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7 Popular Outdoor Christmas Decorations You Need To Install Now

Christmas is a season of merriment, celebration, and togetherness. It’s that time of the year that almost everyone looks forward to it.

However, the festivities can never be complete without indoor and outdoor Christmas decorations.

Although most people focus on indoors, there are various Christmas decorations ideas for the outdoors, which you can consider and make the season worthwhile. Besides, Christmas is never about being conventional; it’s about fresh ideas that can brighten up loved ones in a different way.

Check out these unique outdoor Christmas decorations ideas. Since Black Friday is coming, some of them have already gone on sale! Check our page with Black Friday Cyber Monday Christmas Yard Decorations and Inflatables to see which ones are.

Outdoor fireplace in your garden

Fireplaces are great Christmas decorations ideas for outdoors. If you wish to have a Christmas dinner party, an outdoor fireplace will come in handy. A fireplace is a unique way to not only make your patio more beautiful but also warm up your space. Evenings are generally crispy despite bouts of the sun during the day. Besides, you don’t want your guests to wear mittens on Christmas Day!

As such, have your outdoor fireplace ready for the special day; this way, your guest will be warm enough. There are various types of fireplace designs to pick from but opt for one that excellently compliments the style of your garden.

Some fire insert types, for example, the Comfort Smart 23 inch insert enables your guests to recline in a warm and cozy space even in those cold nights. It comes with different heat settings, and this will ensure the right temperature which is excellent for your Christmas mood. Moreover, with this insert, you never have to deal with wood or gas shortage on Christmas Day.

You can also consider using a fire pit – it will make a great setting for an outdoor winter party!

fire pit and grilling s'mores
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Battery operated decorations

These are inspired outdoor decorations that don’t last long but are a great way to cheer up your guests. They are gorgeous and come in different forms.

For instance, Santa Claus swinging both hands, bowing up and down, adorable angels with twinkling stars that disappear after a short time. On these Hanging Glowing Santa Hats that can can change lights and even sing songs!

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However, these decorations look better when placed on front doors or porches. Why? They are not durable, especially in snowy weather. Check our post about winter front porch decor ideas to get inspired!

Santa Claus works wonders!

What is a better way to celebrate Christmas than having a Santa Claus in your yard?

Position a big Santa Claus in your garden and grab the attention of loved ones, neighbors, and guests. However, use durable materials, and this ensures that your Santa Claus can withstand harsh weather.

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Lighted wire frames

If you wish to have more classical lighted decorations, consider the fashionable light wire frames. These consist of a wire frame embellished with numerous white lights that outline their shape. For example, strands of Christmas lights are popular Christmas decorations.

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Although most people wrap them around the Christmas tree, you can use them to decorate your doorway as well as shrubs and trees in your yard. Just fasten the lights to pre-formed stands.

They are unique and are a great way to give your outdoor that Christmas feel; for best results, pick different shapes ranging from Santa, reindeer or angels.

a lighted angel statue in front of a tall Christmas tree

You can as well use homemade outdoor Christmas light decorations or look for toy trains to give your garden an innovative look.

Hang angels on branches, and this will give your front yard a heavenly touch. However, remember to use soft lights to decorate the trees and shrubs in your garden.

Fiberglass lighted decorations

Fiberglass lighted decorations are also great for outdoors. They come in different shapes like reindeer or Santa, and the most popular are the reindeer inflatables. These come in medium sizes with lights woven into a wire. For lovers of technology, this type of decorations is designed uniquely.

Once you plug them in, the neck of the reindeer moves in different directions, making it look as if it’s feeding on your lawn! Fireglass decorations are also Biblical and are available in all shapes and sizes.

 Some of the typical characters are:

  • The three wise men
  • Shepherds
  • Angels
  • Candy canes
  • Santa

and many more.

Use ones that you can easily lit from within to illuminate your outdoor area.

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Inflatable yard decorations

 Inflatable decorations are popular Christmas decorations for outdoors.

Besides, you can never go wrong with inflatable Christmas yard decorations; kids fancy them and come in various shapes and sizes. Such an idea is unique and will add a touch of sophistication and class to your outdoor décor. Besides, they are easy to use, and you can keep them for the next Christmas season.

Santa Claus and a snow man inflatable decoration

A Christmas tree is a great idea!

Although most people use Christmas trees for the indoors, they can be a great way to beautify your outdoor space.

Acquire a big one this Christmas, have it lit, and positioned in front of your house or next to your gazebo. This way, you will cheer up everyone for the season. Decorate your tree with unique personalized hangings, and the best outdoor Christmas lights for that unique touch.

huge Christmas tree behind a Gazebo

If you have a long front walkway leading to your house, add small Christmas trees on both sides of the sidewalk.

Light them up accordingly, and this shouldn’t be a problem since Christmas trees come in different shapes and sizes. This way, you not only spread the merry mood throughout your home but also cheerily invite your guests. More so, place one in your yard and remember to light it at night.

Take away

Decorating your outdoors for the Christmas season can be fun. Besides, outdoor Christmas decorations send out warm vibes to neighbors and guests.

Make this Christmas different by trying unique Christmas decorations. Use some of the above unique Christmas decorations ideas for outdoors and transform the way your guests and loved ones celebrate.

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