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Backyard And Patio Design, Outdoor Improvements Contributors Welcome!

My name is Nadya and I am calling all backyard design, yard decoration, garden, and outdoor improvements bloggers!

Allen Roth HQ is looking for contributors and needs your content! We are a growing site in outdoor improvements and backyard decor niche that wants to provide more useful information for the enthusiasts like you!

Submit your best, most informative content to us for immediate review.

However, before you do, please read the contribution guidelines below.

Contribution Guidelines

Your article must:

  • Be at least 900 words
  • Be original (we’ll check with Copyscape)
  • Be high quality written in proper American English – our readers are located in the USA
  • Have no more than 3 outbound links
    • Those links must be topically related to the article
  • Go into depth on your topic – and it answers the most of the questions (if applicable) that someone may have on the topic you write about
  • Have at least one image
    • At least one image must be vertical and have no text (we will use it to create a picture to share on Pinterest)
    • Image(s) must be properly attributed
    • please submit images as a separate email attachment and not inside the article

Apart from that, an article should be:

  • Well formatted with bullet lists or sub-headings
  • Written by authors whose native language is American English
  • Proofread for spelling and grammar mistakes

Things That Guarantee Rejection

  • Thin content: Make sure that it looks like you took time to think about the topic in some depth
  • Bad English: If your English is not good, please get an English native editor to fix your article
  • High keyword density: If your article is trying to stuff your text with keywords without good reason, it will be rejected, plain simple
  • Spun content: If you used an article spinner/re-writer to make the article “unique”, it will be rejected
  • Shady links: If you are linking to sites that have nothing to do with the content of the article or if the sites are “shady” (our discretion), no publication for you, sorry
  • Anything else that doesn’t pass muster

We reserve the right to make edits to your article

This includes:

  • adding links to internal and external resources
  • editing to make sure your article fits the writing style of our website
  • possible rewriting later if needed while preserving all the links as is
  • placing ads and affiliate links in your text

If we have accepted your article, we will contact you to let you know within a week or so of receipt.

We get a lot of requests and WILL NOT RESPOND to status update questions.


Send us the topics you would like to write about and we will be in touch!

If you are certain you can write an article that fits our quality guidelines, go ahead and contact us through the form below:

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About The Author

Nadya Jones

Nadya's the creative mind behind this blog, sharing her passion for landscaping, gardening and making spaces that nourish the soul. An entrepreneur and writer based in Raleigh, NC, Nadya turns imaginative ideas into inspiration, fueling home and garden dreams. Though Nadya crafts gorgeous posts and photos showcasing lush yards or blooming gardens, the real magic happens behind the scenes where Nadya's partner Brett provides endless support, implementing each vision with care and dedication. Brett's the one ensuring her creative concepts come to life. At heart, Nadya remains an imaginative soul, forever dreaming of whimsical details, vibrant hues and lush landscapes. Each manicured edge or blossoming bloom fuels inspiration, expanding her vision of what's possible in design and life. She shares her love for landscaping, gardening, and outdoor design in her blog, the one you are visiting right now. If you are interested in the same things, be sure to check it out! Also, follow Nadya on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, and LinkedIn!