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16 Ideas About How To Hang Plants From Ceiling And Wall In Your House Or Apartment

Many of you have asked me how to hang plants from ceiling and wall. It’s nice to compliment your interior with greenery, but are potted plants the only option? 

Indoor plants are known to boost your health and brighten up a room. They’re even better when they’re placed in an original way. 

That’s why I came up with this list. You’ll find a detailed description with pictures of the 16 best designs out there. So, without any further ado, let’s dive right in! 

Ceiling Greenery

Keep It Simple

How to hang plants from a ceiling: Hang with thin wires #ceiling #indoorGardenIdeas #indoorgardendesigns #indoorgardenapartment #apartmentindoorgarden #apartmentgardening #plants
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It’s better to keep your living room simple and sleek. Therefore, if you want to hang planters from the ceiling of your living room, you should go as minimal as possible. 

As you can see, this design can’t be any simpler. It’s just a horizontal bar hanging from two long thin wires. 

You can tweak it even more by making it the same color as the walls. This way, when people look at it, it’ll look as if the planters are floating in the air with no support at all. 

Use A Tree Branch As A Hanger

How to hang plants from a ceiling: Earthy and rustic elements #ceiling #indoorGardenIdeas #indoorgardendesigns #indoorgardenapartment #apartmentindoorgarden #apartmentgardening #plants
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There’s nothing cooler than using earthy tree branches to hang plants. It’s like you’re recycling nature! However, make sure to select a suitable branch. Test its sturdiness before you actually hang it. 

Additionally, to be on the safe side, don’t apply too much weight to it. It’s best to use small plants inside lightweight metal pots. 

A kitchen garden with these branches would be amazing! This way, you’ll easily have fresh herbs whenever you need to flavor your dishes. You can check out my article on the best indoor herb garden ideas with pictures.

Hang On Ceiling And Match On Ground 

How to hang plants from a ceiling: Using a hook and/or rod #ceiling #indoorGardenIdeas #indoorgardendesigns #indoorgardenapartment #apartmentindoorgarden #apartmentgardening #plants
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If you plan to hang plants from the ceiling, you might as well put some on the ground, too. As you can see, this arrangement has multiple pots attached to rods with macramé hangers

On the ground, a bunch of rectangular pots are aligned to give the feeling of a raised bed. You could also make them slightly bigger to be symmetrical with the hangers. 

Use Devil’s Ivy

How to hang plants from a ceiling: Earthy and rustic elements #ceiling #indoorGardenIdeas #indoorgardendesigns #indoorgardenapartment #apartmentindoorgarden #apartmentgardening #plants
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Despite its odd name, devil’s ivy is among the most beautiful plants you can hang from your ceiling. Its most prominent feature lies in its leaves. They literally look like hearts! I can’t think of anything that feels warmer and more welcoming. 

But what about this odd name? Fun fact: devil’s ivy is named after the devil because taking care of them is so easy, it’s unlikely to die! 

As vining plants, they’ll grow to reach about 10 feet, on average. 

Liven Up Your Bedroom

How to hang plants from a ceiling: Using a hook and/or rod #ceiling #indoorGardenIdeas #indoorgardendesigns #indoorgardenapartment #apartmentindoorgarden #apartmentgardening #plants

Who wouldn’t want to wake up every day to the sight of beautiful plants? Totally inspiring and energizing.  

One of the plants you’re seeing here is the trailing jade. It’s perfect for a living room because it doesn’t like too much sunlight. Therefore, it’ll thrive easily indoors. 

Kitchen Shelves

How to hang plants from a ceiling: Bolted using chains #ceiling #indoorGardenIdeas #indoorgardendesigns #indoorgardenapartment #apartmentindoorgarden #apartmentgardening #plants
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Always think about fitting your plants naturally within your interior, rather than crafting something special to accommodate them.

