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11 Of The Best Greenhouse Ideas For Your Garden

Have you ever wished you could grow any plant you want at any time of the year, in both hot and cold weather? It can be really difficult to grow the perfect garden when you have crazy weather conditions working against you. 

Find this relatable? You’re in luck because I’ve got the perfect solution for you! Build a greenhouse in your backyard!
Keep reading to learn more about 11 of the best greenhouse ideas for your garden!

11 Of The Best Greenhouse Ideas For Your Garden!

A Wide And Welcoming Entrance

This greenhouse idea involves a greenhouse with a wide opening at the entrance. Your greenhouse can be built with any material you prefer and the only requirement to pull this idea off would be to get yourself a pretty, wide door for that spacious entrance.

You can opt for a traditional one-piece door that opens to one side or you can do double doors (my personal favorite!)

One of the perks of having a wide entrance is that even if you stand in the doorway, you can still have a full view of all your beautiful plants. This structure is also great for a garden room!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

It’s always great to find new ways to reuse materials we already have on hand for new purposes, such as building a greenhouse!

If you’ve got a bunch of old windows lying around and a DIY greenhouse intrigues you, why not use them to build one? It’s one of the most cost-effective greenhouse options and also a really fun project. The result is actually quite beautiful!

If you plan on building it yourself, here’s an idea of how you could go about it:

  1. Clear the area in which you wish to build your greenhouse, making sure you’ve removed any debris. The area you build on should be flat and able to receive adequate sunlight.
  2. Place a layer of weed barrier fabric on the ground, covering the area of your greenhouse.
  3. Plan a wooden frame upon which you can attach the salvaged windows.
  4. Add hinges so that you can open and close the windows for good ventilation.
  5. If you’re expecting an icy winter, caulk the windows to keep out the cold.

A Mini Greenhouse

Do you have limited space in your yard but still dream of having your own greenhouse to protect your tender plants? Well, you can have a nice greenhouse too, even if it’s a mini one! 

These mini-greenhouses are the cutest little structures that can even be made to a size that resembles a phone booth. This extra small, compact design is not only the perfect solution for small yards, but it’s also very cost-effective because you don’t need as much material as you do when building a normal-sized greenhouse. 

The Greenhouse Showstopper

Now, this is what I call the star of the show! This bright greenhouse will definitely give your yard a chic, modern look, and it is the perfect option if you find aesthetics as important as functionality. 

The material you use for your structure is up to you. You can choose from aluminum, wood or plastic, just as long as you choose something sturdy that will complement the material you use for your cover. For your cover, you can choose from rigid plastic, glass and plastic film. But if you’re really aiming for a showstopper piece, glass is a perfect choice!

The only possible downside to keep in mind with a white-colored greenhouse is that it may require more maintenance and cleaning than a black one. If you live in an area that gets rough wind, sand storms, or just regular bad weather, you’ll have a lot more cleaning to do if you want to maintain that crisp white effect. 

Moving Onto The Dark Side – Black Greenhouses

In my humble opinion, black is such an underrated color! We often think of black as boring but that definitely isn’t the case, especially where greenhouses are concerned. Black framed greenhouses are so modern and stylish

While they may not stand out in your yard as much as a white greenhouse, they complement greenery so well!

You can opt for any material you want and paint it black or you can use black powder-coated aluminum (which is all the rage at the moment).

Plant Home In A Dome 

If you’re looking for something unusual, a dome-shaped greenhouse is definitely worth checking out! Besides the fact that they look pretty cool and are known to be among the strongest greenhouse structures, it’s also really functional and helps your plants thrive.

Due to their shape, these kinds of greenhouses circulate air more efficiently than the rectangular kind. Keep in mind, though that plants homed in a dome greenhouse will receive more direct sunlight throughout the day, meaning more consistent heat. To take full advantage of this, try to get plants that need more than the usual amount of heat to thrive.

A Brick Greenhouse

Who said we can’t use bricks to build a greenhouse?? While building your entire greenhouse would basically defeat the purpose of it, we can still use bricks for a strong and sturdy base.

This type of greenhouse is quite classy and gives you the best of both worlds: an aesthetically pleasing cover and structure, and a pretty much indestructible base that will weather all storms. A metal or vinyl frame with a clear, transparent cover and exposed brickwork is the best combination for this look.

There are quite a few material options for covers, but the most popular are glass and plexiglass.

Modern Meets Chic: A Slanted Roof Greenhouse

This greenhouse screams modern architecture due to its innovative yet minimalistic design. While a slanted roof may seem rather unusual, when all components come together, it really does look exquisite.

Besides aesthetics, this idea is also quite functional. Slanted roofs will allow you to harness more of the sun’s heat during the day and it also allows for snow and ice to be shed naturally.

If you’re into a modern look, definitely check out this idea. The pictures speak for themselves!  

Side Attached Greenhouse

Here’s another idea for those with limited space in their yard for a greenhouse. How about attaching one to the side of your house or garage?

This idea is cost-effective because you only need material for three sides of the greenhouse. Greenhouses that are attached to a wall of your house are also considered to be more energy efficient because one of the walls receives heat from the inside of your home. It’s also easily accessible, seeing as it’s attached to your house.

If Rapunzel Had A Greenhouse … It Would Be This One!

I know I’ve already labeled one of the other ideas as a showstopper, but this one might just win first place!

Tall greenhouses have more airspace and this helps to keep temperatures relatively similar without any drastic drops or spikes. The high ceiling means that the heat and humidity will rise and won’t be trapped around the plants. 

They also create a more uniform, stable and ultimately superior growing environment for your plants, making it the perfect option if you love tropical plants.

The Ultimate Classic – A Wood And Glass Combo

What’s more traditional than wood? This classic greenhouse is made up of a wooden frame with a glass structure. Wood has insulating properties, so it keeps the greenhouse warmer in winter and cooler in summer. 

Make sure you choose the type of wood you use for your greenhouse very carefully because some can rot very easily. Some of the best types of wood for greenhouses include cedar and redwood. Alternatively, you could use chemically treated wood. 

If you’re opting for this idea, using a sealer every year will help keep it in good shape for longer.

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Is It Cheaper To Build Or Buy A Greenhouse?

uild a greenhouse. Building your own greenhouse gives you the flexibility to design it as per your preferences. They also generally cost less than manufactured kits.

What Is The Best Shape For A Greenhouse?

There is no best shape for a greenhouse. It all depends on what type of plants you wish to put in them, how many plants you’d like and the temperature they’d need to thrive in.

11 Greenhouse Ideas – Which One’s Your Favorite?

11 greenhouse ideas later – have you found a favorite?

Greenhouses are a practical solution to maintaining a beautiful garden all year long, no matter the weather. They magnify the light of the sun while protecting your plants from cold temperatures.
I hope these greenhouse ideas have inspired you to build your own! Please leave a comment to let me know which one is your favorite. I’d love to hear from you!

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