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22 Easter Tree Ideas For Your Backyard And Home: Idea #19 Is Our Favorite!

Looking for ways to jazz up that tree in your backyard in time for Easter? Look no further, because I’ve got 22 Easter tree ideas for you to try out this spring! 

Easter trees aren’t common because they can sometimes be difficult to execute. I’m going to show you how easy it can be to DIY an Easter tree!

Simplistic Easter Egg Tree

Simplistic Easter Egg Tree

Don’t have much time on your hands but want to join in the Easter tree fun? This simple, minimalistic Easter tree is for you!

For this idea, you’re going to need speckled eggs in the colors of your choice, ribbon and glue. Create a bow with one end of the ribbon and glue it to the top of the egg. Then make a loop with the other end of it so that you can hang it onto a branch.  

A Splash Of Color

Colorful Easter Egg tree

Besides its aesthetic appeal, this idea is also easy, cost-effective and kid-friendly! 

All you need are Easter eggs, paint in any colors of your choice, string and glue. Start off by painting your eggs. You can paint them in a single color or create pretty patterns on them, such as polka dots and flowers. It all depends on your preferences and theme. 

An Egg-cellent Easter Egg Tree

Edgy and creative easter egg tree

If the idea above seems a bit too easygoing for you and you’d like something on the fancier side, I’ve got you covered!

For this idea, you’re going to need eggs that are edgy and creative. Once you’ve got your pattern on and it’s dry, you can go straight into gluing your string that’ll be used to hang it onto bare branches. Or, you can get a little more creative by hanging a cute tassel from the bottom of the egg.

A Spring-Tastic Easter Egg Tree!

Spring-Tastic Easter Egg Tree

Spring is a time for pretty blooms and striking rays of sunshine. To put our Easter spin on things, I think it would only be fitting for us to get vibrant colors going to match the springtime vibe, don’t you think?

To achieve this, you’ll need to adorn your tree with colorful Easter eggs, like you would baubles on Christmas trees.

Traditional Easter Egg Tree

Creative Traditional Easter Egg Tree

Got a leafless and dried-up tree in your backyard? Spruce it up with traditional Easter decorations! 

What’s more traditional than getting the kiddos to create some beautiful artwork to use as decorations?

This idea uses green, red and orange eggs that are tied to a bare and dried-up tree. This is such a great DIY Easter way to liven up your backyard!

Abstract Easter Egg Tree

Funky DIY Easter Eggs decoration

Get artistic with these colorful and abstract Easter eggs! To get these beautiful effects on your eggs, use the splashing and swirling techniques. 

No need to stress about being neat or precise because these hand-painted eggs are all about that quirky look. No two Easter ornaments should actually be the same here!

Easter-Fying A Dried-Up Tree

Dried up Easter tree decoration
Easter Tree in front of Wind Mill

Here’s another idea for those who have a dried-up, leafless tree on their property. Breathe new life into the poor tree by decorating it with colorful eggs. You could use plastic eggs for this idea, as long as you get a nice colorful bunch of them!

This idea isn’t just easy on the eyes, but it also shows how easy it is to DIY Easter egg trees.

Handmade Easter Eggs On A Tree

Handmade Easter Eggs On A Tree

If you’re a creative person who loves to decorate and bedazzle items, this one’s for you!  To get started, you’ll need to wrap the base of your DIY Easter egg with colorful twine. Apply some hot glue on the egg to secure the string before wrapping it around. 

Once you’re done, you can get out your diamantes and colorful beads and get to decorating them however you wish!

A Bright And Colorful Easter Egg Tree

A Bright And Colorful Easter Egg Tree

Adorn a dried-up tree in your backyard with tons of Easter eggs and watch it transform from boring to beautiful – perfect for spring! FYI: You’re going to need A LOT of eggs for this one. I suggest using plastic ones because they’re easier to handle when you have a large amount.

An easy way to get them all up onto the tree branches without having to tie them all individually is to tie them to a long string before tying it to the tree. 

Pink Wispy Easter Tree

Pink Wispy Easter Tree

Have a tall, wispy tree in your yard? How about transforming it into a pretty blush pink Easter egg tree?

To achieve this look, you’ll first need to create strings of Easter eggs by gluing the eggs directly on top of each other. Attach the Easter ornaments to a string and then hang them from your tree branches for a beautiful Easter tree.

Polka Dot Easter Egg Tree

Polka Dot Easter Egg Tree

Are you a fan of polka dots? This Easter egg tree is perfect for you! Start off by painting your eggs with the colors of your theme. Then grab some white paint and make your dots on the eggs. 

