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27 Beautiful Backyard Gazebo Ideas For Your Garden To Get Inspired

Are you looking to add some shade to your backyard? Or maybe you want a seating area in your garden to spend time with your family and friends? If you’re like me, you definitely need a gazebo!

Gazebos are a wonderful solution to get some privacy in your outdoor living space, seek shelter from the burning sun, or spice up your backyard scene. Just remember that it is an accessory building, though, so you might need to get a permit to erect one.

Today, I’ll be sharing with you some of my favorite backyard gazebo ideas (with pictures) for your garden. I made sure to add some of the best gazebo ideas for different themes so that you can find the one that suits you best.

Private Shelter

Glass Garden

an enclosed gazebo with an outdoor room and curtains #gazeboideas #gazebo #pavillion #pavilion #backyardGazebo #outdoorSpace #outdoorRoom #curtains

Gazebos don’t only have to have an open design. In fact, some of the best gazebo ideas are enclosed. Looking at this enclosed gazebo, I really like how homey yet private it feels. I actually think it looks like an outdoor living room more than anything else.

The single color scheme, especially when it’s light, makes the gazebo seem bigger than it actually is. This is great when you’re short on outdoor space. They also installed glass walls and a glass door to avoid blocking the green view – kudos!

You can create something similar in your backyard. What you need is just some outdoor furniture and a hardtop gazebo (read my post to understand how to choose the best one). Or, you can make this into an outdoor dining area for the regular BBQ party on the weekends.

Classic Chamber 

an enclosed gazebo with an outdoor room and curtains #gazeboideas #gazebo #pavillion #pavilion #backyardGazebo #outdoorSpace #outdoorRoom #curtains
Image credit:

As far as enclosed gazebo ideas go, classic designs are always a crowd favorite! There’s just something about old-fashioned vibes that give a lot of people (including myself) heart eyes!

This gazebo is an embodiment of vintage — the doors and walls with glass blocks and solid bottoms really take you back. The wooden flooring makes it extra cozy — nostalgic even. If you want an outdoor living room to unwind, I think that it doesn’t get better than this one.

I also like the color choice of light green since it blends so well with the surrounding garden and simple roof pattern.

Hardtop Haven

an enclosed wooden gazebo #gazeboideas #gazebo #pavillion #pavilion #backyardGazebo
Image credit:

If you’re thinking of making the gazebo a more permanent addition to your yard, why not consider a hardtop garden gazebo? I have a similar design to this for my covered patio, and, I must say, the coziness is next-level.

Not only are such designs super sturdy, but they’re also elegant and functional. This particular enclosed gazebo is an all-wood design. It literally oozes sophistication and luxury — you can’t help but fall in love with this outdoor living room!

Notice how even the flooring is made of hardwood, creating a picture-perfect scene. The vintage design of the windows and the door gives a magical vibe that captures your attention.

All White Party

Trip To The Playhouse

a white gazebo #gazeboideas #gazebo #pavillion #pavilion #backyardGazebo #flowers #lighting #ropeLights #stringLights

If you’re a fan of playhouses for kids, here’s your chance to create something as cute in your own yard! I have to say; this definitely upgrades your outdoor living space.

The folks who designed this white gazebo did a great job of balancing the right amount of cheer and elegance. The stripped rail enclosure implies both privacy and coziness, while the pointed shingled roof emphasizes the classic vibe.

Grand Tour

a white gazebo with lights and flowers #gazeboideas #gazebo #pavillion #pavilion #backyardGazebo

A white gazebo is a wonderful chance for you to go big. I think that the neutral color makes it easier to achieve a dramatic look in your outdoor space without being too loud about it.

The large pillars of this gazebo are not at all subtle, but the white color takes the “edge” off to make it look grand and sophisticated. I also like how far the pillars are from one another — it makes the gazebo appear extra spacious.

Cozy Outing

a white gazebo with a swing #gazeboideas #gazebo #pavillion #pavilion #backyardGazebo #swing

For lots of people, a gazebo and a covered patio are all about kicking back in a cozy spot, maybe while listening to some music or with a good book and a drink!

This white cozy gazebo is designed to be the perfect relaxation haven, with a classic crisscross pattern for a warmer aesthetic. The pallet roof is also a nice touch for a traditional feel. To add a fun twist, I suggest installing a swing!

