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51 Awesome Indoor Garden Ideas For Your Home

Are you searching for the best indoor garden ideas? Just because you don’t have enough outdoor space for a garden, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy all the benefits of an indoor garden.

That’s why I wanted to put together this article. I’ve recently done a lot of research on this topic and I want to share with you the ideas I found lots to spark your creativity and passion.

How To Grow Indoor Garden Easily?

If you want to have an indoor garden easily and effortlessly, you may want to take a look at a garden tower that is designed specifically for small places including indoors.

If you want to know more about this solution, read my Garden Tower 2 review.

Indoor gardens can be simple or complex, involved or low-maintenance (especially with the solutions I mentioned above). The images I’ve selected here truly show how much variety is possible with an indoor garden. Express yourself!

Use Simple Plants In Pots

A Gorgeous Combo

Tall plant pots with lilies #gardenIdeas #garden #gardening #plants #homeDecor #indoor
Image credit:

I love the way these plant pots leave no space empty! Beautiful lilies are combined with dashes of white and green and even trailing leaves down the side of the pot.

Tall plant pots like this make a statement and bunching plants together means you’ll have fewer pots to water.

Fresh, Green, And Simple

palm indoor plant for the living room #gardenIdeas #garden #gardening #plants #homeDecor #indoor
Image credit:

This indoor planter shows what can be done with hardy, low-maintenance houseplants. Go for something like a fern or a palm, as we see here. Give plenty of room for the leaves to grow for a fresh look and feel to your home.

Herbs For The Kitchen

Herbs in a large window planter#gardenIdeas #garden #gardening #plants #homeDecor #indoor
Image credit:

You can fit lots of different herbs into one large planter.

If you want, you can even get one that hangs out your kitchen window. This means fresh herbs whenever you’re cooking! Not only does it look fantastic, it has a practical use, too. No more dried herbs in your pasta.

If you do not know where to start, you can start with mint. It’s very easy to grow mint in your kitchen, either from cutting or from seeds. Or you can grow garlic indoors.

You can also check my indoor herb garden ideas in pictures for inspiration.

You can also grow mushrooms at home – check this post to find out how to grow portobellas indoors.

Short On Space? Go Mini!

Use Jars As Planters

Jars as planters for indoor plants #gardenIdeas #garden #gardening #plants #homeDecor #indoor
Image credit:

If you can find the right plants to grow in a small space, inventive methods can give an unusual look. Check out these jars full of greenery! Don’t they look fantastic?

This can be a great way to spruce up a small space, but also a fun project for kids and adults alike.

Go For A Water Garden

indoor water garden in a small aquarium bowl #gardenIdeas #garden #gardening #plants #homeDecor #indoor
Image credit:

When you think of a water garden, you probably think of a big outdoor feature. However, this shows what can be done in a small space by using certain water plants. Plus, no need to remember to water them every day!

An indoor water garden can be low maintenance, as well as create an interesting indoor garden feature.

Include Fish!

Water garden using metal aquarium with water falls and fish #gardenIdeas #garden #gardening #plants #homeDecor #indoor
Image credit:

This clever design creates a rustic space for some goldfish, as well as lush green plants. This is a beautiful 2-in-1 feature. I love the way the water is set up to trickle down! I can just imagine the peaceful sound of this water garden.

Go For A Green Succulent Planter

succulent plant for indoor garden #gardenIdeas #garden #gardening #plants #homeDecor #indoor
Image credit:

This is another idea that doesn’t need a huge amount of upkeep, but it still has lots of interesting plants. These are succulents and they don’t need a huge amount of water. By packing them all into one planter like this, you can fit them into a very small space.

Or Succulents With More Color

succulent and cacti in a wide planter #gardenIdeas #garden #gardening #plants #homeDecor #indoor
Image credit:

This is another similar planter with a lot of succulents and cacti planted in one large pot. The different varieties make for a nice dash of color among the green.

