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How To Keep Outdoor Rug From Blowing Away? 5 Tips Right To The Point!

So, you’re lucky enough to finally have the backyard look of your dreams.

Maybe a pool and deck, with a cozy outdoor seating area, outdoor cushions, the barbecue of your dreams, maybe an outdoor pavilion, and a great big outdoor rug to pull the whole thing together. It’s the perfect spot for entertaining.

Except that unlike your indoor decor, your outdoor space is exposed to the elements.

And that means there are bound to be some days you come out to your beautiful yard, to find your perfect outdoor rugs blowing across the yard.

What can you do? You can’t stop the weather, right?

Well, it turns out there are things you can do to secure your outdoor rugs in place. To keep your yard looking its best, follow these tips about how to keep outdoor rug from blowing away, and keep your yard and deck space looking amazing!

Potted Plants

It’s a slightly more obtrusive way than drilling onto your deck, but taking a few large potted plants, and artfully arranging other heavy furniture might do the trick.

Here’s how Megan from used plant pots to secure the corners of her black and white outdoor rug.How To Keep Outdoor Rug From Blowing Away: Plants and Furnitures

Image credit:

If it’s going to mess with your design, you can use plants in another way: Plant more trees!

Fast-growing yew trees and other tall plants will cut down on the amount of wind that gets into your backyard. Less wind, less of everything blowing around!

Furniture Weights

A big area rug is the best way to pull together a room. Unifying your backyard with a nice outdoor rug can have the same effect.

The best tip for anchoring the room with a rug, is to keep two legs of your furniture on the rug at all times. Using your outdoor sofas, seating, tables and chairs, will help to keep your rug from blowing away. If your furniture isn’t heavy enough, try picking up some furniture weights.

Different varieties work for different needs.

Some, like sandbags, are more visible, but tend to be more portable too. Furniture tie down anchor kits take more time to install, and aren’t great for concrete, but they’re less visible overall. Wire ties and clamps can be used on furniture and rugs, depending on your needs.

For her side patio, Melissa from did just that and the rug defines the conversation area just perfectly.

Outdoor furniture with rugs

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Woven Mats

Choosing a woven mat may protect against winds better than a wool rug.

Sea grass mats are sturdy, and heavier than traditional rugs. You should be aware though, because it is organic material, a sea grass mat won’t have the same longevity as a strong outdoor rug, and may only last a few years.

Liz Marie from found this atmospheric photo with a seagrass rug and included it in one of her Favorite Things Friday posts.

How To Keep Outdoor Rug From Blowing Away: Woven mats, white outdoor furniture and rustic table

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Carpet Adhesive and Pads

Another way to do it is to buy no-slip carpet pads. You can find them at hardware and rug stores.

They’re great if you have a concrete deck, instead of a wooden one; concrete is harder to drill. Though, these pads will also work on wooden surfaces.

They hold even in extremely warm and extremely cold temperatures, which makes them perfect for the hot summer days when your concrete deck feels too hot for bare feet!


A really simple way to keep your rugs in place is to screw them to the deck with a set of fender washers.

You’ll want screws that are coated or stainless steel, so they’ll last outdoors. Fender washers are unobtrusive, so you can use as many as you need to prevent the rug from curling up. And it won’t compromise the look!

Check out how Liz from prevented her rug from flying away with fender washers and screws.

How to keep outdoor rug from blowing away using fender washers and screws on a rug.

So, How To Keep Outdoor Rug From Blowing Away?

The cap to a beautifully decorated house is often a beautifully decorated yard.

But depending on the climate you live in – or the season you are currently in – having an outdoor rug can be a disaster. You don’t want a rug to blow around, upsetting patio furniture, not to mention your neighbors!

Fortunately, no matter what your deck style, or your outdoor furniture, there are plenty of ways to keep everything secure.

From rug adhesive pads, to furniture ties, to carefully placed potted plants, you’re sure to find a way to keep your rugs where they’re needed, and keep your yard, porch, or patio looking great!

The problem can be especially acute in winter when you want your outdoor space to look especially nice for the winter holidays.

If you have a similar problem with outdoor curtains, read my post about how to prevent them from flying away with the wind as well. And if your furniture tries to fly away, check these methods to anchor the patio furniture down.

Did you like our post about how to keep outdoor rug from blowing away? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I bought Camco’s RV patio mat for my back porch. It’s a great size for a great price. A very nice accent to my porch. It is very lightweight and quick to dry in the rain.

  2. Great ideas! However , I have an area rug that is going under a porch swing, so no furniture or potted plants will work. And I am concerned about using tape on my painted deck and it pulling paint if /when rug replaced or decide no longer to use one. Do u know of any tape that is deck friendly?
    Thank you

    • I have a similar situation. Did you find a solution? I might try to find some decorative type rocks. But I would love to know if you found a better solution.

    • Hey Liza,
      It all depends on the washer. The screw has to be big enough so that its head does not go through the washer hole. if it’s not possible, then use an extra washer that is smaller than the first one.


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