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How To Clear Snow From a Gravel Driveway In Your Backyard? Check These 3 Efficient Ways

There are three ways to do it. Plan ahead of the snow and use salt in advance. Or, get a snowblower with adjustable augers designed for clearing snow from a gravel driveway. Yet another way is to use snow melting mats that you can put on your gravel driveway.

Are you looking for an easy way to clear your driveway this winter? Want to know how to clear snow from gravel driveway? 

The truth is that snow blowing and shoveling can be incredibly frustrating and gravel driveways are one of the toughest surfaces to clear snow from. Every year, many people destroy their snowblowers by using the wrong type on a gravel surface. 

However, if you know how to do the job effectively and have the right tools, life is a whole lot simpler. 

In this article, I’m focusing on the best way to clear snow from a gravel driveway that will ensure your gravel stays put and doesn’t wreck your snowblower. 

How To Clear Snow From A Gravel Driveway

Plan Ahead Of The Snow

If you are expecting just a bit of snow, rather than a pile, there are some things you can do in advance. Try scattering a bit of salt on the gravel, as this can prevent the snow from settling and stop the buildup of ice that can cause a hazard. It does this by lowering the melting point of the ice. 

You can put down salt after it snows, but it won’t be as effective, as the snow has already settled.

If you don’t mind the way it looks, you can even put a tarp on the areas you’ll need to walk on after it snows. This may be a bit ugly, but you might not care. In the morning, when you need to go to work, just remove the tarp and you’ll have a clear walkway. 

Just be cautious as to whether ice has collected underneath the tarp and don’t attempt to walk on it, as it can be very slippery.

The Old Fashioned Way

Before I move on to some of the more modern methods, it is worth thinking about the old fashioned way to remove snow. On a gravel surface, this means using a shovel and a rake.

A shovel can be used to clear deeper snow that has settled on your driveway. You can remove the top layers of snow and not have to worry about coming into contact with the gravel below. This article also recommends you use a regular shovel, rather than one made specifically for snow.

A regular rake can help when you get closer to the gravel on the surface of your driveway. It can break up the snow and this means it will melt more easily. You may accidentally remove a bit of gravel this way, but not a significant amount.

You can buy specific “roof rakes” designed for snow built up on the roof. These can be good for the ground, too. This video shows how you can use one to clear your driveway.

Using A Snowblower

You might think that a snowblower is the simple solution. It can be, but not all snowblowers are designed for gravel. To understand how to snow blow a gravel driveway, you need to know a bit about how they are designed.

Snowblowers designed for clearing snow from a gravel driveway are the best option if you use them correctly. If you can afford one and have space for one, it can make those frosty mornings a lot easier!

Snowblowers are designed with augers. If you buy a single-stage blower, these augers are designed to come into contact with the ground. So, if you use this type on a gravel surface, they will pick up gravel. This can ruin the snowblower and your driveway.

You should be looking for a snowblower that has adjustable augers. These are either two-stage or three-stage snowblowers. The fact you can adjust the augers yourself means you can change their height depending on how much snow there is. 

But these types of snowblowers aren’t totally foolproof, you need to make sure you set the auger height correctly. This video can help you with the auger settings:

Snowblowers can be a little on the expensive side for a lot of us. Big and bulky models are often gasoline-powered, tough to store, and can be overkill. Some smaller, electric models are entering the market and these can be decent. 

Check more snow blowers for gravel driveways on HomeDepot: machines of this type have “Gravel” in the Clearing Surface Type section of the specifications.

Also, many of these snowblowers come with free delivery right to your home! Another option is to deliver it to the store for free and pick it up from there.

To learn more about these yard machines, read our post with the best snow blower reviews.

The Futuristic Method

There’s another method that requires very little effort from the homeowner — snow melting mats. These aren’t good for everyone, but they can be put down on a gravel driveway and the heat will melt the snow before it has the chance to settle.

These are sometimes just used on pathways to the house, but you can get bigger, industrial-style mats, suitable for driving on.

This mat is a great example if you are just looking to clear the path to your house. Obviously, the bigger the area you need covered the more expensive the mat is. 

You need to consider the extra cost of electricity here and this isn’t the best solution for everyone, but it is certainly hassle-free.


Have you enjoyed my guide? Hopefully, you now know how to clear snow from gravel driveway with ease.

There are different options out there, so be sure to think about the typical amount of snowfall in your area, as well as the best method of snow removal for your personal needs. You can:

  • Try salting the gravel for before it snows.
  • Use a snowblower for big gravel driveways, just ensure it has adjustable augers.
  • Try a heated mat.

Feel free to share this guide with your friends and family in cold climates. It could help them if they have a gravel driveway and need to clear the snow and ice. And if you have any questions, do let me know in the comments below. 

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