Tiny Yellow Bugs Are Eating My Garden – What To Do?

Tiny Yellow Bugs Are Eating My Garden - What To Do?

Are tiny yellow bugs munching on your garden? Don’t know what to do about it? No worries! I will help you get rid of these mysterious invaders!  I experienced the same problem not long ago when these tiny insects started eating my precious rose bushes. I immediately jumped into action to save my roses before …

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Seeing Tiny White Bugs In Soil Of Your House Plants? Here’s Why And How To Get Rid Of Them

Seeing Tiny White Bugs In Soil Of Your House Plants? Here's Why And How To Get Rid Of Them

What are soil mites? Soil mites are arthropods difficult to see with the naked eye. They can be white, brown, or another color. They’re generally harmless to people, although they can carry parasites, such as tapeworms. Soil mites won’t munch on your plants. In fact, they may even be beneficial. You look at your plant …

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How To Take Care Of A Bonsai Tree Indoors? This Is What You Need To Know

How to take care of a bonsai tree indoors

How to care for a bonsai tree: Water your tree when the soil feels dry about a centimeter down. If growing your tree indoors, you can give it a balanced liquid fertilizer, year-round. Prune the upper and outer parts of the plant to make its growth lower and more compact. Wondering how to take care …

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How To Care For Lavender Plants Indoors? Check My Guide For Tips

How To Care For Lavender Plants Indoors?

If you live in an area with cold winters, you may have no choice but to bring your lavender indoors. Now what? Considering that it prefers full sun, can it survive in your house, much less thrive?  Good news — with the right care, it can do both! In this article, I’ll explain how to …

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25 Of The Smallest Bonsai Trees: A Great Addition To Your Indoor Garden

25 Smallest Bonsai Trees

How small can a tiny bonsai tree be? And where can I buy one for myself? It’s completely normal if you had these questions pop into your head when you saw a miniature bonsai tree for the first time. They are just so adorable, one instantly wants to know more about them.  Bonsai trees are …

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Best indoor gardening supplies and tools

Best indoor gardening supplies and tools

With the colder months upon us, you may have considered putting more effort into your indoor garden – or starting one if you have not had it before. To create the best one possible, you’ll need the best indoor gardening supplies!  In this article, I’ll go over types of gardening equipment and provide links to …

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Indoor Gardening

How To Harvest Brussel Sprouts And When You Should Do It: Are My Brussels Sprouts Ready Yet?

Harvesting Brussels sprouts after snow

Brussels sprouts got their name because they were first cultivated in 16th century Belgium, Brussels being the country’s capital. Since you’re reading this, you’ve probably discovered they’re as fun to grow as they are to eat. But how do you know when Brussels sprouts are ready to harvest? Knowing how to harvest Brussel sprouts is …

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Can You Use Regular Led Lights For Grow Lights? Here’s What You Need To Know

Can you use regular LED lights for grow lights?

Can a regular light bulb help plants grow? Yes, as long as it delivers enough PAR light to your plants. LED lights are great because they’re energy-efficient, emit little heat, and last for years. However, it’s probably best to get a horticultural light for plants with high light requirements. Regular LED Lights For Plants — …

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How Long Does It Take To Grow Mushrooms? Here’s What You Should Expect

How long does it take to grow mushrooms?

How much time it takes to grow mushrooms depends on numerous factors. Oyster mushrooms, a fast-growing variety, take only 2 to 3 weeks to mature. Meanwhile, you can grow shiitake mushrooms in a little over three months. The substrate you use can also make a big difference in growth speed. Do Mushrooms Take A Long …

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