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5 Awesome Gazebo Greenhouse Ideas For Your Backyard

Are you looking to pay some special attention to your plant babies that aren’t coping too well in your climate? 

Or maybe you’re just looking to give your backyard a makeover? Well, look no further because gazebo greenhouses are the perfect yet practical solution to both these problems.

The best part about these is that they’re customizable, allowing you to let out your creative spark! 

Keep reading to learn more about 5 of the best gazebo greenhouse ideas!

Metal Gazebo Greenhouses

If you’re looking for a sturdy gazebo greenhouse that’s going to last you a long time without needing much repairs and maintenance, a metal gazebo greenhouse is an excellent choice.

Modern metals, especially, have grown in popularity because they’re able to manipulate natural light to create open, airy spaces. This quality makes it a beautiful material for a gazebo greenhouse!

If a metal gazebo greenhouse intrigues you, be sure to check out our reviews on the Gazebo Penguin Florence Solarium and Gazebo Penguin Add-a-Room Solarium! These are stunning and are made out of strong aluminum and reinforced polycarbonate.

Wooden Gazebo Greenhouses

Wood is such a timeless and versatile material that uplifts the aesthetics of its surroundings no matter what shape or form it’s in. As a gazebo greenhouse, wood can be easily transformed to match your vision and expectations or it can be used as is in its natural state and still look aesthetically pleasing.

If you’re not into a greenhouse that’s “too woody,” you can always opt for different-colored window panes. For example, white window panes against golden oak or teak would really tie the look together!

Attached To Side Gazebo Greenhouses

If you’re running short on space in your yard but would really like a greenhouse, an attached gazebo greenhouse is the perfect option. These attach to a wall of your home, so there are only three sides of covering you need to figure out.

A common material that’s used for these is polycarbonate (not to be confused with its friend, plexiglass). This material is known to last at least a decade or more if it’s maintained properly. Polycarbonate also retains heat and humidity, thus making gardening throughout the seasons a breeze!

Don’t forget that the type of material you choose as your gazebo greenhouse cover influences how much light your plants will get, therefore impacting their overall health. 

The key to ensuring that your plants remain strong and healthy is to maintain a balance between how much light they receive. For example, too much light will result in your plants overheating, while too much shade will lead to your plants deteriorating.

Hexagonal Gazebo Greenhouse

These gazebo greenhouses are just so chic! I might be biased because these are my absolute favorite, but I think they will take your backyard from drab to fab in no time! 

The shape itself is enough to turn heads, so there’s very little that you actually need to do to decorate these. But if you do want to take it up a notch, a couple of elegant furnishings, such as nice door handles and a light fixture or two, will really finish off the look!

Speaking of light fixtures, it’s great to have a backup source of heat for the cold winter months. It’s a good idea to get yourself a heat lamp or two for your gazebo greenhouse to help maintain the temperature inside.

Dome Roof Gazebo Greenhouse

Just like hexagonal gazebo greenhouses, ones with dome roofs require little to no additional decoration just because its shape has enough wow factor on its own! These are also super classy and really increase the value of your property. 

Dome roof gazebo greenhouses are quite popular because they’re known to be better for allowing air and energy to circulate through them without obstruction.

A Bit More About Gazebo Greenhouses

While the ultimate purpose of a gazebo greenhouse is to make sure your plants thrive year-round, that doesn’t mean that that’s all you can do with one!

If you have enough space in your gazebo greenhouse, you can set up a little table and chairs, some pretty lights and even host events like afternoon teas in there. Add a little stone pathway to the door of your greenhouse gazebo and you’ll have the perfect setting!

So if you’re wondering whether it’ll be worth the investment, If you’re someone who loves the outdoors and are passionate about maintaining your plants’ health, year-round, it’s a resounding yes from me! 

If you’re convinced that you need a gazebo greenhouse in your backyard, be sure to check out these reviews on the best gazebos!

Things To Consider About Gazebo Greenhouses

  • It’s recommended that you get yourself a gazebo kit, but remember to follow the set-up guidelines to the T to ensure that it’s fitted securely and won’t get damaged (or fly away!) during treacherous weather conditions.
  • Make sure you know exactly what’s included in your kit because some don’t come with any flooring and you’ll have to figure it out on your own if you don’t want grass (or whatever surface you wish to place your gazebo on). 
  • Do a little research to determine what temperatures your plants thrive in and whether your gazebo greenhouse is going to meet these requirements. If it’s going to be a challenge in certain months, you’ll need to work out a backup plan to maintain the temperature, such as by getting a fan.

Did You Like My Gazebo Greenhouse Ideas?

When I was younger, I always wished for a pretty gazebo in my yard where I could go and snuggle up with a good book. Now that I’ve taken to gardening, I’ve opted for a gazebo greenhouse to help me take care of my plant babies, and I honestly think it’s the best decision I’ve made!

I hope you’ve found our gazebo greenhouse ideas helpful. Please let us know which one’s your favorite down in the comments below!

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