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Replacement Canopy and Parts For Gazebo

Do you always find yourself having to replace some components of your gazebo because they don’t last? Well, you’re not alone. After every summer season, I’m forced to get a replacement canopy for gazebo. That’s because it’s usually torn, worn out or faded.

Since gazebos come in different sizes and brands, it can be hard to find gazebo replacement parts that fit. This is where my research comes in. 

The replacement canopies and parts I found for you are not only made of quality materials, but they can fit gazebos in various sizes including the ones 10 by 12 feet. 

Check them out:

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Why Do Canopies And Other Gazebo Parts Fail?

The primary reason why gazebo parts fail is because they’re made of low-quality materials. 

According to A Nest With A Yard, some homeowners don’t pay much attention when choosing a gazebo. They focus more on aesthetics, rather than the quality of the gazebo and its parts, so they end up with one that is low-quality.

Most manufacturers use a low-grade polyvinyl for the canopy instead of a strong UV-resistant fabric. Using cheaper materials enables them to make significant savings in the production process. 

With all the snow, ice, rain, and sun we get in this country, depending on where you live, it’s no wonder that some canopies don’t even last a couple of weeks. In the summer, extreme heat and sun can cause discoloration of a canopy top.

When it rains, water can get trapped on the top if there’s insufficient drainage. This then causes the canopy to stretch or rot from water damage. In order to avoid that, regularly waterproof your canopy – here’s how to do it.

The same goes for the screen, frame, and curtains. If they’re all made of low-grade materials, they won’t stand up to the elements. 

Now, it’s fairly easy to replace the mosquito netting, canopy, and curtains on your gazebo. But, it’s not as easy to find a replacement for the frame. Thus, the only options you have are to build a frame from scratch or buy an entirely new gazebo. 

Buying And Caring For Your Gazebo Parts

Given how much you’ll spend on replacement gazebo parts, it makes sense that you should care for them. The first step is to look for the correct gazebo replacement parts.

To ensure you’re getting the right component, first measure the existing part on your gazebo. For instance, if you’re purchasing new mosquito netting, measure the size of your current mosquito net. This way, you’ll be sure to get the correct size for the replacement part.

Next, make sure that you take care of your gazebo components by cleaning them on a regular basis. For instance, the canopy should be cleaned using a solution of bleach, dish soap, and warm water.

I recommend bleach for cleaning since it’s approved by the EPA as safe for residential use. Plus, it’s very effective at removing mold and mildew, which often attack canopies made of canvas or vinyl. Just remember to dilute it well, or it will bleach the color out of your canopy!

Dismantle your gazebo and store each component separately whenever it’s not in use. While this may seem like a ton of work, it’s the best way to ensure your gazebo parts last more than a season.

As the winter season approaches, outdoor gatherings are fewer. Thus, this is the best time to take down your gazebo and store it properly.