Pro tip: If you plan to re-use an old pot, make sure to properly sterilize them to kill harmful germs and other bad for plants things. Here’s how you can do it without bleach.

This rainbow planter truly does give something to talk about with your guests. Look at all that variety in one mini garden!

Even A Coffee Table Feature

With plants like these that are incredibly hardy, you can place all over your home and not have to worry about them. This is an example of how to put a beautiful planter on a coffee table to create a fresh feel of nature in your living room.

More Water Ideas

vase like tanks with water plants on a table #gardenIdeas #garden #gardening #plants #homeDecor #indoor
Image credit:

Check out these round vase-like tanks! They have an ultramodern look when you combine them with the right water plants. They kind of look like something an astronaut might take into space to remind them of home! Being able to see the roots is a fascinating detail.

Put Plants Right In With The Goldfish!

Water plants for an indoor goldfish aquarium #gardenIdeas #garden #gardening #plants #homeDecor #indoor
Image credit:

Why not? In the wild, a goldfish would swim by underwater plants all day quite happily, so this idea can provide a bit more detail in a goldfish bowl.

This one is in a jug-style container for a rustic and improvised feel. The rocks in the bottom give it even more visual interest and I’m sure this is one happy goldfish.

A Home For The Fairies

A Fairy House

indoor fairy garden #gardenIdeas #garden #gardening #plants #homeDecor #indoor
Image credit:

Fairies need somewhere to live, too! This is a mixture of small ornaments, moss, and small plants to provide a fascinating mini fairy home — there are even some twinkling lights! This is a great project to do with kids. All you need is one large(ish) planter to get you started.

A Magic Teapot

indoor planter with a teapot #gardenIdeas #garden #gardening #plants #homeDecor #indoor
Image credit:

If you like an unconventional look, why not use a teapot as a planter? The person who made this made it look like the plants are growing from the spout! I love the creativity used to make this design and these simple succulents are always popular houseplants.

Go For Detail

magical fairy tale planters  #gardenIdeas #garden #gardening #plants #homeDecor #indoor
Image credit:

Look how much incredible detail is included here. This may be quite a project, but if you are artistic, you could create a stunning design like this one. This fairy has a magical house, all within one improvised planter. Real plants give a realistic feel to this design, too.

Encase It In A Bowl

bonsai trees inside a fishbowl as a planter #gardenIdeas #garden #gardening #plants #homeDecor #indoor
Image credit:

This looks like a window to another world. This beautiful goldfish bowl design uses bonsai trees and intricate details to create a gorgeous little fairy garden.

This would require very little maintenance, but it makes for a great talking point the next time you have visitors around. The use of small stones is particularly impressive. This looks so fun to make!

Introduce Tiers

Fairy garden planters with multiple layers #gardenIdeas #garden #gardening #plants #homeDecor #indoor
Image credit:

By combining planters, this little fairy garden has multiple layers. Gnomes, toadstools, and even a fairy give this a magical feel. You can make this as small or as big as you like and add moss and trailing plants for a bit of forest mysticism!

Even More Ambitious!

planters with succulent for a fairy tale design #gardenIdeas #garden #gardening #plants #homeDecor #indoor
Image credit:

Do your kids love fairies? This mini garden uses lots of planters to create a miniature home for loads of fairy friends. You could even call it a fairy forest! Lots of succulents have been used in this design and these are quite hardy plants, so this idea is pretty simple to maintain.

Create A Hanging Garden

Build Hanging Shelves

hanging indoor garden shelves #gardenIdeas #garden #gardening #plants #homeDecor #indoor #verticalGarden
Image credit:

DIY shelves made of wood and rope can be a great way to make the most of limited space. Make sure your planters are all the same style and cut holes so they can sit perfectly inside. These containers can be used for herbs or other indoor plants.

Jars On Hangers

hanging planters made of jars and metal for indoor garden #gardenIdeas #garden #gardening #plants #homeDecor #indoor #verticalGarden
Image credit:

Another clever idea is to use a hanger and mason jars — perfect for herbs or other small indoor plants. Imagine how great this would look sitting in your kitchen, ready for you to pick herbs whenever you need them. This has something of a shabby chic look to it.

