Allen and Roth Lighting: Our Complete Guide For You

Allen and Roth Lighting: The Complete Allen and Roth Lighting Guide #allenroth #allenandroth #allenrothlighting #allenrothlights #allenrothlight

Our last home improvement project was an overall lighting update. While  working on our new and improved lighting plan, I did a lot of searching for  lights that looked good but didn’t break our budget.After seeing what was  available, we decided to go with Allen and Roth lighting. During my search,  I compiled a pretty …

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Allen Roth Ceiling Fan

Have you ever tried to install a ceiling fan?  It can literally be either the hardest thing you have ever done, or it can be fairly simple and quick.  Throughout my years I have had to replace and or put up around eight different ceiling fans.  These have been both for my home, and for …

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