25 Of The Most Amazing Landscaping Ideas With Mulch And Rocks For Your Backyard

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Are you looking for some design inspiration for your backyard? Need some great landscaping ideas with mulch and rocks as the main components?

In this article, we’ve collected and compared some great examples of yards that feature these two materials.

What is the better way to continue a natural design than with rock and mulch landscaping?

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Rocks & Stones For Your Rock Garden

You can collect rocks and stones outside; this idea can cost almost no money. Just keep in mind it is not always allowed.

If you do not want to spend time looking for the rocks, you can buy them online:

Follow the Diamond Path

Diamond path

Image credit: homeownerlandscapingideas.com

This diamond design is a very simple way to design a path, yet it adds decoration, functionality, and provides a great first impression, as described on homeownerlandscapingideas.com.

Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones

Image credit: couponsforyourfamily.com

This is a more traditional way to lay stepping stones in mulch, to create either a functional or decorative path through a backyard or garden. The stones look like rocks, but check out the design on couponsforyourfamily.com where you’ll see that they are made of polypropylene.

This idea is also excellent for covering up mud in your backyard. if you have the mud problem, check out more ideas here!

A Curving Pathway

Curving pathway

This is an example of how rocks can allow you to easily create a pathway that curves and leads your eyes (and feet) around the features in your landscaping design. Simple, but very effective.

White Magic

White Magic

Done correctly, using white can be a great idea for landscaping. These rock slabs are rectangular and are laid symmetrically to lead to a white feature – the gate. This color scheme works beautifully and the scattered rocks around the slabs add more interest.

Around the Corner

Around the corner

Image credit: homespecially.com

This is another great example of how simple curvature can wrap around your landscaping features and provide an interesting path for your feet to follow. This time, shrubs sit in mulch on either side of the path, to create an interesting and more natural feel. Check out this and many other interesting but simple front yard ideas at homespecially.com.

Let it Flow

mulch on the side, to provide space for plants

Image credit: decorelated.com

This is a path design with a twist. It doesn’t use rocks and mulch in the traditional stepping stone way and instead has a solid path with mulch on the side, to provide space for plants and other features. See more landscaping with mulch ideas at decorelated.com.

Rocking Out

mulch has provided the perfect platform for shrubs, trees, and rocks

Image credit: bestrocklandscapingideas.com

This bed of mulch has provided the perfect platform for shrubs, trees, and rocks to come together in a design that looks almost prehistoric. This great option comes from a site all about rock landscaping ideas, which you can check out here at bestrocklandscapingideas.com.

Mulch Planters

Mulch Planters

Image credit: homespecially.com

Mulch can be an even, attractive, and low-maintenance way to create simple and affordable planting areas. Check out this, and others on this list of affordable walkway landscaping ideas at homespecially.com

Also, check out this image collection by anestwithayard.com with walkway ideas for backyard.

Rocky Mountains

stones, huge shrubs and plants,a forest-like atmosphere

Check out this impressive, large feature, proving rocks and mulch can be an affordable way to fill big spaces when your budget can’t stretch to include more indulgent features. The size of the stones and the huge shrubs and plants make a bold statement and create a forest-like atmosphere.

An Impressive Welcome

mulch to completely fill the front yard

Image credit: goodsgn.com

This design is truly impressive and uses rocks and mulch to completely fill the front yard. Patterns and planter areas are made out of positioned rocks and stones and are complemented by gorgeous plants and shrubs. This amazing design is just one of more than 15 on this list, check out goodsgn.com for more front yard landscaping ideas.

Compare and Contrast

rocks create a border for the mulch planting area

Image credit: decorelated.com

We love the way the rocks create a border for the mulch planting area here, creating a huge, yet affordable landscape idea that has made its way onto a list of easy and beautiful landscaping ideas. See this list at decorelated.com.

Check out an inspirational post with other landscaping along a fence ideas to get inspired.

A Taste of the Meditteranean

Meditteranean style of rocks and mulch

Image credit: uniqueplantideas.com

The way this Greek-style piece of pottery appears to spill the rocks into the rest of the yard looks like it could be straight out of the Med. This option creates a beautiful look with minimum hassle and it’s an easy way to create a planting area where there wasn’t one before. Find out more about this easy landscaping tip, and others, here at uniqueplantideas.com.

Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang Style of rocks and mulch

Image credit: homespecially.com

The curved contrast between rock and mulch in this design is a simple, but attractive feature. There are some colorful plants mixed in to create even more interest. This is an awesome front yard rock landscaping idea from homespecially.com, which doesn’t have to take long.