An Ambitious Hanging Garden

Hanging indoor garden with multiple tiers #gardenIdeas #garden #gardening #plants #homeDecor #indoor #verticalGarden
Image credit:

If you know how to use a set of tools, you can create an ambitious hanging garden, such as this one, with multiple tiers and levels. I love the way the plants at the top hang down and droop over the rest of the design.

By using wood and green planters, whoever made this has kept a real feeling of nature in spite of the urban setting.

Upcycle An Old Ladder…Vertically

Sticking with the theme of hanging your planters off of something, you can use a ladder to hang your planters. I love the upcycled feel here — it can be quite hard to upcycle a planter for indoor use! The use of the ladder is creative and this is perfect for separate herb plants.

…Or Horizontally

bathroom hanging plants #gardenIdeas #garden #gardening #plants #homeDecor #indoor #verticalGarden
Image credit:

I was astounded by this creative use of a ladder and the stunning look it creates. Why not bring some nature into your bathroom, too? Just imagine a soak in this tub after a hard day. They call it a “green ceiling” and you can do this in other rooms just as easily.

Read my how-to article if you  are not sure how to implement this idea.

Create A Vertical Garden On Shelves

Space Saving Succulents

metal garden shelves for succulent #gardenIdeas #garden #gardening #plants #homeDecor #indoor #shelves
Image credit:

No need for soil or compost — succulents can grow perfectly well in gravel, as we can see here. This means less mess and you can also maximize your space by using multiple levels. If you just want some greenery to sit in a corner somewhere and make your home look nice, this could be a good solution that doesn’t need much space.

Categorize Using Shelves

hanging shelves near the white wall #gardenIdeas #garden #gardening #plants #homeDecor #indoor #shelves
Image credit:

The bit of my brain that likes to be organized loves these shelves because of how uniform and symmetrical they look! Why not grow four of the same type of plant from seed and then give them away to friends when they’re a bit bigger? Or just enjoy this super organized display in your home.

Use Shelves To Provide Light

Lighted indoor wall planters #gardenIdeas #garden #gardening #plants #homeDecor #indoor #shelves
Image credit:

These planters are a good example of how you could use shelving to create a lit area. By using the bottom of one shelf for mounting lights or heat lamps, you can open up the possibility of growing plants that need more heat and light. Also, it’s another way to brighten the room and draw attention to what you’re growing.

The Overflowing Garden

shelves with overflowing plants #gardenIdeas #garden #gardening #plants #homeDecor #indoor #shelves
Image credit:

This may look cluttered and it is definitely overflowing, but there is something very charming about the way all these plants have come together. The mix-and-match planters look like they’ve been picked up from thrift stores and flea markets and the shelves are brimming with greenery.

Mounted On Wood

wall mounted planters with fern plants #gardenIdeas #garden #gardening #plants #homeDecor #indoor #shelves
Image credit:

Another unusual design, but one I really love. Plus, it doesn’t take up a lot of space at all. These small planters are attached to wood which is hanging against the wall, so no floor space gets used. You can mount the planters in any pattern you choose, too.

For The Love Of Green

indoor space where all the pants are organized #gardenIdeas #garden #gardening #plants #homeDecor #indoor #shelves
Image credit:

If you’re one of those people who can’t resist buying new house plants, you’ll love this image. It shows that you can incorporate lots of different styles of plants in one design and it still looks great.

There are hanging planters, planters on shelves, and some on the floor. There are even planters on the chair! The green leaves tie it all together and it looks great against the white background.

Letting It All Hang Out

plants with leaves that trail down the planters #gardenIdeas #garden #gardening #plants #homeDecor #indoor #shelves
Image credit:

Leaves that are likely to overflow and trail down from the planter always look great when they’re growing from the top shelf and enveloping the plants below. These wooden shelves include loads of different types of plants and it looks fantastic.

