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35 Amazing Easter Porch Decorating Ideas For Your Spring Inspiration

How can you get your house ready for Easter? By using my list of 35 amazing Easter porch decorating ideas for your inspiration, you can start transforming your home without breaking the bank.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to redecorate your house for a special occasion. It’s all about mixing and matching the right elements while expressing your taste.

Planter Arrangements

Colorful Plants To Welcome Your Guests

Easter Planter arrangement on a porch #easter #backyardporch #porchIdeas #frontDoorDecor #frontDoorWreaths #frontDoorWreath

Ditch the dark colors of winter and add a splash of color at the front door to welcome your guests. This bright combination of purple, orange, and pink will bring joy to anyone who comes near your house.

Complement the warmth of this display with an innovative bouquet made of carrots and ribbons. Emphasize the spirit of Easter with a bunny placed in a glass lantern.

Yellow Flowers And Pastel Colors

Easter Planter arrangement on a porch #easter #backyardporch #porchIdeas #frontDoorDecor
Image credit:

Pastel colors also work, as they bring warmth and happiness to your front door after the cold, dark winter. Mixing and matching various elements in a plant pot is an excellent idea for front porch Easter decorations.

Pastel Easter eggs and smaller branches with colorful eggs look cheerful without being too overwhelming. The combination of shapes and colors is exciting and you can customize the arrangement by picking the colors you prefer. 

There are more inspirational ideas available at you can check out.

The More, The Merrier

Easter Planter arrangement on a porch #easter #backyardporch #porchIdeas #frontDoorDecor
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Easter is all about fun and creativity. Don’t hesitate to add more color to your porch, as it will bring more happiness.

Adding colorful pots, bright ribbons, and a cozy cushion will create the perfect front area. If you want to see more, head to to get inspired.

Create A Special Christmas Tree

Easter Planter arrangement on a porch #easter #backyardporch #porchIdeas #frontDoorDecor
Image credit:

Just because winter is over, doesn’t mean you can’t pay homage to Christmas. This unique fern can be quickly transformed into a special Christmas tree by adding a few pastel-colored Easter eggs

Keep it on your porch to welcome guests. Add a piece of foam to support your plant and attach the pastel-colored eggs of your choice. Turn your Christmas tree into an Easter tree!

Big Pot For A Small Porch

Easter Planter arrangement on a porch #easter #backyardporch #porchIdeas #frontDoorDecor

Creatively redecorating your small porch is possible by adding a big pot. You can add a combination of fake plants, ribbons, flowers, and a few Easter eggs on twigs. Add more items to your big pot and you won’t go wrong. 

Simple Easter-Inspired Pot

Easter Planter arrangement on a porch #easter #backyardporch #porchIdeas #frontDoorDecor

If you’re on a tight budget or don’t have much time, you can still transform your porch to welcome Easter, using a few elements. Fill a plant pot with foam and glue and put some fake grass on top.

Next, attach a big, brightly colored foam egg to a stick and stick it into the foam. Complement the look with a ribbon to welcome your guests. This can be a cool project to do with your kids.

Flowers And Eggs Go Perfectly Together

One flower bed is enough to transform your porch. Add a few Easter-related items and you’re good to go for the holiday.

A nest made of straw is the perfect spot to place your foam Easter eggs. The combination of various flowers brings joy and happiness to everyone who sees your porch.

Add Love With The Easter Bunny

Image credit:

Use the plant pots you already have to give your porch a new look. All you need is a bunny outline that you can find online. Draw it on foam and cut it out.

Pick a color inspired by the flowers in your pot and don’t forget to add the nose and eyes. Tie a ribbon around Mr. Bunny’s neck and listen to the giggles of your little ones. You can find more cool ideas at that you can do with your kids.

Flower Wreath And Spring Banner

Easter Planter arrangement with a wreath on a porch #easter #backyardporch #porchIdeas #frontDoorDecor #frontDoorWreaths #frontDoorWreath
Image credit:

Take a look at your attic or basement and you’ll be surprised at the things you can recycle for Easter. A flower wreath reminds your guests that spring is here. If you can’t find a suitable pot, display some fake flowers in an old rainboot.

