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9 Of The Best Ways To Light Up The Backyard Including The Pergola

Lighting up your backyard comes with numerous benefits, from increased home security to a pleasant outdoor space to relax in the evening.

From candles to sophisticated LED solar lamps, there is more than one way to light up your yard. What is more, you can make the pergola shine as well, since it is the centerpiece of many backyards.

Tiki Torches: A Touch Of Hawaii In Your Backyard

A lighted Tiki Torch

Tiki torches are often used to light up patios during parties out in the open. However, there needn’t be any special event to light up Tiki torches in your backyard. Their biggest appeal is their low price which allows you to scatter Tiki torches all over the backyard.

Because there are no open flames, Tiki torches create a natural, low-key atmosphere, creating the impression you were at a beach. When combined with citronella candles, these likable torches can repel mosquitos in the immediate vicinity.

A Fence Made Up Of Orbs

Pickets that make up your fence aren’t all the same, as some are higher than others. These special pickets are called posts and they are ideal for mounting a light orb on their cap.

The installation of these orbs is simple, yet all the orbs combined add radiance to the whole space, making your home visible from the street.

More Than One Lighting Style

In terms of décor, one of the worst things you can do is stick to a single lighting style. After a while, you will grow bored of it but redecorating the yard will cost an arm and a leg.

A far wiser solution is to mix up different types of lighting, so the family and friends can have their lighting favorites. Some will like the aforementioned orbs, while others will adore the way you uplit trees.

Creating A Moonlight Effect: Uplighting Trees

String lights hanging on trees in the backyard

Are you under the impression that the tall trees in your backyard are an untapped potential? Hanging a tire swing is a whole lot of fun during the day but at night, you can use the lush canopies to create a moonlight effect.

The trick is to place lights high up the branches, so it appears your backyard is awash in moonlight. For safety reasons, you should exclusively use LED lights, as they use only 5% of electric energy to heat the light bulb, which makes them perfectly safe to insert into dense foliage.

The lights should be concealed, yet their beam should be strong enough to light up the entire tree.

Temporary Lighting Solutions

Now, not all lighting solutions are permanent. Christmas lights, for example, stay up for only a couple of weeks. Temporary lighting is more demanding, as you have to install and dismantle it within a limited time framework. 

If you have a barbecue coming up, consider hiring temporary solar lighting towers and placing them inside the backyard. They are painfully easy to install and the best thing is that you needn’t buy them. Renting lighting towers will help you throw a memorable party without overspending on the lighting.

Accentuate Water Features

There are backyard water features of kinds, such as a swimming pool, a splash pad, a fountain, a water slide, a pond, etc. However, all of these features are swollen by darkness after sunset so no one will notice them and more importantly, no one can enjoy them.

You should do the best to accentuate water features by lighting them in numerous ways. First of all, you can place lights inside the water, like on the walls of a pool. The alternative is to uplight them, just as tree canopies.

Eternally Appealing Paper Lanterns

Japanese-inspired lanterns made out of paper will never go out of style. They can be hung from trees, the house, and of course, the pergola.

In fact, if you don the pergola with colorful (red and white are the most popular colors) lanterns, you will get a pleasant nocturnal oasis in summer. Hanging lanterns at various heights is a great way to break the monotony of any space.

Solar Lamps Along Pathways

If you are a green thumb, then you have already crisscrossed the backyard with pathways. These provide access to every corner of the backyard but is it safe to use them at night? Gravel is notoriously dangerous and bricks can easily become loose, causing you to trip.

A great and sustainable way to light the pathways in your backyard is to install LED solar lamps. Newer models are fairly simple to operate and you can even fix solar lamps yourself after you learn the basics. Since these garden lamps are placed all over the yard, they increase home security.

Light Implies Safety

LEDs all over the yard and a shiny pergola are great deterrents against home invasions. Namely, the flood of light in the backyard (a burglar’s favorite entry point) leaves felons nowhere to hide, so they are more likely to bypass your home when choosing their next target. As a matter of fact, feel free to share your illuminational secrets with next-door neighbors. 

Check this video to see Coscto LED String Light unboxing and installation:

A pergola and a backyard awash in light can be important because they can seriously increase a property’s market value. On the other, the dozen or so lighting ideas we have listed above aren’t too costly, so anyone can install them without overstretching their home budget.

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