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10 Garden Hose Storage Ideas: #5 Is Our Favorite (And #6 Is For Car Lovers)

Is your garden hose ruining the look of your garden? Don’t know how to store it to make it look pretty?

I know what you mean! We can all admit that garden hoses look kind of unsightly when lying all twisted and tangled on the lawn. Despite their appearance, we still love them because they make watering plants a whole lot easier, especially if they are the non-kink type

That’s exactly why I have decided to put together a list of garden hose storage ideas — to help you make your garden more beautiful just like I did mine! Number 5 is my favorite, and I am sure you will like it too! Let’s get to it! 

This Tap Station Looks Classic 

What a beautiful sight to see! Three garden hoses neatly coiled and stored on sleek and classic-looking tap stations. 

I had to start my list with a storage idea that works for all homes and all exterior designs. These tap stations are easy to integrate into any garden because of their simple yet classic style that blends well with nature. The black and gray posts make the lawn look even more vibrant and luscious

Best of all, tap stations like these serve more than one purpose. They keep the garden hose well organized and allow you to get easy access to water through a faucet. If you buy a tap station that is drinking water safe, you will get a lot of use out of it! Your kids will love to drink out of it in the summer!

You May Like A Romantic Style More

How romantic do these garden hose caddies look? They would look amazing next to your house, whether it has brick or wood siding

A hose caddy with a decorated holder that generously extends like an arm looks more romantic than a tap station. Hose caddies in a black or white finish look the best and are the easiest to style with the rest of your outdoor decor. 

You will love this hose storage idea even more once you find out how inexpensive it is. Hose caddies are affordable and don’t require professional installation.

Make Your Garden Hose Disappear

Reel box garden hose storage ideas
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Don’t like how your garden hose looks? Has it seen better days? I’ve got an idea! Store it in a hideaway reel box and make it disappear! Problem solved!

Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you! People do store their garden hoses in the discrete but pretty resin boxes you see in the picture. These have a hose reel inside and a crank handle on the side. They make coiling and uncoiling a garden hose easy. 

Hideaway storage reels are typically made of durable resin that imitates the look of wood or wicker. You can find them in a whole range of earth-toned shades. They are a perfect addition to any garden since they blend well with nature. 

Make Your Planter Work Double Duty 

What a clever idea! Who knew you could store your garden hose in a planter with a little bit of skill and creativity?

You can give your wooden planter a dual purpose by building a storage compartment underneath it. You can leave it at that or install a hose reel inside, as well. You can pick a good hose reel for your DIY project from my review list

This garden hose storage idea may take some time and effort to complete. Still, I had to present it to you! Once you learn how to turn one of your planters into a storage box, you will be able to do the same with the rest. You will have enough storage space to hide all of your not-so-pretty gardening essentials

A Bronze Pot With New Purpose 

Is your bronze pot collecting dust in the garage? Give it a new purpose and use it to store your garden hose! It will add a much-needed antique element to your backyard!

I love this storage idea because it is simple and it works. All you need to do is wipe down your bronze pot to give it some shine. Place it next to your house spigot and let it serve its new purpose. 

If your bronze pot has a matching lid, use it to hide its contents. Nobody needs to know that there is a muddy garden hose inside of it! If you place a couple of other antique pots and vases next to it, your guests will think you made a unique display in your garden

If you don’t have a bronze pot, you can try using a big clay or resin planter instead. Surround it with potted succulents to create a beautiful arrangement in your backyard. 

This One Is For Car Lovers

Do you have a spare car tire rim in your garage? Why not use it as a hose reel? It is strong and big enough to hold your entire garden hose. 

I love the idea of upcycling old car parts and giving them a new purpose in life. It is a great way to reduce waste and to save some money. That’s exactly why I had to present this garden hose storage idea to you. 

Before you use your car rim as a hose reel, wipe any grease stains off it. Spray paint it in a silver or gold color to make it look brand new. If your backyard lacks a pop of color, paint the rim pink, like the lady in the picture. What a bold move! 

Once the car rim is fully dry, you can mount it directly on the side of the house, or you can hang it on a post to create a water station

Traditional Is Not Boring 

If you have a traditional home, you may like these old-fashioned hose reels! They will complete your exterior style and make it look well put together.

If you don’t mind making permanent holes in your house, opt for a wall mount hose reel. They are very convenient! Otherwise, you can opt for a hose reel cart or a freestanding station, like the one in the picture.  

The choices are endless when it comes to design. As long as your hose reel has a brass or copper finish with fine frame detailing, you are on the right track.

Keep It Functional…

Instead of keeping your garden hose stationery, why not take it on the go? A portable reel cart will allow you to haul your heavy hose pipe from one end of the yard to the other with ease. 

If you have a big property to take care of, you should try this storage idea. Two rare wheels will let you push the cart to the desired destination. You can achieve even better mobility if you pick a four-wheel cart

In terms of looks and style, reel carts can look quite minimalistic, or they can be fully adorned with swirls and patterns. Try to match your reel cart with the theme of your garden. This way, your decor won’t clash in style. 

… And Always Organized 

This may be the simplest way to store your garden hose. Wall hose organizers like these ones may look underwhelming, but they are very functional and practical and they can help you maximize storage space in your shed or garage.

If you are running low on storage space in your garage, avoid buying a reel cart. Instead, give this wall organizer a try. It will help you make the most of your garage walls and declutter the floor. 

A wall organizer with lots of holders will keep each loop of your garden hose separated and free from kinks. It will help your hose pipe maintain its natural shape and curvature, so you won’t have trouble coiling and uncoiling it when the new gardening season arrives. 

Give It A Home 

Give your garden hose a home next to other landscaping and gardening essentials. At the end of the day, a garden hose is a tool, and it may look best when paired with other tools. 

Building a utility rack requires minimal tools, supplies, and skills. You will need a wooden pallet that you can paint in any color you like. White looks amazing! Once completely dry, mount it on the side of your shed or your fence. 

Drive nails through the horizontal boards where you want to hang your hand trowels forks, and shears. You can hang the heavier tools on garage hooks. 

You can also buy a stainless steel holder that’s specifically made to hold a garden hose. You can install it practically anywhere, even in an outdoor cupboard. 


What is the best way to store a garden hose?

The best way to store a garden hose is on a reel. You can buy a hose reel in any home improvement store or make it at home from an old car rim or a clam basket. You can even try storing your garden hose in a planter. 

Is it OK to leave garden hose outside in winter?

It is OK to leave garden hose outside in winter as long as you drain all the water from it. Remember, water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. If you don’t drain the water before temperatures drop, your garden hose can crack or burst.  

Where should I store my garden hose in the winter?

In the winter, you should store your garden hose in the garage or a shed. It is better to store your hose indoors than to leave it in the freezing weather. A garden hose can get damaged outdoors. Also, try storing your hose on a reel to maintain its shape.

Garden Hose Storage Ideas For A Better Home 

A garden hose that lays on the lawn looks unattractive. It is a tripping hazard and also a hassle to use. No matter how neatly you place it on the ground, it always ends up getting tangled and twisted

This is just one of the challenges I managed to solve in my garden. I love finding new ways to make my home prettier, safer, and more functional. I wanted to share these 10 garden hose storage ideas with you to inspire you to do the same. 

Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below, and feel free to share this list of ideas with others.

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