Christmas Gazebo: 14 Awesome Ideas To Inspire You

Are you looking to create a stunning Christmas gazebo? Hoping to decorate one of your already existing gazebos to get it ready for the holiday season? 

A festive gazebo can be a great place to spend some time during the winter. I wanted to show my readers that decorating your gazebo can be a great way to celebrate the holidays. 

Getting curious? Keep reading to see my top picks of gorgeous Christmas gazebos.

With A Christmas Tree Inside

A Festive Centerpiece

Christmas tree in a gazebo centerpiece #gazebo #christmas #gazeboideas #winter #garland #christmasTree

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Not only is this a huge gazebo covered in Christmas decorations, it includes a festively decorated tree, right in the middle! 

If you’ve got the room for such a striking tree in your gazebo, it will look like something straight out of Home Alone! I bet those Christmas lights look great at night. 

Classy And Simple

Christmas tree in then gazebo with no ornaments #gazebo #christmas #gazeboideas #winter #garland #christmasTree

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This idea shows that a Christmas tree can look amazing without ornaments. 

The lovely green tones of the tree are preserved here and cut through the snowy white of the gazebo. A sheltered Christmas tree like this could look equally good in a pavilion. Here you can find more ideas about how to set up an outdoor pavilion.

Create A Snowy Paradise

Christmas tree in a gazebo decorated with a simple lights #gazebo #christmas #gazeboideas #winter #garland #christmasLights #outdoorLights #stringLights #christmasTree

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All this white snow makes me feel so Christmassy! If you’re lucky enough to live in an area where it snows, consider getting rid of your gazebo cover and letting that lovely snow drift in! If you never heard of a gazebo cover, read this A Nest With A Yard review.

The simple lights here give a warm glow and make for a gorgeous decor option.

Or A Santa’s Grotto

north pole theme gazebo Christmas decorations #gazebo #christmas #gazeboideas #winter #garland #christmasLights #outdoorLights #stringLights #christmasTree

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This idea is especially fun if you have kids. If you love to decorate at Christmas, an outdoor hardtop gazebo can be the perfect spot for Santa’s grotto. This one even has Santa Claus inside! If you don't have a hardtop gazebo but have been always dreaming of buying one, read our review.

This is a great way to use up any decorations you don’t have room for in the house.

A Beacon Of Light

well lighted gazebo with a Christmas tree centerpiece #gazebo #christmas #gazeboideas #winter #garland #christmasLights #outdoorLights #stringLights #christmasTree

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All these lights can be seen from a mile away! They look like a welcoming festive beacon and stand out, even if you’re enjoying them from inside your home. There’s also plenty of room in this gazebo for a Christmas gathering or winter party. For the party, you can set up a food station right outside the gazebo and put benches inside to organize a resting area there.

Lit To The Top

A Winter Wonderland

green, red and gold theme for a gazebo Christmas decors #gazebo #christmas #gazeboideas #winter #garland #christmasLights #outdoorLights #stringLights #christmasTree

This is so fantastic! Look at all the colors and the loads of bright lights that go all the way up to the top. I love the red, green, and gold combo -- it just says “Christmas” to me. What an awesome setting for entertaining guests or relaxing this Christmas with some hot drinks.

Lights And Garlands

gazebo decorated with garlands, Christmas tree and a simple lighting #gazebo #christmas #gazeboideas #winter #garland #christmasLights #outdoorLights #stringLights #christmasTree

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The string lights up to the top and the garlands surrounding this gazebo give it a classy and simple look. This idea is probably a lot simpler to set up than some of the other, more ambitious lighting ideas on my list, too.

Of course, some snow helps this look even more impressive.

Lights That Sparkle

Gazebo with lovely lights #gazebo #christmas #gazeboideas #winter #garland #christmasLights #outdoorLights #stringLights #christmasTree

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This lovely design is shown in gif format so you can see the sparkle of the lights. It’s lovely to have a warm glow and a little bit of movement in your lighting. Another beautiful gazebo lighting setup.

A Christmas Tree Outside

A Rustic Seating Area

big Christmas tree beside the gazebo and the out door space lighted with Christmas lights #gazebo #christmas #gazeboideas #winter #garland #christmasLights #outdoorLights #stringLights #christmasTree

Look at this beautiful pavilion area. Having the Christmas tree outside the gazebo means it can be much bigger. It also leaves more space for a rustic seating area, great for relaxing and enjoying the crisp winter air. Just bundle up!

A Tree Draped In Decorations

Outdoor Christmas tree beside a gazebo and both are decorated with red garland and Christmas lights #gazebo #christmas #gazeboideas #winter #garland #christmasLights #outdoorLights #stringLights #christmasTree

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This is a gorgeous and grand outdoor tree. It’s huge and draped in a beautiful red garland, which ties it together with the gazebo decor. This scene has such a beautiful, warm, and festive glow.

Go Gigantic

a huge Christmas tree behind a gazebo #gazebo #christmas #gazeboideas #winter #garland #christmasLights #outdoorLights #stringLights #christmasTree

Not having to fit the tree inside your gazebo means you don’t have a limit on size. 

Look at this beautiful tree! It was probably a lot of work to put this together, but this scene looks like something out of a Christmas market and the whole neighborhood can enjoy it.

Simple Gazebos With No Tree At All

Light The Way

simple lighting for a gazebo #gazebo #christmas #gazeboideas #winter #garland #christmasLights #outdoorLights #stringLights

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Beautiful and simple lighting creates a stunning spot for outdoor entertaining in winter. This gazebo uses Christmas lights for a simple but effective design. 

Add A Little Bit Of Sparkle

LED lights draped around the gazebo #gazebo #christmas #gazeboideas #winter #garland #christmasLights #outdoorLights #stringLights

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This design looks like it could be one of the simplest on my list. Here, some sparkling, small LED lights are draped around the outside of a gazebo. This makes for a lovely Christmassy look without a huge amount of setup.

Get Creative With Wreaths

The snow helps make this scene so beautiful, but I also love the simple and creative use of wreaths here. By hanging them in the gaps on the gazebo, it creates a beautiful, classy, and symmetrical look. This also doesn’t look like it would be too painstaking to create. 

Wrapping Up: The Best Christmas Gazebo Ideas

Have these Christmas gazebo ideas got you excited for the festive period? I wanted to share some of the design inspiration I found for my own backyard gazebo.

If you enjoyed my post, why not share with your friends to get their Christmas decor ideas flowing?

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