Give it a Desert Look

Desert style of mulch and rocks

Image credit: ultimatechristoph.com

We love the random look of these rocks, scattered around the mulch and with a smattering of attractive, drought-tolerant plants. You can find more drought-tolerant landscape options here on ultimatechristoph.com.

Give it a Swirl!

swirl of rocks and mulch around a tree

Image credit:katasiana.com

What an inventive way to create some interest around a small tree in the garden! This swirl of rocks and mulch grabs your attention and allows for more planting space. More clever, eye-catching landscaping ideas on the same list can be found if you check out this list by katasiana.com.

Rocking at the Border

backyard border made of rocks, with mulch

Image credit: bestrocklandscapingideas.com

Rocks can be an often overlooked, but very useful way to cover big areas. Check out this backyard border made of rocks, with mulch planting areas around it. Visit bestrocklandscapingideas.com for more rock landscaping ideas.

Red, White, and Green

red plants, white rocks, and mulch

Flashes of color can be a very exciting way to spruce up the yard and they don’t have to be overly ambitious. This clever combination of red plants, white rocks, and mulch is another drought resistant design.


Landscaping ideas with mulch and rocks: wooded, tree-filled areas, green grass, and planting zones with mulch

Image credit: greatbackyardideas.com

This is a great backyard design which can divide large sections, such as wooded, tree-filled areas, green grass, and planting zones with mulch. It’s a great way to accomplish a big change on a budget. More landscaping ideas on a budget can be found on this guide by greatbackyardideas.com.

Mulch at the Border

 Landscaping ideas with mulch and rocks: Mulch at the borders allows for planting areas

Image credit: decorchite.com

Check out this neat and tidy design on this list of landscaping ideas. Mulch at the borders allows for planting areas, whereas the rocky, gravel spot could be used for extra parking, a play area, or even some seating. Visit decorchite.com to see more.

Autumn Paradise

Landscaping ideas with mulch and rocks: deep reds and greens around a mulch border, combined with a further rocky area

Image credit: wonderfulbackyard.com

Check out these gorgeous autumn colors! This landscaping idea features deep reds and greens around a mulch border, combined with a further rocky area, to create a lovely autumnal look. This is one idea of many that you can find by checking out these backyard designs on wonderfulbackyard.com.

Step to It!

Landscaping ideas with mulch and rocks: rocky beds on either side of the steps

Image credit: indoneso.com

An impressive and ambitious project, creating these beautiful layers of planting beds is sure to be worth the effort. The rocky beds on either side of the steps are spectacular. See more on this list of garden landscaping ideas from indoneso.com.

Brightening the Pond

 Landscaping ideas with mulch and rocks: pond, rocks and mulch

Image credit: greatbackyardideas.com

After digging a pond, rocks and mulch are a wonderful way to recreate a landscape and the flashes of red that surround this pond are great. See more over at greatbackyardideas.com

Faux Natural!

Landscaping ideas with mulch and rocks: rock-surrounded pond with mulch planting areas

Image credit: countryliving.com

This looks like a beautiful, natural setting, carved out by Mother Nature herself! But this rock-surrounded pond with mulch planting areas took a lot of work. Want to see more? Visit this guide on countryliving.com.

The Waterfall

Landscaping ideas with mulch and rocks: Rocks, mulch in a waterfall style landscaping

Image credit: greatbackyardideas.com

This is another great example of how ponds, rocks, and mulch are your best friends. This waterfall design is another top design on the list of pond ideas over at greatbackyardideas.com.

Bordering the Fishpond

Landscaping ideas with mulch and rocks:rocks and mulch around the fish pond

Image credit: hometalk.com

This fishpond installation looks more natural than it is! The rocks create a great border around the water and make the pond appear less manmade and the mulch is a good way to provide some planting space, after installing. See more on fishpond designs using mulch and rocks by visiting hometalk.com.

landscaping ideas with mulch and rocks : Conclusion

Have you enjoyed our list of landscaping ideas?

I wanted to share what I’ve found and, hopefully, spark some inspiration in those of you who are planning on carrying out some landscaping of their own. Feel free to share this list with the people you think could find it useful!

A professional tip: If you want to get the maximum value of your much landscaping efforts, check our post about the best time for mulching and how you can make mulch from the leaves in your backyard. Also, beware of pests that might be hiding in mulch! Meanwhile, when it comes to rocks, you can use the ones you dug out from your yard.

We also have more dry landscape front yard ideas! Check them out!

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