Fairytale Ending

a white gazebo with an outdoor room #gazeboideas #gazebo #pavillion #pavilion #backyardGazebo #outdoorSpace #outdoorRoom #flowers

Besides all the common gazebo designs with walls, windows, doors, and roofs, this one is truly exceptional. While it doesn’t exactly provide shade on sunny days, it sure is gorgeous to look at! I think that this is definitely one of the best gazebo ideas for the minimalists out there.

This round gazebo may seem kind of “weightless“, but it’s actually made of iron, so you know it’s well-grounded. The white color allows people to easily see the pattern of the roof, which almost looks like Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage!

Logs Everywhere!

Keep It Modern

a log gazebo with an outdoor room #gazeboideas #gazebo #pavillion #pavilion #backyardGazebo #outdoorSpace #outdoorRoom
Image credit:

When it comes to outdoor gazebos, many landscaping fans prefer to keep the construction as natural looking as possible. One of the most effective yet stylish ways to achieve this is by using tree logs. But don’t worry, if you also like modern design, you can simply combine the two!

This octagonal gazebo is an excellent representation of both worlds. The fresh look of the thick logs works very well with the cool black roof, resulting in a unique piece of art. If you ask me, the only thing missing from this covered patio is a hot tub, transforming this into a new outdoor living room.

Back To Basics

a log gazebo #gazeboideas #gazebo #pavillion #pavilion #backyardGazebo

When it comes to a log gazebo, simplicity can be your best friend! In such cases, you’ll quickly learn the truth of the saying: “less is more”, especially if you want to improve your outdoor space.

The octagonal gazebo in this image follows the same concept, with a basic design that uses logs in almost every detail. To further support this natural look, the flooring is also made of wood. 

Am I the only one who prefers a wooden covered patio over any other design? Well, maybe an outdoor kitchen barely surpasses it.

Pair Logs With Stones

Another neat aspect of working with tree logs is that you can blend in different materials to create a unique look. You can add other elements of nature, such as rocks, to make your own garden oasis.

In this gorgeous gazebo, they used logs of different sizes to keep the theme going. But they also paired the logs with stone flooring and a rocky outdoor fireplace to seem even more rustic. 

I really like the drapes, as they contrast with the rough design, giving it a soft touch. Plus, I could turn this into an outdoor kitchen using the fireplace, which is always a plus in my book and perfect for outdoor dining.

Bare Bricks 

Trendy Moment

a brick gazebo near a pool #gazeboideas #gazebo #pavillion #pavilion #backyardGazebo #pool #outdoorFurniture
Image credit:

Brick gazebo designs can really take you back, but they can keep up with the current trends just as well! Showing off a gorgeous clay-tile roof and rough brick walls, this gazebo surely makes a stylish statement on this poolside covered patio.

The light color and the large doorways ensure a spacious design, where you can add chairs and a dining table to host cocktail parties, casual gatherings, or family nights. Or, I highly suggest you turn this into an outdoor kitchen and enjoy your meals next to the pool.

Long-Lasting Pillars 

a brick gazebo with an outdoor kitchen #gazeboideas #gazebo #pavillion #pavilion #backyardGazebo #outdoorKitchen #backyardKitchen #outdoorFurniture
Image credit:

One amazing advantage of a brick gazebo is its longevity, so it will stay around to serve a wide variety of needs. This makes brick a top choice for landscaping lovers looking for elegance and stability at the same time.

This particular covered patio adopts thick brick pillars and stone flooring to emphasize its strength. I think that the open layout is an invitation to spend time inside, especially with the French country furniture and the outdoor kitchen.

Classy Times

a brick gazebo #gazeboideas #gazebo #pavillion #pavilion #backyardGazebo
Image credit:

Using the right elements and patterns, brick gazebos can be rather luxurious if you want them to be. And I imagine that this is exactly what an outdoor living room looked like in medieval times.

The gazebo featured in this picture plays with several design elements to achieve a classy style. This octagonal gazebo design gives an instant boost of elegance, while the scale-like roof gives a fashionable, classic touch.

I especially like how this covered patio is both open and enclosed to deliver cozy vibes while letting you know that privacy isn’t an issue.

