How to Harvest Echinacea Seeds

How to harvest coneflower (echinacea) seeds #flowers #anestwithayard #seeds #seedHarvesting #seedsaving #annualflowers #echinacea #cheapseeds #backyardLandscaping #landscaping #garden #gardening #gardenTips #diy #gardenDIY

Growing coneflowers from their original seeds is one of my favorite parts of gardening. Instead of purchasing seeds every season, collecting them has enabled me to become a self-sufficient gardener. But to say that I learned about coneflower seeds harvesting the hard way would be putting it lightly! The first time I grew these plants, …

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Discover the Importance of Gardening in Our Life: 11 Reasons Why It Is Important For You

11 Reasons Why Gardening Is Important For You

The importance of gardening in our life goes beyond getting flavorful food and having a ready supply of fresh produce. Did you know that tasks like digging can help you burn up to 200 calories within 30 minutes? Gardening is also an excellent stress buster, so much so that it’s been found to be more …

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The Best Rain Barrel Diverter: How To Choose One?

How to choose a rain barrel diverter? Things you need to know #rainWater #garden #gardening #gardenTips #gardencare #gardenTools

Are you looking for a way to save water in times of drought or just to minimize your water usage? A rain barrel is good for the environment but also good for your bank balance, as it can help you save on municipal water use. Sometimes, water usage is restricted at certain times due to …

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5 Signs A Tree Needs To Be Removed: Don’t Get A Potentially Dangerous Situation In Your Backyard!

5 Signs A Tree Needs To Be Removed #tree #treeCare #TreeRemoval #backyard #outdoor #backyardLandscaping #landscaping #landscape

Trying to decide whether your tree needs trimming or removal? You might think that removing any trees from your property should only happen on an as-needed basis. Surprisingly, tree removal is required more often than you might think.  If your trees are more than 10 years old, it’s time you take some actions to ensure …

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5 Of The Best Garden Scissors and Shears For Your Garden: Check Our Reviews!

Scouting the market for the best garden scissors & shears? Check out this fully informative buyer’s guide, with a list of the top-notch products included! #gardenScissors #gardenShears #garden #gardenTools #gardenTips #gardening #landscaping #landscape #backyardLandscaping

For a lot of us, gardening is so much more than a chore: it’s a hobby that brings fruitful results. Having a beautiful garden around your home increases its value. It also makes every member of the family want to spend more time outdoors, which is something we should all be doing more often. But …

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How does gardening help the environment?

gardening-for-the-environment fi

Gardens decorate the environment we live in. They are sanctuaries that bring peace into our lives and allow us to feel more connected to Mother Nature. But as well as all the benefits and beauty it gives us as people, gardens also significantly help the environment. Let’s look at 5 reasons why gardening is as …

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Best Flexzilla Garden Hose Reviews: Find Out If This Water Hose Brand Is For You

flexzilla garden hose reviews pin

Do you often find yourself looking for more robust garden tools and equipment? Maybe you’ve experienced the annoyance of a leaky hose and want something reliable? We’ve put together Flexzilla garden hose reviews to see if they are up to the task. A friend of mine was recently looking to kit out their backyard with …

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Winter Sowing Or Recycled Seed Starters With Kathy Green

Winter sowing using plastic bottles #garden #gardening #gardenTips #winter #sowing #diy

This post is by Kathy Green, a fellow blogger and professional gardener from Kathy kindly allowed me to re-post her original article on my blog. I learned about winter seed sowing from some fellow gardeners at the Middle Tennessee Plant Swap last spring. I loved the idea and began saving clear plastic bottles as soon …

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