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24 Easter Outdoor Decorating Ideas For Your Backyard

It’s time to plan those Easter egg hunts and get those decorations ready because the Easter bunny is coming to town! Nothing else gets me in the mood for family fun over Easter than themed treats and decorations galore! 

Ready to say goodbye to winter and step into spring and Easter? What better way to get into the Easter spirit and wow your guests than to spruce up your backyard with some decorations? 

Here are 24 Easter decoration ideas to check out!

Traditional German Easter Egg Fountain Display

Traditional German Easter Egg Fountain Display

If you want your DIY outdoor Easter decorations to knock the socks off all your guests, this is it! Brace yourself though, because this display requires a lot of effort and material to get it done right. 

First things first, to pull this off you’re going to need a water feature of some sort. The decorations I will talk about shortly will lean on the water feature, providing structural support.

To ensure a strong base for the leaning columns, you could use something like concrete blocks. For the leaning columns, materials such as heavy-duty wire and PVC pipe would be helpful. Once you’ve got a sturdy structure in place, you can start wrapping the leaning columns with greenery and then a colorful Easter egg garland.

Traditional Easter Eggs

Traditional Easter Eggs decoration ideas

We all know Easter to be a festival of bright colors, sweet treats, bunnies and, most of all, Easter eggs!

If you have kids or little ones in your family, this is a wonderful way to get them involved and help decorate. Get them some paint, paintbrushes and colorful ribbon and watch the magic happen!

When they’re dry, you can hang them onto your tree by gluing on a piece of ribbon and tying it around the tree branch. It will make a nice Easter tree!

Easter Egg Wreaths

Easter Egg Wreath decoration idea

Looking for an easy way to add an Easter feel to decorations you’ve already got at home? If you’ve got a Christmas wreath packed away in the basement, why not bring it out and give it an Easter spin? It’s so simple, yet so beautiful!

Now for the fun part – the decorations! These DIY outdoor Easter wreaths can be customized according to your color scheme and any other type of theme you’re going for, such as using different patterns. Easter eggs are a must-have for this idea, but you could also incorporate colorful ribbon and flowers if you wish.

Easter Tree With A Springtime Flair

Easter Tree decoration ideas

When we think of the spring season, we think of pretty blossoms filling the air with their sweet aroma. If you have a tree in your backyard that blooms in spring, it could be a great addition to your Easter decorations. Let’s see how we can give it an Easter flair!

The main ingredient to pull off this Easter tree is to decorate some eggs according to the color scheme or even the pattern you prefer (stripes, polka dots, etc.) Once your eggs are dry, you need to figure out how you’re going to hang them up on your tree.

One easy way is to hot glue a piece of ribbon into a loop shape onto the eggs to hang onto the tree. If you want to get more creative, you could make a bow with the part of the ribbon that is glued onto the egg.

A Creative Spin On A Traditional Easter Egg Tree 

Creative Traditional Easter Egg Tree decoration ideas

We’ve already got an Easter egg idea that could use the kiddos’ help. Now here’s one that requires the artistic skills of the grown-ups or bigger kids. To pull off this idea, you need steady hands and artistic flair to create designs and patterns and execute them neatly and with precision. 

You could try geometric patterns, flowers and stars. Besides making sure they’re works of art, you’ll also need to make sure you use complementary colors that stand out. 

Once your gorgeous eggs are dry, you’ll need to hang them onto your tree by gluing a piece of colorful (and matching) ribbon onto each of them before tying a loop and hanging them onto your designated Easter tree. 

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunt decoration ideas

Looking for an Easter activity for the kids that also doubles as outdoor Easter decorations? How about an Easter egg hunt? They are absolute winners with kids and are guaranteed to give them the most memorable Easter celebration!

The most important part about Easter egg hunts is the treasure the kids are meant to find. It goes without saying that chocolate-covered Easter eggs definitely have to be a part of it, and no kid wants to go on an Easter egg hunt for plastic eggs with nothing inside!

If you live in a hot climate, make sure you don’t leave the chocolate treats outside for too long, or else the kids will find wrappers filled with oozing chocolate (that is unless you’ve used plastic eggs, of course)! Rather, put the treasure out just before the kids begin their hunt.  

Funky DIY Easter Eggs

Funky DIY Easter Eggs decoration

Do you plan on moving away from traditional pastel colors for your DIY outdoor Easter decorations? How about going in with a splash of color? Your Easter eggs are guaranteed to steal the show!