A Touch Of Stone

Medieval Privacy

a stone gazebo #gazeboideas #gazebo #pavillion #pavilion #backyardGazebo

This charming little gazebo looks like something right out of a medieval movie! The stone brick construction is a signature of the era, but it works really well in this backyard setting.

It definitely excels when it comes to privacy, thanks to the covered patio design and somewhat narrow entrances. I think that the dome-shaped roof is simple enough to let the rough aesthetics shine through.

Show Stopper 

a stone gazebo in a blooming garden #gazeboideas #gazebo #pavillion #pavilion #backyardGazebo #flowers

This magnificent gazebo can be exactly what you need if you want a lavish centerpiece to decorate your garden. As you can see, the design looks like a downsized version of ancient Roman or Greek architecture, talk about a show stopper! 

This stone gazebo isn’t about providing shade or entertaining guests, it’s more of a conversation starter or a piece to reflect upon. Hence, the open roof and the lack of seating solutions. While I’m not the most artistic person, I have to say that this is definitely amongst the best gazebo ideas for all of you artists out there.

Historic Splash

a stone gazebo in the middle of a pond #gazeboideas #gazebo #pavillion #pavilion #backyardGazebo #pond

Stone gazebos aren’t limited to the ground — you can have one installed right on the water! So, if you have a pond in your backyard, you can take the chance and decorate it with a stone gazebo.

We can see a wonderful example of this in the picture. The gazebo features an ancient Greek design with strong pillars and graduated steps. I think that this covered patio is elegant, luxurious, and, quite frankly, a beauty to behold!

Dual Purpose 

a stone gazebo near a pond #gazeboideas #gazebo #pavillion #pavilion #backyardGazebo #pond

This is another stone gazebo idea that’s perfect if you want to add some glam to a pool, a pond, or even a small lake. If you ask me, this is the perfect setting for an outdoor kitchen.

The high roof emphasizes the grand aesthetic of the design. However, if you take a closer look, you’ll notice something I especially like — the pillars are standing on top of a sturdy stone base, which actually doubles as classy benches for people to sit and enjoy the view!

Victorian Beauty 

Go Festive

a Victorian gazebo #gazeboideas #gazebo #pavillion #pavilion #backyardGazebo

If you’re a fan of Victorian-era design, you’ll be happy to know that gazebos are one of the many outdoor structures where Victorian architecture can truly shine!

The lovely gazebo in this picture is a wooden design with gorgeous Victorian patterns, guaranteed to catch the eyes of your guests. The conical shape of the roof is a signature of this era and the white color lets you focus on the art without interruption.

If you’re feeling frisky, I suggest you either add a hot tub or an outdoor kitchen to this. 

Make Way

a Victorian gazebo in a blooming garden #gazeboideas #gazebo #pavillion #pavilion #backyardGazebo #flowers

Depending on the landscaping vision you have for your garden, your Victorian gazebo could use a nice walkway to introduce people into the building.

In this case, you should go for an extension that matches the pattern of your gazebo. The Victorian gazebo in this picture has rails of the same design on its base and on the path leading up to it, creating a flow that’s much more pleasing to the eyes.

A hot tub would really complement this covered patio, in my opinion. Just imagine how nice it’d be to walk up to this outdoor living room after a hard day’s work to unwind.

Add Some Gold

a Victorian gazebo #gazeboideas #gazebo #pavillion #pavilion #backyardGazebo

This gazebo shows off a breathtaking design that I could spend days looking at without getting bored! I’d even build a separate outdoor living room to do so. I love how every little detail seems to be well-thought-out and topped off with brilliant craftsmanship. 

Here, you can see a gorgeous Victorian gazebo made of sturdy iron and optional tempered glass. It’s hexagon-shaped with a domed roof that just keeps on giving. The black color is a universal code for elegance and the gold details support the luxurious look.

Iron Elegance

Practical Approach

a wrought iron gazebo with outdoor furniture #gazeboideas #gazebo #pavillion #pavilion #backyardGazebo #outdoorSpace #outdoorRoom #patioFurniture

Wrought iron is a popular choice nowadays among landscaping enthusiasts because it’s very versatile. The gazebo portrayed in this picture combines sophistication and practicality in one lovely package.