Head to the flower shop and get a grass Easter bunny to add as a welcoming centerpiece. Combining several elements will bring more joy. See how several items can be mixed at

Fewer Colors Speak Volumes

Easter Planter arrangement with a wreath on a porch #easter #backyardporch #porchIdeas #frontDoorDecor #frontDoorWreaths #frontDoorWreath
Image credit:

If you’re a minimalist, you can still transform your porch by adding a simple flower wreath to the front door. Consider painting your front door using a bright color, like yellow, to welcome the warm days of spring

There are lots of exciting ideas you can check out at, so take your time to go through them.

Farmhouse Chic

Rustic Easter Decor

Farmhouse chic for your Easter porch #farmhouse #easter #backyardporch #porchIdeas #frontDoorDecor #frontDoorWreaths #frontDoorWreath
Image credit:

Let your front door and porch do all the talking by adding a few pastel Easter eggs. These are made of foam and can be a fun DIY project with your family, or you can buy them for a low price.

The silver twigs in the pot add extra magic and elegance to your home. Keep a fake plant wreath on the front door to remind everyone that the cold days of winter are over. Take a look at how it’s done at

A Vintage Egg Basket With White Tulips

Farmhouse chic for your Easter porch #farmhouse #easter #backyardporch #porchIdeas #frontDoorDecor
Image credit:

Using the decorative items you already have, you can transform the look of your porch. Farm-inspired items, like galvanized buckets, are easy and practical, especially if you’re on a tight budget.

Add some fake tulips and then fill a vintage basket with fake eggs to make sure that your front area is Easter-ready without spending a lot. Check out to start decorating your porch now.

Tin And Flowers Work Well Together

Farmhouse chic for your Easter porch #farmhouse #easter #backyardporch #porchIdeas #frontDoorDecor
Image credit:

Sticking to farm-inspired elements for your Easter porch decorations is an affordable and easy way to redecorate your front area. Tins make perfect plant pots and you can fill them with foam and add twigs, plants, and flowers, according to your preferences.

If you feel that your porch lacks color, put some fake carrots in a glass jar, as they add the needed brightness. 

Don’t forget to complement the look with a plastic or porcelain Easter bunny. There are similar cool ideas at, so don’t forget to take a look.

Recycling Old Decorations

Farmhouse chic for your Easter porch #farmhouse #easter #backyardporch #porchIdeas #frontDoorDecor
Image credit:

Your attic or basement could be home to fantastic decorative items that you’ve inherited from your parents or simply forgot about.

A weathered antique chair is a perfect centerpiece for your new Easter-inspired corner. Arrange a few old unused pots and don’t forget to add a spring banner.

Don’t worry if your Easter bunny looks old. It only shows that it has been showing love to your family for a long time. See how old decorations can be used at

Flowers In A Vintage Watering Can

Farmhouse chic for your Easter porch #farmhouse #easter #backyardporch #porchIdeas #frontDoorDecor
Image credit:

It’s time to put your vintage watering can to some use. Use it as an innovative plant pot by adding a few fake flowers.

A vintage wooden box can be renewed using fresh paint. Pastel-colored Easter eggs will complete the picture. If you can’t find a classic Easter bunny, a stuffed one will do. See how to transform your porch at

A Flowery Wooden Plate

Farmhouse chic for your Easter porch #farmhouse #easter #backyardporch #porchIdeas #frontDoorDecor
Image credit:

Redecorating your porch for the summer doesn’t have to involve Easter eggs if you’re not a big fan of them. An old wooden board can be used as a cool frame for colorful flowers.

Get a piece of hessian cloth to make pockets and add your flowers and plants to complement the elegant, rustic look. Stick to two or three calm colors and don’t forget to add a few bright green branches. 

At, you can find more amazing ideas.

Get Crazy With Color

Farmhouse chic for your Easter porch #farmhouse #easter #backyardporch #porchIdeas #frontDoorDecor #frontDoorWreaths #frontDoorWreath

Redecorating your porch doesn’t mean you have to stick to a strict palette. Let the sky be the limit, as you mix and match various items of different colors.

Stick a few foam Easter eggs to an old grass wreath to give it a new look. If you have an old unused bench, use it as a display for your Easter decorations, like a classic bunny.

A galvanized bucket is an excellent plant pot, once you fill it with foam, stick in some fake grass, and add some bright Easter eggs on top.

DIY Easter Rabbit

Wood And Cloth Rabbit Project

You don’t have to be a professional artist to make a DIY rabbit for your porch. Get logs and cut them into equal pieces. Color them according to your preferences, but try to pick bright light colors that suit the mood.

