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7 Gazebo Furniture Ideas With Images For Your Outdoor Oasis

Does your gazebo look uninviting? Don’t know how to furnish it to make it a better place for your friends and family?

I’ve been there myself! A home without furniture and decor is just an empty and lonely space. Making a home feel and look homely takes time and effort. 

Without a good idea and a little bit of creativity, you can feel stuck in the creative process, even if you have an unlimited budget. 

That’s exactly why I want to help you! I have found 7 gazebo furniture ideas that will inspire you! Let’s take a look! 

Take A Breather On A Giant Bed

Giant bed gazebo ideas
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Have you thought about turning your gazebo into a giant bed? Why not! Who wouldn’t want to relax on one of these beds?

Turning your gazebo into an outdoor bed isn’t difficult. You will need to invest in a comfy mattress that fits the floor dimensions of your structure. Finding a perfect mattress should be easy if you have a square gazebo. You can get a custom-made one for an octagonal-shaped gazebo.

What is most important is that you get an outdoor mattress that is resistant to weather. You can also waterproof one of the standard indoor mattresses for cheaper. Here’s how you do that.

Once your mattress is all laid out, you can start piling up blankets and pillows on top of it. Make your resting place as comfy and as pretty as you can. 

Don’t hesitate to play with colors and patterns! They will accentuate the greenery around you. Drape elegant curtains on the sides of your gazebo to complete the look with a dash of elegance. 

Or Relax On A Corner Sofa

A corner sofa is a perfect addition to any gazebo or pavilion. Don’t believe it? Take a look at the images above!

A corner sofa will help you recreate your living room ambiance outdoors and it is the easiest way to make your gazebo more inviting. Corner sofas look stylish and are comfy but they also serve a function!

A large corner sofa that extends along two sides of your gazebo is ideal for large families and inviting people over. There’s nothing more awkward than not having enough chairs for your unexpected guest. 

With a large corner sofa, you can confidently host BBQs. All you need is a coffee table to go with it and some decorative pillows to complete your gazebo furniture set. 

Don’t forget to put up string lights on the ceiling of your gazebo for those late-night summer gatherings. You can find some amazing gazebo lighting ideas right here!

Better Than A Dining Room

Who wouldn’t want to eat a delicious home-cooked meal at a table like this? I know I would! You, too, can achieve this same dining room ambiance in your gazebo. Your guests will be impressed!

Start by placing a long and solid barn dining table in the middle of your gazebo. Gracefully aged wood will beautifully match the support beams of your outdoor structure. Place a bouquet of freshly picked flowers in the middle of the table as a centerpiece.

Continue building your gazebo furniture layout with dining chairs and benches. Consider how many guests you invite to dinners on average. You don’t want to be a chair short when people start coming over. 

Now that you have your base ready, you can start accessorizing it. A dining room isn’t complete without a chandelier. Fancy tableware and a potted plant here or there will tie the whole look together.

Arrange Bar Stools All Around

Do a modern take on a traditional dining room and arrange bar stools all-around your outdoor kitchen countertop. Create a more relaxed atmosphere under your backyard gazebo! 

A gazebo furniture layout like this one is ideal for those who love to cook in front of people. You can stay behind the grill, cook fresh food and still socialize and interact with your guests. Put on a cooking show for them and be the star of the day. 

Guests sitting on bar stools will face each other and keep the conversations going even when you are too busy prepping the food. A backyard gazebo like this one can turn an introvert into a social butterfly.

To build an outdoor living space like this one, you may need to hire a professional. If you have the skills, you can construct the U-shaped kitchen countertop yourself. Finding bar stools that match your exterior design may be the easiest job in this project. 

Or Place A Round Table In The Middle

Place a large table in the middle of your backyard gazebo and give it the heart that it so desperately needs!

If you are renovating your dining room and thinking of throwing your round table and dining chairs away, think again! You can use this old set to furnish your gazebo. If you don’t have a spare round dining table on you, you can get one for cheap at a second-hand shop. I am not stopping you from buying a new one if you have a budget for it

Place the round table in the middle of your gazebo and watch it transform the space. You will instantly give your outdoor structure a center that everybody gravitates to

Decorate the table with an attractive centerpiece. Arrange dining chairs all around the table or surround it with a comfy sofa and upholstered accent chairs. Take time to weigh down your outdoor furniture, so it doesn’t get blown away by high winds! 

Lastly, decorate the whole gazebo furniture layout you created with pretty throw pillows, throw blankets, curtains, planters, and much more. You can follow the example that’s on the right picture and keep the decor at a bare minimum

Keep It Natural With A Rattan Set 

If you would like to keep your backyard gazebo looking natural, opt for a rattan furniture set. Rattan is a palm material used for making outdoor furniture, among other things. It is often woven in a recognizable wicker pattern that people love to see. 

Styling rattan furniture isn’t difficult at all. It will blend perfectly with the surrounding nature and the wooden frame of your gazebo. Make your new gazebo furniture set feel at home by planting a palm tree nearby and incorporating other natural elements into the design.

Of course, don’t forget about color! It will make your gazebo come to life, otherwise, it may end up looking a tad bit boring. As seen in the images, blue shades beautifully fit the whole concept. They will match the bright sky and take your exterior design to a whole new dimension.

Or Play It Safe With A Wooden Set

These images just prove that wooden furniture doesn’t go out of style. It looks amazing in every setting, indoors or outdoors. The natural wood will beautifully match your backyard gazebo frame and accentuate its hidden features

The best thing is that wooden furniture is readily available in every style you can imagine. Traditional, vintage, modern, contemporary – you name it! You can make your wildest design dreams come true by choosing a wooden set instead of any other. 

Follow the examples shown above and invest in a quality sectional sofa, accent chairs, and a coffee table, all made of solid wood

I say go big or go home! Why not install wood pallet flooring in your gazebo? It will look amazing next to your furniture. Just a heads up, not all flooring is good for a fire pit, wood being one of them! 

Once you’ve got your gazebo furniture layout ready, you can start decorating it to your liking. Stick with white to achieve a sophisticated look. Don’t forget to incorporate a lot of greenery into the design. The more, the better! You will feel like you are sitting in the middle of the forest. 


What should I put in my gazebo?

You should put outdoor furniture in your gazebo where you and your guests can sit and socialize. You can furnish your gazebo with a sectional sofa and a coffee table or a dining table and chairs. Complete the setting with a carpet, string lights, throw pillows, and potted plants.

When can you put patio furniture out?

You can put patio furniture out when the temperatures outside are above freezing. This i’s because wooden and metal outdoor furniture is susceptible to frost damage. If you are expecting heavy downpours, do your best to cover the furniture to keep it from rusting and rotting.

Gazebo Furniture Ideas Worth Trying Out

These gazebo furniture ideas are worth trying out! They can transform your uninviting backyard gazebo into your new favorite place for relaxing and socializing. 

You don’t have to have deep pockets to give your backyard gazebo a new and improved look. I have learned to give my home makeovers on a budget. Repurposing old decor and thrifting for furniture is an art you, too, can take part in! Having a good idea is far more important than having unlimited resources. You’ve got plenty of those now! 

Which one of these gazebo furniture ideas is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below, and feel free to share this list with others.

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