Colors such as red, orange and bright yellow are absolute winners for this idea. Feel free to mix and match bright colors and be creative. You can also use a tie-dye effect or splashes of paint on white eggs. 

Easter Eggs – Here, There And Everywhere!

Easter tree bedecked with easter eggs

Do you have a leafless tree in your backyard that could do with a little pick-me-up? Imagine this: colorful eggs instead of leaves! I know it sounds *extra,* but this is the perfect solution to a dried-out and drab-looking tree. Brace yourself, though, because we’re going to need a LOT of eggs!

Due to a large number of eggs that this idea requires, I recommend using plastic Easter eggs. Plastic eggs are easier to handle compared to normal eggs and you don’t have to decorate plastic Easter eggs since they are already colored. 

With this idea, you’re not restricted to any specific color or theme. Feel free to go wild and hang them all over, transforming your tree from drab to fab!

Handmade Easter Egg Basket

Handmade Easter egg basket

Have some extra time on your hands and looking to make yourself an Easter-themed keepsake? This handmade Easter basket filled with eggs is the perfect heirloom that you could even pass down to your family.

If you’re a master knitter and know your way around some yarn, try out these eggs and an accompanying basket. You could fill the eggs with polyester fiber or even cotton wool. 

Beautifully Bedazzled Homemade Easter Egg Tree

Bedazzled easter egg tree

Are you an arts and crafts whizz? How about personalizing your eggs with your own artsy flair? 

You could wrap the base of your egg with colorful twine instead of painting them. Just apply some hot glue on the egg to secure the string before wrapping it around. Don’t forget to keep some excess string loose when you’re done because this is what you’ll use to hang it on the tree.

Once the base is complete, you can get out your beads, diamantes and any other funky material you have and bedazzle them! These eye-catching trees are a winner!

Easter Streamers

Egg streamer decoration ideas

Streamers are so affordable and simple to make, but boy oh boy will they make a difference to your DIY outdoor Easter decorations or front porch.

All you need to create your Easter streamers are ribbons of different colors, some plastic eggs and a couple of feathers. Secure your eggs at the end of one side of each length of ribbon by gluing them on. You can also use glue to secure the feathers.

If you want to give your streamers a little more oomph, run each length of ribbon against the edge of a knife or scissors to create a curly effect. 

Hanging Floral Bird Cages

Hanging bird cages easter decorations

This idea is definitely my favorite of all the outdoor Easter decorations! These bird cages are beautiful and will definitely transform your outdoor space! The best part is that this idea is so easy. 

You can get these pretty birdcages in different sizes and colors at a dollar store. Place a mini floral arrangement in them and hang a couple of painted wooden or cardboard cutouts of birds carrying a cute Easter egg. You can use string to hang the cages in a tree and to secure the cutouts to the bottom of the cages. 

A Floral Easter Affair

Floral Easter decorations

No celebratory display is complete with a pretty bouquet of flowers! The most fitting blooms for your outdoor Easter decorations are fresh tulips, hyacinths and daffodils – even better if you can get them in shades of blue and purple, a true Easter delight!

Place them alongside a tray of Easter eggs and a cute little Easter bunny or two and your outdoor Easter decorations will be all set!

Classic Easter Installation

Classic Easter decorations

When you’re working on your outdoor Easter decorations, you might be thinking of setting up a table with an Easter-themed installation or even a little display of Easter treats. 

A classic Easter installation involves some pretty blooms and decorative ornaments. Placing at least one of your floral arrangements in a basket will really give your installation an Easter vibe. For the decorative ornaments, how about a couple of bunnies?

A Tropical Easter

Tropical Easter decorations

Celebrating Easter holiday with sand between your toes to the sound of waves crashing and an ice-cold cocktail in hand? Say no more! 

This is a rather simple idea for your outdoor Easter decorations, but it will definitely give you a taste of Easter no matter where in the world you are. All you need is a long piece of twine, a couple of cutouts of cute and colorful bunnies, and some hot glue.

Glue the bunny cutouts to the twine and attach them onto two walls or columns to create your draped outdoor decorations.

Precision-Cut DIY Easter Decorations

Precision-cut DIY Easter decoration idea

Not a fan of just any old Easter egg decoration? How about carving out your own on thin pieces of wood? I know you must be thinking this is going to require a lot of time and effort to accomplish, but hear me out. 

Using a Cricut Maker will make this an absolute breeze. It’s an efficient tool that will make your wooden cutouts in minutes!

Tie your cutouts to a piece of twine and hang them on a tree or wherever else you wish.

