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5 Of The Best Tips On How to Keep Flag from Wrapping Around Pole

Want to add a splash of color and personality to your front yard? Why not add a few decorative flags. Flags are a great way to improve the curb appeal of your home while presenting an opportunity to show loyalty to your country, school, or favorite football team. 

I like flying decorative flags during the Christmas holiday. I mount them on a pole, which I then place on my front porch. At first, I’d find the flag a tangled mess, as it was whipped around by the wind. So, I decided to do some research and find a way to prevent it from getting tangled. 

In this post, I’ll share a few tips on how to keep flag from wrapping around pole

Invest In A Spinning Pole

If you’re flying your flag by mounting it on a pole, you’ll want to purchase a rotating pole to prevent it from getting tangled. A good example is the Grace Alley Spinning Flag Pole. This flag pole is equipped with a spin-free mechanism, allowing it to rotate as the wind dictates. 

Thus, the flag also spins freely, which reduces the likelihood of it getting wrapped around the pole. 

The best part is, rotating poles come in a variety of finishes, such as wood grain and aluminum. This means you’ll likely find one that matches your home’s exterior. The flag pole mentioned above is available in a classic white or silver finish. 

Use An Anti-Furling Kit

Alternatively, you can buy an anti-furling kit, which also works really well and is similar to a rotating pole. With this setup, the part of the pole where the flag is mounted spins in the direction of the wind. 

Keep in mind that anti-furling devices are designed for specific flagpole sizes. So make sure to check the diameter and height of your flagpole to ensure you’re buying a compatible gadget. 

Buy A Heavier Flag

If you don’t want to have to look for solutions after the fact, just buy a heavier flag. The weight of the flag will depend on the material used in its construction. The main materials used to make flags are cotton, polyester, and nylon, with nylon being the most common. Here’s a quick review of each material:


Traditionally, cotton has been the go-to material for making flags. It gives a flag a classic and elegant look. But, despite looking beautiful, this is not the best choice for a flag that will be mounted outdoors.

The reason for this is that it will get soaked when it rains. Factor in strong winds and you end up with a flag with a very short lifespan. So, even if it’s heavy enough not to get wrapped around a pole, its intolerance to the outdoor weather makes it unsuitable. 


If you want your flag not to get wrapped around the pole, polyester is your best bet. It’s heavyweight, strong, and durable. The extra weight helps to anchor the flag in place, despite strong winds. However, this also means that the flag won’t fly as easily unless there is a strong wind. 


When purchasing outdoor decor items, you have to ensure that they’re waterproof. For instance, if you’re planning to buy a waterproof mattress for outdoors, you might be looking at some that are made of nylon. 

In the same way, nylon flags are also impervious to water. Unfortunately, they are also lightweight. Because of this, they move with even the slightest breeze and, hence, are more likely to wrap around a pole. 

Use A Non-Tangle Rod

A non-tangle rod is between two and four feet in length. One end of the rod is attached to the grommet, while the other clips to the flag itself. When the wind blows, the non-tangle rod prevents the flag from wrapping around the pole. 

Keeping Your Flag from Wrapping Around A Pole

You shouldn’t stop raising your flag just because it’s windy outside. All you need is to learn how to keep flag from wrapping around pole.

For one, you can look for a rotating pole, like the Grace Alley Spinning Flag Pole, or anti-furling kits, such as the Anti-Wrap Mounting Rings. Both of these prevent tangling by allowing the flag to rotate with the wind. You can also add a non-tangle rod, which anchors the flag firmly in one position.

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