Use a piece of white felt to make the fluffy ears and add a ribbon on top. Draw the eyes using sharpies and add a heart cutout as the nose.

Your log bunny can sit on the stairs or next to the front door to welcome your guests for Easter brunch. There are other interesting ideas at

Simple Wood Bunny Cutout

DIY Easter rabbit - do it with kids! #diy #easter #backyardporch #porchIdeas #frontDoorDecor

Let’s face it — some people aren’t good at drawing and painting. Don’t worry! You can make a wooden cutout using an online outline. Download the outline and cut a thin wooden board into the shape of an Easter Bunny.

Forget about coloring the rabbit, because the natural color of the wood will blend beautifully with the rest of your porch and lawn.

DIY Easter Welcoming Board

DIY Easter rabbit - do it with kids! #diy #easter #backyardporch #porchIdeas #frontDoorDecor
Image credit:

If you’re not sure about how to redecorate your porch for Easter, you can try to combine a bunch of Easter-inspired elements. Put a giant foam Easter egg in a galvanized bucket and ask your kids to color an Easter welcoming note.

Old porcelain vases can be transformed into new Easter bunnies by sticking in a few dry twigs and drawing the eyes and nose. Use foam to make the ears and you’ll have unique decorations that can last for years. Check out for interesting DIY ideas.

Old Wooden Planks Easter Transformation

DIY Easter rabbit - do it with kids! #diy #easter #backyardporch #porchIdeas #frontDoorDecor
Image credit:

Stay simple with this DIY Easter bunny. Old wooden planks can be cut using an online outline. Add a ribbon to compliment the look without spending a lot of cash. Make sure that you’ve stuck it securely to a piece of wood or foam to keep it stable.

To make your porch Easter-ready, don’t forget to add a plant pot to the scene. Fake plants require no maintenance and will look good throughout summer. At, there are more exciting ideas you can try.

Choose Colored Cardboard

DIY Easter rabbit - do it with kids! #diy #easter #backyardporch #porchIdeas #frontDoorDecor
Image credit:

Picking the right material for your DIY project can save you a lot of time and effort. To make your Easter bunny, choose colorful cardboard that requires no extra work.

Add a few colorful ribbons to make it extra-bright. You can keep the rabbit standing by sticking it to a wooden stand or gluing it to the wall like it’s done at

Spice Up Your Space With A Cloth Easter Bunny

DIY Easter rabbit - do it with kids! #diy #easter #backyardporch #porchIdeas #frontDoorDecor
Image credit:

Using recyclable materials and staying away from foam is a good choice. With a vintage piece of hessian cloth, you can prepare a bunny cut out and stick it to an unused chair.

Create your own welcoming note by sticking egg-shaped letters to a wooden board. To add a pop of color, attach a colorful ribbon and make sure to give your bunny a carrot to keep it full. There are other excellent ideas at

Easter Sign

Welcome Easter

Easter Sign for your front door #easter #backyardporch #porchIdeas #frontDoorDecor

Let your guests feel the positive vibes as soon as they approach your front door. This welcome sign is straightforward to make, as you simply use paint to type the word “Welcome” using Easter-inspired colors

Don’t forget to draw the bunny ears on top.

Cool Pastel Colors Make A Difference

Easter Sign for your front door #easter #backyardporch #porchIdeas #frontDoorDecor

Use recycled wooden planks to give your porch a makeover. Here, you can use cool and vibrant colors to write the word “Easter”. Complement the look with bunny cutouts that will make everyone smile.

Top It Off With A Flower Wreath

Easter Sign for your front door #easter #backyardporch #porchIdeas #frontDoorDecor
Image credit:

If you feel that your welcome sign is too simple or bare, don’t hesitate to add a few fun elements to make it pop. A yellow flower wreath is an excellent choice, as it adds the needed pop of color.

Fake plants will look good in buckets that you’ve used as plant pots. A basket full of eggs is another addition that will make everyone feel the Easter spirit. Check out how to decorate your porch at

Let The Easter Bunny Take Over

Easter Sign for your front door #easter #backyardporch #porchIdeas #frontDoorDecor

The Easter bunny is a happy symbol that everyone loves. Keep one made of foam next to your welcome sign, so your guests can enjoy the Easter mood the minute they approach your house.

