Making a front door swag? Wait till you see this excellent Christmas decoration video!

Are you looking to decorate your front door or porch this Christmas?

Maybe you are interested in a fun DIY project to do either on your own or with kids, to give a lovely authentic look to your door and celebrate the winter months.

This video is a brilliant example of exactly how to make a swag for your front door and doesn’t require a huge amount of resources or even time. Jennifer Decorates has some wonderful resources on her channel, and this follows on excellently from some of the DIY winter party ideas we’ve recently featured on the site.

Not only does she show you how to create an outdoor swag, but Jennifer’s tips on creating a bow can also be useful for other Christmas decorations or even wrapping up your presence as the big day approaches. Just look at the size of the pines on that tree! Even if you can’t get such a stunning branch, you can still make a stunning decoration.

Be sure to watch this video all the way to the end and pay attention to how Jennifer hangs the decoration under a lantern to ensure it is seen even in the long winter evenings.

This is even part of a series so if you catch the winter decorating bug you can follow her other tips as well as the other outdoor winter ideas featured on her channel.

You should do at the end of November. This way, your porch will be ready for an outdoor party in December!

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