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City Life: Home Improvement Considerations When Living With Kids

Home improvement is a great way to feel happier, comfortable, and relaxed, especially for kids.

Changing the look of your home increases its appeal and your changes should incorporate the needs of our kids. From cosmetic fixes to energy saving tips, here are some home improvement considerations when living with kids in the city.

Add fresh paint

A fresh and modern hue changes the entire character of any home; making it appear brighter and better. 

Consider using a  low VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint that makes the room look more eco-friendly and prevent your kids from breathing in the dangerous fresh paint chemicals.

Opt for mix and match colors and bright and neutral color combinations to make the room feel relaxed and attractive. Gray, white and beige are some classic neutral hues to try and paired with soft yellows and greens, provide a wonderful color combination that enhances the room, making it look bigger.

Think about lighting

Lighting plays a huge role in a comfy city life

Improving and adding both exterior and interior lighting is a unique way of sprucing up your home. 

Create an environment with soft lighting to improve your child’s concentration. Add interior light fixtures on the living spaces, indoor entryway, and kitchen to brighten up the rooms. 

If a room does not have ceiling lights, you can still light it up – check the lighting ideas for rooms without ceiling lights I found here. Follow my how-to light a living room with no overhead lighting steps to implement them in your home!

On the outside, add exterior lighting to curb the overall appeal and improve security. Landscape lighting, porch lights, and entryway fixtures will make it easier for the kids to move around comfortably. 

Additionally, updating pendants, chandeliers, and lamps should transform the feel and look of your home. Opt to use the yellow glow light fixtures to bring a calming effect and install dimmers and save energy by using LED bulbs. 

Reinvent a room

Adding extra square footage by reinventing the rooms creates a bigger environment for everyone to enjoy. 

Remove walls to create more space, finish the basement and convert into game rooms or a second living room, and in the garage, add small apartments to act like your kids’ study room or an extra bedroom. 

Change the attic into a game or craft room. 

For the attic with high ceilings, make them cool playrooms by using a rafter to build swings. Use your home corners to create more storage spaces by installing floating shelves for keeping your kids’ stuff. 

Service the HVAC system

Keep your home’s cooling and heating system running smoothly by frequently having it cleaned and serviced to remove unwanted dirt and dust. 

An HVAC system with accumulated dirt and dust is dangerous to health, and it affects the overall efficiency of your home. Use the professional services, like the Eastern Shore Heating & Air Conditioning experts, to inspect your system and make improvements.

A well-maintained HVAC system reduces repair costs, running costs, and maintains comfortable temperatures. It, also, improves your home indoor air quality, making your home a healthier living environment.

Get Smart

Maximize technology in improving your homes

Technology has brought great home improvements that bring peace of mind to everyone.

Invest in a smart fridge that has an alarm reminding your kid to close the door after it. Use smart devices that keep your kids entertained and provide educational information while you are working or doing chores.

Monitor energy usage by installing a smart home system that has sensors and timers hence controlling your home appliances. Use the smart assistant routine devices with upbeat music, wake-up alarm for getting your kid ready to start the day and remind them of important tasks like brushing teeth, do homework and sleep on time. 

From camera-enables doorbells to programmable thermostats, various smart home features integrate with your home design and space to give a major transformation.

Create space for pets

Incorporate your kid’s pet into your home makeover by creating a special corner for them and adding pet décor. Kids love spending time with their furry friends, so make the space comfortable and fun.

Hide your cords

Messy cords scattered all over the bedrooms, snaking around the walls, handing from the TV or windows are a recipe for accidents and unsightly. Get the cords out of the sight by hiding them using Velcro and felt wraps, using shower rod, modified file boxes, hiding them using the trim or command hooks. You can use different DIY methods to organize your cables, hide the eyesores, keep your home tidy, and prevent your kids from tripping or choking on them. 

Carve a playing area for your child

Carving out a playing area on limited space can be hectic, but you can use different visual barriers to make the space more comfortable for your child. Use mini-sized furniture to create more space, illuminate the space with colorful kid’s colors.

Buy a chalk wall and give your kids a chance to become creative without having to clutter the space. Use shallow Lucite shelves to store your kid’s favorite books and have the covers on display for ease of access.

Hack your Furniture

Instead of replacing your furniture, you can use different creative options to give new life to your old furniture. 

Opt for reupholstering, painting, or using adhesive contacts paper to add design and shapes Choose a fabric that wears and wash well like slipcovers, or you can stick to microfibers fabrics. Another option is to make the furniture multifunctional. 

Use round tables to eliminate sharp corners making your home safer.  Slip extra storage in the living room by investing in coffee-tables with shelves, end-tables with drawers, and benches that open up. For example, if your kid uses a certain toy or book frequently, they can store it here instead of the bedroom, keeping your home clutter-free.

Final Words

These are just a few home improvements that add beauty while incorporating the needs of your kids. 

The smallest changes in our home can make the most significant impact creating a safer, fun, and enjoyable environment for the whole family.

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