Choose some fake flowers that complement the colors on your Easter sign. Your landscape will create a perfect background for this warm setting.

Decorate With Rain Boots

Bright Rain Boots For Bright Days

Raiboots as a perfect Easter vase #easter #backyardporch #porchIdeas #frontDoorDecor
Image credit:

Have you got a pair of rain boots that no longer fit? These rubber boots are the perfect plant pots to welcome your guests as Easter approaches. 

Fill them with soil and add a few branches that guard the Easter bunny. A galvanized bucket full of fake greenery will bring the scene to life. If you want to know how it’s done, check out

Boot Hangers

Raiboots as a perfect Easter vase #easter #backyardporch #porchIdeas #frontDoorDecor

Want to use your rain boots differently? Hang them on the front door and fill them with cloth flowers. The flowers match the color of the boots to create harmony, but you can also add a patterned ribbon to make the whole setup look like the gift of spring. 

Polka Dot Rain Boots

Raiboots as a perfect Easter vase #easter #backyardporch #porchIdeas #frontDoorDecor
Image credit:

This setup reminds us of Christmas, but with an Easter-inspired theme. There’s something funny and childish about polka dot rain boots. In this setup, the same pattern of the boots is used for the ribbons that hold the boots together.

Keeping the boots empty is not the best idea. This is why a bunch of white flowers and greenery were added to make the decoration look more alive. See more at

Various Décor

Easter Planter arrangement on a porch #easter #backyardporch #porchIdeas #frontDoorDecor

Bunny In A Lantern

Don’t be shy while thinking about the elements you can use to redecorate your porch for Easter. You can add flowers to the wicker basket to remind people of the beauty of summer.

Keep the Easter bunny in a lantern, so your guests can enjoy looking at it when they approach your front door. Bright fake flowers need no maintenance and can be complemented with a colorful ribbon that brings the whole design together.

Umbrella Creativity

Use an umbrella for your Easter front door decor #diy #easter #backyardporch #porchIdeas #frontDoorDecor #frontDoorWreaths #frontDoorWreath
Image credit:

Create an innovative wreath using an old umbrella. Fill it with fake tulips or real ones if you plan on replacing them often. Add a ribbon to gather the umbrella and you’ll have an innovative idea to redecorate your front area inspired by the cool idea at

Eggs In A Basket

Easy to make Easter basket for your porch #easter #backyardporch #porchIdeas #frontDoorDecor

Not having the time to shop for decorative items doesn’t mean you should keep your porch empty. Here, you can fill an old wire basket with colored foam eggs

Choose different colors and don’t hesitate to draw some patterns to make your Easter eggs look more unique.

Use An Unused Tea Cart

Easter station with a wreath on your porch #easter #backyardporch #porchIdeas #frontDoorDecor #frontDoorWreaths #frontDoorWreath
Image credit:

Do you have an unused tea cart? Don’t toss it just yet because this vintage-style tea cart can be the centerpiece of your redecorated porch.

Fill your tea cart with different bunches of colorful flowers and add a stuffed bunny to play the role of the Easter bunny. 

You don’t have to buy special decor items for Easter, as it all lies in how creative you can be. At, you can see that you can let the sky be the limit.

Nothing Will Go Away

Easter porch installation with flowers and eggs #flowers #easter #backyardporch #porchIdeas #frontDoorDecor
Image credit:

Are you short on time or money? This shouldn’t be an issue, as you can recycle several items from your basement or garage to bring life to your porch.

In this design, a watering can is filled with fake, colorful flowers. It’s kept on top of a wooden box that has had a layer of fresh paint. Fill an old lantern with real or fake grass to make your porch pop with color. 

Don’t forget to add a few foam eggs to remind people that Easter is just around the corner. For more cool designs and ideas, head to

Best Easter Porch Decorating Ideas Wrap Up

Have you enjoyed our inspirational list? Our list combines a lot of attention-grabbing Easter porch decorating ideas that you can start making right now.

Decorating your porch doesn’t have to cost hundreds of dollars. Use your creativity and a few simple items to get your front door area ready for the holiday.

If you happen to need these ideas to prep your house for sale, check out our ultimate guide where we talk about 150+ curb appeal ideas. And if you dreaming of Easter in the middle of winter, check out our winter porch decor ideas in this post.

Tell me your thoughts on this article and don’t forget to share it to help a friend or a family member.

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