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10 Ultimate Do’s and Don’ts of Bathroom Renovations

Renovating a bathroom can result in a much more dramatic transformation than you would see in other rooms.

But it’s also one of the most difficult rooms to renovate.

After all, you must consider functionality, aesthetics, and even regulations. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 10 ultimate do’s and don’ts of bathroom renovations so that yours runs as smoothly as possible.

Do budget in advance

According to HomeAdvisor, the average bathroom renovation costs $9,614. That’s a considerable cost! And the thing is, bathroom remodels can sometimes result in less than pleasant surprises, so if you haven’t set a clear budget to start with, things can get out of hand quickly.

You don’t want to end up making compromises because you didn’t budget properly.

Be sure to price all the new fixtures you want, materials you’ll need, factor in trades, and don’t forget about the costs of demolition works and disposal of waste.

Do research and comply with regulations

It’s crucial to check the building codes for your local area to determine the legal layout, ventilation, electrical and plumbing requirements, as well as any permits you might need. This will help you understand what components of the renovation must be undertaken by licensed trades. Water damage is no joke.

Do allow for enough storage

We all know that bathrooms are usually the smallest rooms in the house. That means limited storage is a common problem. If you’re renovating, don’t forget to factor in storage from the beginning, so that your new bathroom is functional as well as beautiful. After all, you don’t want your stunning new countertop cluttered with products.

Do find ways to make the most of a small space

Large mirrors and lighter, cooler colors can really help to create a space that feels more open. Making sure your bathroom has good natural light, as well adequate electrical lighting will go a long way to enhancing the space as well. Consider clear shower glass, rather than frosted, to open up the room.

Do select water-friendly surfaces

Before you get carried away imagining a bathroom filled with natural-looking materials, let’s not forget that it is a wet area. While timber is beautiful it doesn’t hold up well to water.

Porcelain tiles are the best choice for floors, especially if you ensure your choice is slip-resistant. Granite and marble are two of the most popular choices for bathroom countertops – not only are they water-resistant, but they are easy to clean too.

Don’t move pipework unless you must

Moving fixtures is one of the most significant costs of a bathroom renovation, and you will need a professional plumber to do this.

If you’re still happy with the layout of your bathroom, but want to update aesthetics, it’s best to just replace fixtures like the toilet and sink, rather than move them.

Don’t forget about water efficiency

Although bathroom fixtures are more water-efficient than they once were, if you intend to splash out from faucets and showerheads, your water usage will certainly increase.

Being water efficient is not only good for your wallet, but important for the environment, too.

Apart from being conscious of water usage while showering, you can try a handheld shower head. By being able to direct the water stream exactly where you want it to be will help with preserving water!

Don’t buy cheap tapware

Just updating the bathroom tapware can make a substantial difference to the look of your bathroom. But, even if you’re doing a full bathroom renovation, we don’t believe you should scrimp and buy the cheapest ones.

You see, quality tap fittings will last much longer and will be more reliable too. We’d hate to see your lovingly renovated bathroom suffer from water damage, all because the tapware let you down.

Don’t take on DIY tasks you can’t handle

It’s a DIYer’s downfall to overestimate the time you can commit and the quality you can achieve. Taking on tasks that are beyond your abilities can end up costing you more in the long run. We’re not trying to deter you – just emphasizing the need to be prepared and know your limits.

Don’t get carried away with trends

A combination of classic and contemporary features is ideal for a bathroom. Trends come and go, so if you let them heavily influence your bathroom, you’ll find it looks dated much sooner than you’d like. Keep things looking fresh – you can always add bold splashes of color, pattern or texture in temporary décor items like towels.

Final Words

So, whether you’re going to DIY or hire qualified trades to do the work, make sure you do your research, make smart decisions and think long-term for your bathroom renovation.

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