An Easter Wreath For Your Front Door

Easter Wreath For Front Door

Here’s another fabulous Easter wreath idea for your front door. The main difference here is that you’ll have to make this idea from scratch and you can’t make it by repurposing a Christmas wreath.

To make this stunning Easter wreath, you’re going to need a bunch of colored eggs (preferably in different sizes), some twine, crinkled tinsel made out of crepe paper, hot glue and small faux flowers.

Start by creating a circular shape with your bunched-up tinsel. Glue the eggs onto the tinsel and wrap the twine around the wreath, making sure everything is secure and intact. Finish by putting a couple of faux flowers on the wreath and then hang it on your front door.

Go Green For Easter – Wreath Edition

Green ivy Easter wreath

Another great way to make a wreath for your Easter decoration is to use a bunch of greenery and add some colorful eggs. 

You can tie up the greenery into a circular shape using twine. When your base is strong and ready for decorations, tie on some colorful eggs!

Natural Easter Wreath

DIY Easter wreath made from dried twigs and branches

Going for a natural look this Easter? How about making this DIY wreath out of some dried twigs and thin branches? 

All you need to do is gather your material and bunch them into the shape of a wreath. When you’ve got a sturdy base, wrap around a piece of twine to make sure everything is intact. Then it’s time to decorate with your colorful Easter eggs. You can attach them securely to the wreath using hot glue.

Easter Egg Crates 

Easter egg crates decoration

Looking for creative ways to hide your treats for your Easter egg hunt? How about making these cute little Easter crates as part of your outdoor Easter decor?

You can definitely DIY these crates if you want, but I’m sure you can purchase them at nurseries, as well. Place in some pot plants that resemble shrubbery or bushy flowers and you’re all set! These types of plants are recommended for this idea because they can hold little treats like chocolate eggs or bunnies and mini bags of jelly beans.

If you want to get a little more creative, how about swapping out the pot plants with a mini Easter egg topiary tree, such as this one?

Spring Is In The Air

Easter tree draped with some fabric

The flowers that bloom in spring are the perfect accompaniment to any outdoor Easter decor. Amplify the beauty of your garden this Easter by draping some fabric across a tree branch, allowing it to cascade down and resemble a beautiful backdrop.

Decorate with a pretty picnic blanket, a floral wreath hanging from above and a bouquet of fresh flowers and there you have it!

Easter Flower Pot

Flower pot Easter decorations

If you’re an avid gardener who has a bunch of flower pots in their garden, why not make them part of your outdoor Easter decor?

Hang on a couple of Easter decorations, such as chocolate bunnies. You can also decorate around your flower pot with ornaments, like an Easter bunny. 

Wooden Outdoor Easter Ornaments

Wooden Outdoor Easter decoration

Got some logs lying around? Why not cut them into the shape of the Easter bunny? You won’t need to make the Easter bunny body, but its face and ears will take some effort to get right.

You’ll need to cut the top of the log down just long enough for its face. Cut it so that it’s slanted and has a thicker base compared to the top of the log. Take another piece of wood and cut out two long ears, which you can either nail to the back or glue on. 

To finish off, mark the bunny’s eyes, nose and mouth with black and white markers or acrylic paint.

Handmade Floral Palm Arrangement

Floral Palm Arrangement Easter Decorations

I’ve saved the best for last! This idea makes for a great statement piece for your outdoor Easter decor.
Make this tall display using different kinds of flowers and leaves. The idea is to get it to resemble a tall floral column. You can wrap around garlands and stick flower stems into floral foam, which you can shape however you wish. Use PVC pipe for a strong structure and floral foam to attach the blooms onto the display.


When Should You Hang Easter Decorations?

You should hang Easter decorations about two weeks before Easter. Remember that if you’re decorating with fresh flowers, you might want to wait until the day before to put them up.

How Do You Decorate A Fence For Easter?

You can decorate a fence for Easter by draping an Easter bunny or Easter egg garland across them. These can be made using construction paper.

How Long Do You Keep Easter Decorations Up?

Easter decorations should be kept up until after Easter Monday. You can leave your outdoor decorations out for longer if you wish, but remember that some might get damaged in harsh weather and flowers will start to wilt after a couple of days.

Ready To Get Decorating?

Easter is such a special time of year and should be celebrated with as much grandeur as Christmas. I hope these 24 outdoor decor ideas have inspired you to spruce up your backyard this Easter!

Did you find this article helpful? Please leave me a comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

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