A Wall Of Plants

planters shelve near the window #gardenIdeas #garden #gardening #plants #homeDecor #indoor #shelves
Image credit:

Another design that is perfect for people addicted to buying house plants. These shelves can cover the whole of a wall and you can fill them with just about any plant you desire. The jumble of designs looks great and it doesn’t take up too much space either.

Improvise With Kitchen Items

old kitchen items as an indoor planters  #gardenIdeas #garden #gardening #plants #homeDecor #indoor #shelves
Image credit:

This is such a cute way to use up old kitchen items, such as bowls and coffee mugs you don’t need anymore!

There’s no reason you should have to use planters specifically made for indoor plants. These work just fine, plus they are a talking point — perfect for putting on the wall in your kitchen.

Vertical Wall Gardens

Bottle It Up

recycleld hanging planters made of softdrink bottles #gardenIdeas #garden #gardening #plants #homeDecor #indoor
Image credit:

This is simple and comes from a list of low-cost garden ideas. What a great way to use your old bottles and a fun project! I recommend doing this with your kids. It’ll teach them something about crafts, recycling, and a bit about gardening, too! These planters are perfect for a porch.

More Ladder Planters

planters that clip onto the rungs of the ladders #gardenIdeas #garden #gardening #plants #homeDecor #indoor
Image credit:

Minimalist and simple — I love these white planters that clip onto the rungs of the ladders. This is more of a deliberate design than some of the other upcycled ladder planters, but it is a good way to fit lots into a pretty small space.

This is great for any indoor room and you can have trailing vines growing up and down the ladder.

The Wall Of Green

indoor wall of plants, mostly ferns #gardenIdeas #garden #gardening #plants #homeDecor #indoor
Image credit:

I didn’t say all my indoor garden ideas would be easy! A lot of work has gone into this, but it is truly breathtaking. It’s like a slice of the jungle in your own home — with greenery from floor to ceiling. If you have the expertise, a design like this can wow your friends.

Simple And Slanted

Mason jar, herb planters attached on a wooden board #gardenIdeas #garden #gardening #plants #homeDecor #indoor
Image credit:

This herb garden idea is very cute and could even be used in a small apartment. Mason jars are attached on a wooden board that labels all the different herbs. The slanted angle means you can see the names of the herbs, but it looks cool, too! This is perfect for any kitchen.

Attached To The Wall

mesh piece metal to attached indoor plants #gardenIdeas #garden #gardening #plants #homeDecor #indoor
Image credit:

At first glance, you might think this is another shelf. However, it is actually a piece of mesh piece metal that is attached to the wall. The planters are then attached to it. This is further proof that with a bit of improvisation, you can turn just about anything into an indoor planter.

A Driftwood Dream

drifted wood attached on the wall and planted with succulents #gardenIdeas #garden #gardening #plants #homeDecor #indoor
Image credit:

This is another amazing design I would never have thought of myself. This piece of driftwood has spots to plant certain types of succulents and plants within the spaces. The end result is something that looks very natural. It can sit on the wall and provide a talking point.

Modern Boxes

box-shaped planters connected with metal structure installed on the wall #gardenIdeas #garden #gardening #plants #homeDecor #indoor
Image credit:

These planters are uniform, box-shaped, and connected by a modern metal structure that looks a bit like modern art. I would expect this kind of design to look good in a fancy office building, but this idea isn’t reserved for the Silicon Valley. You can use this vertical design to make the most of the wall space in your home.

Use A Crate…

crate-style design for indoor planters #gardenIdeas #garden #gardening #plants #homeDecor #indoor
Image credit:

Pretty much anything vertical that can hold up to the weight of numerous plants is an option. This crate-style design looks like it was made specifically to attach to a wall and hang plants. You could easily make a similar structure or turn an old crate into an intriguing space for your planters.