The iron base is sturdy, with fine dealing at the corners to uplift the stylish aspects of the design. But what I like the most about this wrought iron gazebo is the fact that the seating is built-in, which means you just need to set up a table and you’re good to go!

With a covered patio like this one, I’d just remove the chairs and add a hot tub to relax on the weekends. You could also turn this into an outdoor kitchen, which would look even better.

Minimalist Mindset

a wrought iron gazebo #gazeboideas #gazebo #pavillion #pavilion #backyardGazebo

If your go-to design philosophy revolves around simplicity, you’ll find that working with wrought iron can help you achieve your goals.

This is clearly demonstrated by this classy gazebo, which features just enough scroll detailing without being too loud. The lack of extra elements makes for an open design, which I think doesn’t distract from your garden.

Column Action

a wrought iron gazebo #gazeboideas #gazebo #pavillion #pavilion #backyardGazebo

Who said that wrought iron and classic design doesn’t mix? If you’re looking to incorporate ancient architecture with current trends, you can definitely use some wrought iron in your backyard!

This elegant wrought iron gazebo features six caryatid columns as a tribute to Greek architecture, with fine floral detailing on both sides and a dome roof to top it off. Additionally, the base has curved benches to accommodate family and friends.

I’m pretty sure that you could turn this into an outdoor kitchen, and you won’t even need to add any extra chairs.

Fancy Outdoors

Serenity Spot

a fancy gazebo with outdoor furniture #gazeboideas #gazebo #pavillion #pavilion #backyardGazebo #outdoorSpace #outdoorRoom #patioFurniture
Image credit:

This gazebo design is ideal for those looking to go fancy with their garden landscape. It has elongated pillars that extend independently from the rooftop. The open construction creates the illusion of a more spacious area, which comes in handy if you’re short on outdoor space.

Of course, I can’t overlook the amazing geometrical pattern of the dome roof, as well as the beautiful white benches that I think perfectly complement this layout.

Green Runway 

a fancy gazebo with climbing plants in the middle of a garden #gazeboideas #gazebo #pavillion #pavilion #backyardGazebo #garden #plants

This fancy gazebo makes use of various elements to achieve a luxurious yet rural aesthetic, which isn’t always easy to execute.

The walls are a lovely diamond pattern with Persian-style doorways to emphasize the fancy theme. The climbing plants on the sides keep the design tied to the surrounding nature, while the conical plated roof adds sophistication to the equation.

The walkway into the gazebo is also pretty impressive. It looks like a leafy runway if you ask me! And I really like the fact that this can be used as an outdoor living room when it’s sunny.

Luxurious Architecture 

a fancy gazebo in the middle of a garden #gazeboideas #gazebo #pavillion #pavilion #backyardGazebo #garden #plants
Image credit:

Nothing screams ‘fancy’ like marble or stone with huge columns and a complex roof. This is exactly what you get in this fancy gazebo, with its bulky columns and detailed wrought iron roof. 

Once again, the open design creates extra outdoor space for the illusion of a bigger garden. I think that it makes an excellent spot for a dining table and some chairs, so you can entertain guests anytime.

Extra Mile

a fancy gazebo with an outdoor space next to a house #gazeboideas #gazebo #pavillion #pavilion #backyardGazebo #outdoorSpace #outdoorRoom
Image credit:

If you decide to go fancy, why not go all the way while you’re at it? This gigantic backyard gazebo is all about going the extra mile to create a full-blown outdoor oasis experience and I’m living for it!

The construction is luxurious and classy, with glass walls and even a glass roof. The true advantage of this enclosed gazebo, however, lies in its size. You pretty much have a vacation cabin in your backyard, so the possibilities are endless!

I especially love the fact that this covered patio is a full-blown outdoor living room. I mean, who’d say no to an extra living space in your backyard?

50 Garden Gazebo Ideas Video

For more inspiration, you can also watch this video:

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My Final Thoughts On These Gazebo Ideas

Phew! That was fun! Did you enjoy going through my list of gazebo ideas? Personally, I really liked putting these ideas together, so you can get as inspired as I was. 

I’d love to know what you think in the comments below! Also, feel free to share this article if you think someone else could use the help! And let me know how you’d use these gazebo ideas. Would you go for an outdoor kitchen or an extra living room?

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