or backyard?

First of all, you need to consider the layout of the available area and think of all the things that you want to do. Strategically placing your sail will allow you to make the best use of the available area in the backyard. Remember that the shade moves throughout the day and this is why you need to study the layout of your outdoor area based on the times when you will most likely use it.

Next, you have to make sure that your fabric is durable. The fabric is usually mesh-like or woven to provide some breathability. This will keep the area cool and will allow you to host different casual and formal events in your outdoor area. Make sure that you maintain your sails properly, so they are always ready for use.

In most cases, you won’t need to get a permit to install shade sails in your backyard or patio, but you might need to ask for professional help.

This is especially true if your sail is rather big and heavy. If you don’t have any existing installment points, a professional will install posts to support your sail and guarantee that it will stay stable for a long time. Check for the proper installment requirements to avoid legal issues and fines.

Although shade sails are amazing, they have a few risks.

They won’t withstand strong storms unless the poles are extremely sturdy. During heavy rain, the fabric might sag due to excessive water accumulation. If you can’t store your sails, you need to fold and tie them properly to make sure that they won’t get affected by the extreme weather.

Take a look to see how to install a shade sail.

How To Choose The Best Shade Sail?

So what are the features that you need to look out for? Here are the top ones we think you should pay attention to:

UV Protection

Different fabrics provide different degrees of sun protection. If you are installing shade sails to create a safe area where your kids can play, you need to pick a fabric that blocks all the harmful UV rays. If you are most likely going to need your sail in the early morning or late afternoon, the UV rays won’t be as strong. You can get away with a fabric that provides less protection.

Permanent Or Not

Are you looking for something that you can always have in your backyard? Permanent shades have to be sturdy and durable to withstand the wind. Some models can be moved and transported wherever you need them. You can install them in different areas or store them when they are not needed.

Size And Colors

In addition to being extremely useful, shade sails actually enhance your yard’s overall look. You have a variety of colors and sizes to pick from. You can choose a solid color that complements the look of your patio furniture or pick a cool fun pattern to make a statement.

Our Special Shade Sails Review

There are quite a few different models of sun sails available on the market today.

In our special shade sail review, we examined some of the top-selling products. Studying the pros and cons of each one allows you to choose the one that suits your needs.

Petra’s 26 Ft. X 20 Ft. Rectangle Sun Sail Shade

If you are looking for a durable sail that will provide amazing protection, then you need to check this one out. The high-density polyethylene woven fabric will block almost 90% of the UV rays to keep your outdoor area cool.

The shade comes in different colors and sizes to suit various areas and purposes.

Its mesh-like material provides adequate protection from the sun rays while keeping the area cool. Thanks to that, you won’t feel extremely hot sitting under the shade of this sail because it is extremely breathable and allows for good ventilation, contrary to heavy fabrics.

The shade is made of durable fabric that won’t sag and is designed to withstand the elements. It can be easily cleaned using water and a regular detergent to keep your sail ready for use.

The D rings that come with the shade are made of steel. They allow you to control the fabric tension for the best protection in sunny hot weather.

Keep in mind the shade is not very easy to install. You will take some time in order to make sure that is properly tensioned so that it doesn’t sag or tear. Also, you will have to spend some money to install galvanized poles or posts to support the weight of the sails.

Also, note that its fabric tends to stretch with time. You will have to inspect it regularly to keep it taut.


  • Mesh-like material for adequate protection from the sun
  • Mesh-like material  for adequate protection from the sun
  • The fabric prevents the water from pooling after the rain
  • Made of durable fabric that won’t sag
  • Rings made of steel
  • Can be attached to poles, fences, trees or patio columns


  • Not very easy to install
  • Needs galvanized poles or posts to support its weight
  • Fabric tends to stretch with time

Cool Area Rectangle 13′ X 19’8” Sun Shade Sail With Stainless Steel Hardware Kit

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This shade is made using highly durable fabric with a strong stitched seam that provides the best protection. This fabric is designed to block 90% of the harmful sun rays but will not tear or sag with exposure to the strong wind. It is the ideal sail to use to create a comfortable kids’ area because it is breathable and causes a significant reduction in temperature.

The shade is made of high-quality fabric that is resistant to tear, stains, mold, and mildew. This allows your outdoor area to always be comfortable and healthy where everyone can enjoy the fresh clean air.

When it comes to installation, this shade sail is lightweight and is very easy to install. The D rings are made of sturdy steel and will keep the fabric taut to provide the best protection. If you install it outside of the window next to your house wall, it can lower the temperature in your house and allow you to save on the energy bill. Since its design is versatile, the shade can be used anywhere you like.

The fabric comes in different colors that won’t fade after long exposure to the sun rays. Moreover, it is easy to clean and maintain.

Also, the fabric allows the water to pass and prevents the pooling in light rain showers. This keeps the fabric taut and protects it from sagging.

The shade is rather lightweight; however, because of that, it may not withstand extreme weather conditions and should be put down before a storm.

Another thing to keep in mind that the sides of the fabric are rather curvy and might reduce the area of the shade provided.

Still, the shade is more affordable than other models on the market.


  • Fabric is resistant to tear, stains, mold, mildew
  • Easy to install
  • D rings made of steel
  • Comes in versatile design and different colors
  • Colors are fade resistant
  • Fabric allows the water to pass
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install


  • Has curvy sides so the area of the shade provided might be smaller than expected
  • May not withstand well extreme weather conditions

Windscreen4less 14′ X 14′ Sun Shade Sail Square Canopy In Beige

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This shade sail is rather small but comes in great colors that can complement any décor or theme.

It can be used in the patio or the driveway to provide the shade while blocking 95% of the harmful sun rays. The high-density polyethylene fabric provides better breathability to keep you comfortable while enjoying the shade.

The shade can be installed and hung easily thanks to the D ring design and ropes. It may take you just a few minutes to create shade in your outdoor area.

Worrying about rain? No need if the rain is not heavy; the water goes through the material, so it won’t sag if it is exposed to light rain showers.

The shade is made of durable fabric that comes in different shades, colors, and patterns giving you a lot of options to choose the perfect one for your outdoor area.

The fabric allows for good ventilation and better breathability so you can enjoy your time to the maximum.

However, keep in mind that the sail isn’t that big so it doesn’t provide enough shade in a big area. You might need to install 2 sails to cover your entire backyard.

It also needs to be regularly stretched because it sags over time. Excessive sagging can break the poles that secure the sails in place, so you have to check the shade sails regularly.

This product is rather expensive.


  • Easy installation thanks to D ring design and ropes
  • Material allows water to go through the material to prevent sagging
  • Comes in different shades and colors
  • Keeps the area cool while providing optimum protection from the sun rays


  • This product is rather expensive.
  • The sail isn’t that big so you might need to install 2 sails to bigger areas
  • Needs to be regularly stretched because it sags over time

So, Which Shade Sail Is The Best?

So which shade sail is the best? After studying several products, I recommend the No products found.

It is very well-made and comes in a suitable size that provides enough shade in your outdoor area. It is very good value for the money and comes in 3 different colors that can complement any décor. The product’s fabric is resistant to mildew and mold, and this helps it stand out. It will provide the best protection from the sun rays and won’t sag or stretch with time.

Now, you can easily call yourself a shade sails expert.

You know all the important features that you should look out for, in addition to the pros and cons of the best-selling products on the market. Now you can pick the best shade sails and enjoy the views.

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