How To Grow Brussel Sprouts In Containers: You Can Do It At Home

Growing brussel sprouts in containers

Here are the steps in the nutshell: Fill a 1-foot-deep container with well-draining potting soil. Mix in 1.5 tablespoons of 14-14-14 controlled-release fertilizer. Water the soil thoroughly. Transplant the seedling. Keep the soil moist. Regularly apply 15-30-15 fertilizer. Harvest brussels sprouts when they’re 1-2 inches in diameter. Love Brussels Sprouts? Grow Your Own! People seem …

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Do Tractors Have Titles? Should You Get One For Your Tractor?

Do Tractors Have Titles?

Did you buy a new tractor? Did you only get a receipt upon purchase? You aren’t the only one! A lot of dedicated gardeners eventually upgrade their work equipment with a garden tractor.  But they quickly learn that buying a tractor is nothing like buying a car. There is no paperwork involved! You only get …

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15 Ideas About How To Hang Plants From Ceiling And Wall In Your House Or Apartment

16 Ideas About How to Hang Plants From Ceiling and Wall #ceiling #indoorGardenIdeas #indoorgardendesigns #indoorgardenapartment #apartmentindoorgarden #apartmentgardening #plants

Many of you have asked me how to hang plants from the ceiling and wall. It’s nice to compliment your interior with greenery, but are potted plants the only option? That’s why I came up with this list. I’ve included a detailed description with pictures of some of the best designs out there. Let’s dive …

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5 Cold Hardy Palm Trees For Zone 7: How To Make Your Yard Look Tropical

palm trees under snow

We have nice beaches in North Carolina, but they can’t compare in beauty to the tropical kind. Besides their crystal blue water, what really makes tropical beaches special are the palm trees. Wouldn’t it be nice to have palm trees in your yard? Do you live in a place that gets too chilly for tropical …

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How To Grow Garlic Indoors In Water And Soil: Produce Infinite Amount Of Garlic At Home!

How to grow garlic indoors in water and soil

To grow garlic bulbs indoors: Fill an 8-10 inch tall container with soilless potting mix. Bury the garlic cloves 2-3 inches deep, spaced 4 inches apart. Keep the soil moist, and your garlic bulbs will be ready in 8-10 months. If you can’t wait that long, you can harvest the greens in a few weeks. …

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51 Of The Best Small Garden Ideas In Pictures For You To Get Inspired

A collage of small garden boxes and shelves #smallGarden #SmallGardenDesign #smallyardlandscaping #gardenIdeas #backyardLandscaping #backyardLandscapingIdeas #landscaping

Do you have a small garden that you don’t know what to do with? It can be tricky to add beautiful plants without cluttering your garden. I did the research to help you with this. In this article, we’ll look at some of the best small garden ideas I found that you can conveniently apply. …

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15 Indoor Herb Garden Ideas To Enjoy Free & Fragrant Herbs All Year Round

51 indoor herb garden ideas #indoorHerbGarden #indoorGardenIdeas #indoorgardendesigns #indoorgardenapartment #apartmentindoorgarden #apartmentgardening

Everything tastes better when made from fresh ingredients. But, what if you are not lucky enough to have a garden?   Well, you can set up an indoor herb garden, for starters, just like I did. It is a great entry-level DIY project that requires minimal space and investment. Are you intrigued? I will show you …

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How To Grow Portobello Mushrooms At Home: Our Complete Guide

portobello mushrooms growing in dirt

Growing portabellas indoors is easy. Fill a 4 x 4 foot tray with five-to-six inches of compost, add your portabella spores, stir them in, and wait for two weeks. When you see a fuzzy white film, cover it with moist peat moss and newspaper. Your portabella mushrooms will be ready soon! I highly recommend learning …

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Top 10 Best Watering Wand Reviews For Your Garden: Which One To Choose?

A watering wand in your garden #garden #gardenTools, #gardening #wateringWand #landscaping #backyard

I love watering plants in my garden. I find the job relaxing and fulfilling. How about you?  Watering your garden becomes a fun activity when you have the proper tools to do it. Yes, I am talking about a watering wand! It is one of the best gardening tools to have.  Hauling around a heavy …

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Growing Mint Indoors And Watering It Properly

How to grow mint indoors

Wondering how to grow mint indoors? Growing mint indoors begins with choosing a pot and a sunny window. You can also use a grow light. Whether you grow your mint from seeds, cuttings, or store-bought plants, you’ll only need regular potting soil. Keep it moist with regular waterings. Want To Enjoy Fresh Mint Year-Round? I …

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