…Or This Crate

crate shelves for indoor planters #gardenIdeas #garden #gardening #plants #homeDecor #indoor
Image credit:

​Here’s another creative use of a crate! This time it has been turned into shelves for the planter by turning it on its side. As you can see, you could stack multiple crates against the wall and make a large area for planting whatever you please. I love the rustic charm of this one and the fact it reuses materials.

Plant Some Vegetables

vegetable garden shelves near the window #gardenIdeas #garden #gardening #plants #homeDecor #indoor
Image credit:

Many vegetables (for example, potatoes) do well indoors and this is a great example of using a light bit of the kitchen to get a vegetable garden started. Once they start to sprout and grow, you’ll get a real feeling of spring in the air — plus they are very useful!

Designate A Small Garden Room

A Space Under The Stairs

big indoor plants and concrete planters #gardenIdeas #garden #gardening #plants #homeDecor #indoor
Image credit:

This is a modern look and a way to include some greenery in an ultramodern house without too much difficulty. All that space means you can use big, statement houseplants and the rocks bring a further feeling of nature to a modern living space.

A Huge Slice Of The Outdoors

Indoor trees for a rustic living room #gardenIdeas #garden #gardening #plants #homeDecor #indoor
Image credit:

If you’re lucky enough to have this much light pouring into one of your rooms, there is so much you can plant. Here, we even see trees that are surviving perfectly well indoors. This is a great way to stay in touch with nature and get both the benefits of the outdoors and the indoors.

A Room Full Of Planters

Balcony garden #gardenIdeas #garden #gardening #plants #homeDecor #indoor
Image credit:

This is a great design for a balcony or a room in your home with lots of light. There’s even a small area of turf included! This looks like a lovely place to sit and read and enjoy the great outdoors, just…indoors!

Beach House Paradise

central area for an indoor garden #gardenIdeas #garden #gardening #plants #homeDecor #indoor
Image credit:

If you’re lucky enough to have a pool house or beach house, why don’t you include a central area such as this where you can plant whatever you please? This is striking to look at and works so well with the open plan design of the house.

A Green Veranda

This could be great for a veranda or porch area. It’s a beautiful place to sit and soak up all the greenery. The plants are pretty much everywhere here — on chairs, hanging from the ceiling, and just placed on the floor. This is a beautiful mix-and-match look.

Even A Green Bedroom

planters all over a home even in the bedroom #gardenIdeas #garden #gardening #plants #homeDecor #indoor
Image credit:

Image credit:

There are really no rules to where your indoor garden can be and there’s no reason not to place plants all over your home — just be prepared to do a lot of watering! Just imagine how good the air quality must be in this room!

A Path Between The Plants

indoor pathway with plants #gardenIdeas #garden #gardening #plants #homeDecor #indoor
Image credit:

Why not spruce up a walkway, such as this one, with some plants? This is a space where you couldn’t fit much else and I love the way it looks with the plants amongst the minimal white design of the home. It’s modern and inventive.

Up On The Roof

small rooftop garden with water features #gardenIdeas #garden #gardening #plants #homeDecor #indoor
Image credit:

If you’re lucky enough to have a rooftop space, what else is there to do with it other than create a beautiful garden? Even a tiny space can include somewhere to sit, some planters, and even a water feature, such as in this impressive design.

A Space To Relax

living space with a hammock surrounded with plants #gardenIdeas #garden #gardening #plants #homeDecor #indoor
Image credit:

You can almost feel the relaxation when looking at this image. A hammock-style seat among loads of greenery — the perfect place to sit, meditate, or read with all kinds of ferns and indoor plants for company.

Inspired To Create Your Own Indoor Garden?

I wanted to show what can be done in a variety of different indoor spaces. I love the way some of these ideas look and there’s a little something here for everyone.

Have you enjoyed my list? Let me know in the comments section or share some of your own indoor garden ideas below.

Some of the awesome indoor garden ideas  for your home, apartment, living room, and kitchen #indoorGarden #indoorGardenIdeas #indoorgardendesigns #indoorgardenapartment #apartmentindoorgarden #apartmentgardening

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