Take this kitchen for example — it has plants placed on wooden shelves that are hung by rustic chains. This way, you can use the shelves for plants, as well as the kitchen supplies. This will make everything feel in place without any clutter whatsoever. 

You can grow mint in one of these pots so that you can have it fresh anytime you want. If you need more tips, check out my detailed article on how to grow and water mint

Craft A Macramé Hanger 

How to hang plants from a ceiling: Using a hook and/or rod #ceiling #indoorGardenIdeas #indoorgardendesigns #indoorgardenapartment #apartmentindoorgarden #apartmentgardening #plants
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It’s very easy to craft macramé plant hangers. You only need to know some basic knotting techniques and you’re good to go. 

There’s nothing that can stop you. You’re free to design hangers in any shape, number, and even color. The crafting itself is pretty fun, too! 

Vining plants are the perfect choice for such a design. I like the way the plant in this picture trails down one side only. This detail is elegant and eye-catching!

Hanging Platform

How to hang plants from a ceiling: With pipes and poles #ceiling #indoorGardenIdeas #indoorgardendesigns #indoorgardenapartment #apartmentindoorgarden #apartmentgardening #plants

This image is taken from Kith’s store in Los Angeles. If you cycle through the rest of the images, you’ll see the rest of this amazing design. It features a metal platform that’s fixed to the ceiling with multiple poles. Different kinds of vining plants are placed on the platform. 

This design is often used commercially, but it can be used in the home if there’s enough space.

Make A Simple Hanger From Loops

How to hang plants from a ceiling: Modern twist to hanging a plant #diy #ceiling #indoorGardenIdeas #indoorgardendesigns #indoorgardenapartment #apartmentindoorgarden #apartmentgardening #plants
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Back to simple and minimalist ideas. This DIY hanger is made from simple hoops and ropes. This version hangs the plant by a bottom hoop in which the planter tightly fits. 

Although it looks stunning, this design will somewhat limit your choice of pot size. Instead, you can consider replacing the bottom hoop with a wooden board to act as a shelf. 

The plant featured here is called the string of pearls. Its small beady nature adds to the simple feel of the loops. 

Wall Greenery

Place Them As Drapes 

How to hang plants from walls: Draped loosely in walls #wall #indoorGardenIdeas #indoorgardendesigns #indoorgardenapartment #apartmentindoorgarden #apartmentgardening #plants

How to hang plants on wall? Just mount them on a nail! This idea is a simple yet stunning method to decorate any room in your house. It fits the bedroom the most, as it gives a warm feeling when placed next to a window

You have plenty of options here. Any vining plant with small leaves would be perfect. If you ask me, I’d use any species of ivy, especially English ivy. 

Use Mini Shelves

How to hang plants from walls: Mounted plant holders #wall #indoorGardenIdeas #indoorgardendesigns #indoorgardenapartment #apartmentindoorgarden #apartmentgardening #plants
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It uses a simple curved rod to fix a wooden board to the wall. You can place the pot on top of the shelves or you can make a hole that the pot can fit in. Either way, tiering the shelves will add a lot to the overall view. 

These plants are different types of succulents. Their compact and tidy nature is optimal for such a design. 

Or Use Macrame Shelves

How to hang plants from walls: Macrame Hanging Shelf #wall #indoorGardenIdeas #indoorgardendesigns #indoorgardenapartment #apartmentindoorgarden #apartmentgardening #plants
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This is another way to use mini mountable shelves. A wooden board is drilled in all four corners. This way, the ropes will hold the shelf without tilting. 

The small accessories are well utilized here. The candles and the rock add variety in the right amount, not too cluttering or too empty. 

Now Add A Ring 

How to hang plants from walls: Macrame Hanging Shelf #wall #indoorGardenIdeas #indoorgardendesigns #indoorgardenapartment #apartmentindoorgarden #apartmentgardening #plants
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This is similar to the previous one, but with a slight modification in the hanging method. This design has a macramé knot around a small wooden ring. 