To get perfectly round dots, you can use an item like the back of a marker, dip it in some paint and blot it around your egg. Finish off the look by gluing on some ribbon and then hang it up onto your beautiful Easter tree.

Blooming Cherry Easter Egg Tree

Blooming cherry Easter egg tree decorations

Got a flowering cherry tree in your yard? Try this idea to make the most of your blooms this Easter!

All you need to do is decorate your Easter eggs. Pretty pastel-colored Easter eggs work really well in this idea. Attach some string onto the eggs and hang them up and hang them on your tree branches. 

Pink And Gold Easter Tree Ornaments

Pink And Gold Easter Tree decorations

This pink and gold color combination on an Easter tree is beautiful! Use this on a flowering tree and you’ve got yourself a winner!

Decorate your white eggs using pink and gold and any patterns you like. Glue on some pink ribbon and tie them onto your Easter tree branches. 

Springtime Easter Tree

Blooming Easter tree decorations

Here’s another great idea for those who have blooming trees in their yards over Easter. The florals associated with spring complement this idea so well.

You’ll need to decorate your Easter eggs as desired and hang them between the beautiful flower blossoms that spring up on your Easter tree branches.

Mini Easter Egg Tree

Mini Easter Egg Tree idea

Recently planted a tree in your yard and want to give it a festive look? Check out this mini Easter tree idea! This would look great on your Easter table, too!

This idea requires barely any effort and is cost-effective. All you need to do is get some colorful Easter eggs and adorn them on the bare branches of your Easter tree. 

Pastel Easter Tree

Pastel-colored Easter tree decorations

Going for a pastel theme this Easter? This festive egg tree makes use of pastel colors and stripes.

To decorate your eggs, you’ll first need to add strips of tape across the width of each egg, leaving equal-sized gaps in between each strip of tape. Then you can paint over the eggs with your desired colors. Once the eggs are dry, remove the tape to reveal a neatly striped pattern.

Easter Tree With A Variety Of Ornaments

Easter tree with different decors

Tired of decorating trees with just Easter eggs? How about using ornaments made with cute fabric?

To create these, you’ll need some felt fabric, cotton, a needle and some cute cutouts to finish off with. Cut out two pieces of your desired ornament shape from the felt and sew them together. Stick on your cutouts using some glue.

An Artist’s Easter Tree

Easter tree with painted egg decorations

Are you an artist who’s itching to get some painting done while decorating? Why not paint some Easter eggs?

DIY Cardboard Birdhouse

DIY Cardboard Birdhouse Easter tree decorations

Birds and flowers are always a hit around Easter and they look wonderful when painted on Easter eggs neatly using some bright colors.

This idea gives you the perfect opportunity to get the kids involved in decorating. Give them a printed layout of all sides of a birdhouse and get them to paint and glue the pieces together. 

Tie a piece of string to it and hang it onto your Easter tree. Finish off by throwing in some yummy chocolate eggs for the kids.

Moss Easter Egg Tree

Moss Easter Egg Tree decor

Calling all gardeners! Want to put that moss to good use? Make yourself a moss Easter tree!

Create a base for your Easter tree by using material such as scrunched-up construction paper. Next, layer on your moss. Once you’ve got a nice layer, place your eggs on top of it. Use some glue to stick it on if need be.

Easter Egg Topiary 

Easter Egg Topiary decoration

This Easter egg topiary provides the ultimate curb appeal and would make for a wonderful project for the quillers among us.

This topiary can be made using a quilling comb and colorful paper. Once complete, the egg can be placed onto a stick to represent the tree stem. Then, place the arrangement into a big plant pot and throw in some shredded paper to cover the base of the stem.

Indoor Easter Egg Tree

Indoor Easter tree decor

Want an Easter tree but don’t have a tree in your yard? Use a tall indoor plant!

These easter trees are easy to decorate but will still give your home or front porch an Easter vibe. Make sure you use a tree with long, sturdy stems that’ll carry the weight of your decorations. 

For more outdoor decorating inspiration, check out this article on Easter outdoor ideas.


What Is The Meaning Of An Easter Tree?

The meaning of an Easter tree, which is often decorated with items such as Easter eggs and mini wreaths, rests in its popularity as decoration during Easter.

What Do You Put On A Easter Tree?

You can put Easter eggs, paper flowers and Easter-themed ornaments on an Easter tree. Ornaments could include mini birdhouses and birds.

When Should I Decorate For Easter?

You should ideally decorate for Easter about three to four weeks before Good Friday or when you start changing from winter to spring decor.

Ready To Decorate Your Easter Tree?

That’s a wrap! 22 Easter trees later, and my mind is already buzzing with 22 more ideas to add to the lot. Do any of these ideas appeal to you?

I hope these inspired you as much as they inspired me! Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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