The wooden ring complements the color of the nearby curtain and furniture. The upper shelf features a small vining plant. However, you don’t need to limit the greenery to the top shelf only.

How About A Faux Plant?

How to hang plants from walls: Draped loosely in walls #wall #indoorGardenIdeas #indoorgardendesigns #indoorgardenapartment #apartmentindoorgarden #apartmentgardening #plants
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If you want to decorate your wall without having to care for plants, then faux plants are your best bet. 

The special thing about them is how instantly they improve the look of your interior. You’re able to purchase whatever style in whatever amount you like. They’re also perfect for people living in rentals, as they can be easily moved.

A Flexible Trellis

How to hang plants from walls: Hanging planters #wall #indoorGardenIdeas #indoorgardendesigns #indoorgardenapartment #apartmentindoorgarden #apartmentgardening #plants
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This is one of my favorite trellis designs. It’s made from interconnected hexagonal shapes. This adds a nice geometric touch to your interior while providing a platform for your plant to crawl on. Devil’s ivy would work perfectly on such a structure. 

Use A Trellis As A Hanger 

How to hang plants from walls: Hanging planters #wall #planters #indoorGardenIdeas #indoorgardendesigns #indoorgardenapartment #apartmentindoorgarden #apartmentgardening #plants
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For my last idea, I proudly present this beautiful masterpiece. If you look closely, you’ll find a square wire frame colored in white. This simple hack allows you to mount an amazing number of pots. Simply put, this is the ultimate solution for how to hang plants indoors. 

You can use stainless steel cable ties to fix the pots to the trellis. They’re easy to use and sturdy enough to hold most pots.

The frame here acts as both a mounting board and a trellis. Give it some time and the vining plants will cover the whole wall.

How To Hang Plants From Ceiling Without Drilling

Some people live in rentals where they can’t drill in the ceiling to fix their plants. If this applies to you, there are simple hacks you can do to enjoy the eight benefits of houseplants

It’s important to know the weight limit of the method you choose, to avoid any mishaps. 

Use Command Hooks

You can purchase a command hook to hang pots from your ceiling. Make sure that it’s designed for the ceiling rather than for walls. The two types differ in shape. 

KK5’s command hook is among the best products. It’s sturdy enough to support 13 pounds, which is far more than you’d need. 

Or Go For Tension Rods

A tension rod can be conveniently placed between two walls. Although the plants won’t technically be hanging from the ceiling, placing the rod closer to the ceiling will make it look like it. 

How To Hang Plants On Wall Without Holes 

Similarly to the ceiling, you can use command hooks to hang plants on walls. You can also use the following methods:


Slightly unusual, I know, but this option is actually pretty effective. Simply grip an arch or a wall’s end by the jaws of a C-clamp. Then hang your plants on the jaws themselves or the metal rod of the c-clamp. 

Don’t over-tighten the clamp, though. This can punch a hole through the paint. It’s also a good idea to place a light cloth between the wall and the clamp to prevent scratches. 

Wall Trellis

It’s possible to mount an indoor trellis with multiple command hooks. Then fix the plants to the trellis instead of to the command hooks. 

This way, you’ll combine the collective strength of multiple hooks to be able to hang heavier pots. 

So Now You Know How To Hang Plants From Ceiling And Wall 

I hope this article helped you to find a suitable way to do this in your home. Leave a comment if you have another method. 

If you’re ceiling and walls are already full, check these special indoor garden ideas that can fit anywhere in your home 

If you liked this article, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family so they can benefit from it, too. 

16 Ideas About How to Hang Plants From Ceiling and Wall #ceiling #indoorGardenIdeas #indoorgardendesigns #indoorgardenapartment #apartmentindoorgarden #apartmentgardening #plants
17 Ideas About How to Hang Plants From Ceiling and Wall  #ceiling #indoorGardenIdeas #indoorgardendesigns #indoorgardenapartment #apartmentindoorgarden #apartmentgardening #plants
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