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35 Magical Outdoor Winter Party Ideas You Need to See

Do you believe that the outdoors should be enjoyed all year round? We’re here to show that parties are not just for the summer!

This article is designed to show some amazing inspiration for outdoor winter parties. Whether it is your birthday or you just want to celebrate a winter wonderland, this collection of ideas and images will make you want to wrap up warm, grab a hot drink and enjoy those frosty months.

Let’s dive into our amazing outdoor winter party ideas!

Tables And Furniture For A Winter Party

Snuggle Up in Plaid

The contrast of plaid and snowfall is truly beautiful, as seen on Aiken House and Gardens blog. You can enjoy this setting anywhere in the world and make it feel like a party in the Scottish Highlands in the charming winter months.

Or Enjoy a Festive Feast

Outdoor winter party ideas: Festive Feast outdoor

A festive feast with a beautiful centerpiece made out of prunings from the garden, no less. This is a from a holiday in Wisconsin and truly shows the joy of a well-laid table and a decorative centerpiece. Imagine enjoying thanksgiving or even Christmas meals in this setting.

Grab Some Fur

Outdoor winter party ideas: Fur pillow covers for outdoor furniture decor
Image credit:

This is a beautifully natural-looking patio design that has a retro feel due to the fur, and a connection with nature too, something we all want to experience when enjoying an outdoor winter party. How comfortable does that bed look? Why not beat the chill with furry fun. Check out our video to see how to do it with your patio.

…Or Comfy Blankets

It doesn’t have to be fur, and there are plenty of beautiful blankets on the market which Vibeke Design have shown look great draped on your furniture. They are also wonderful for snuggling up and sealing in your body heat for an enjoyable time outdoors.

Gather Round for A Picnic…

Outdoor winter party ideas: Winter picnic table set-up
Image credit:

Picnics don’t have to be just for summer, and neither do flowers! This winter event has taken place in a gorgeous space, and extra chairs around a picnic table make an inviting space for your guests to gather. Frost resistant bouquets of flowers are a lovely extra touch not often seen through the winter months.

Or Take The Indoors Outdoors

Winter doesn’t always have to mean snow and rain, and if it has stayed dry outdoors then why not take your indoor furniture outside for an extra special feast or party! This idea was first seen on Celebrations At Home, and is perfect for Thanksgiving dinner when you need to fit everyone around the table.

Embrace The Unusual…

Outdoor winter party ideas: Chair and a side table
Image credit:

This brilliant idea has embraced a tree trunk left over in the garden to turn it into a table! We love this excellent use of nature and the great outdoors, seen on Alt magazine.

…And Embrace The Inventive!

This is such creative use of the winter conditions to create a comfy and welcoming space. A couch and a side table have been carved in the thick snow. Add some cushions and a throw and you’ve got an inviting space for your winter party that is bound to get people talking.

Use a Sledge As a Table

Use Your Sledge For Your Irresistible Christmas Hamper

A picnic hamper can be a wonderful excuse for some Christmas indulgence, and the gorgeous presentation on a sled as demonstrated by Kristin Vald is a wonderful way to make that delicious food look even more appealing. Just be sure to bring a flask.

Or As a Place to Serve Snacks

You certainly won’t have to worry about anything melting! An old rustic sledge can be a wonderful way to pass around the food at your winter event.

Or For a Romantic Setting

As seen on Destination Wedding Store, this can be a truly beautiful way to enjoy Valentine’s, which is often in the coldest months depending on where you are in the world. A champagne dinner and rose petals on a sled can be both inventive and romantic, sure to win hearts!

Staying Warm With A Bonfire

Dine With a Fire

There are few sights more welcoming than a roaring fire on a cold day such as this chimenea style wood burner and fireside dining setup.

Or Relax After Skating

This fireside setup is the perfect space to relax after a skating party, which is just what Beautiful Living Style did. Great if you love to be more active when the winter weather sets in.

Light and Go!

Outdoor winter party ideas: Bonfire log
Image credit:

This is an example of a light-and-go log in use, seen at Apartment Therapy. A wonderful kiln-dried stump which can be lit via a wick, also known as a Swedish flame (which you can totally DIY) and perfect for any month of the year.

Or Light and Watch

Outdoor winter party ideas: People around a bonfire
Image credit:

A bonfire can be truly mesmerizing and magical on a winter’s eve and is great fun for all the family. Time to gather around and enjoy a bonfire party.

Roast Those Marshmallows!

Winter outdoor party decor and bonfire #bonfire #fire#outdoorparty #backyardParty #outdoorPartyIdeas #winter #backyardDecor #backyard #patio
Image credit:

Comfort food and drink are great for the winter and this fire pit at Christmas tree farm is the setting for mouthwatering marshmallow roasting.

Food And Drinks For An Outdoor Winter Party

…Then Pop Those Marshmallows in a Cocktail

Outdoor winter party ideas: Campfire cocktail with whiskey and marshmallow syrup
Image credit:

There’s nothing like whisky to warm the cockles of your heart on a cold day! This beautiful cocktail makes use of a beautifully roasted marshmallow to create the perfect winter drink.

Don’t forget the Chocolate

Outdoor winter party ideas: S'mores, chocolate, marshmallow, graham
Image credit:

This is a Smores Party setup that can be prepared in a matter of minutes for an impromptu gathering with all the delisious chocolate and crackers you could wish for.

…And Festive Servings

Winter outdoor party decor and food #outdoorparty #backyardParty #outdoorPartyIdeas #winter #backyardDecor #backyard #patio #food
Image credit: ​

How gorgeous are these single serve popcorns? In a beautiful festive bag and combined with hot cocoa buffet, they’re the perfect snack for your winter skating party.

Experiment With Your Comfort Food

Look how amazing these finger foods are! This is a modern take on comfort food and french toast is dipped in maple syrup, perfect for guests to grab and go.

Or Prepare a Lunch Box

Imagine getting served a gorgeous lunch like this at an ice skating party! Cute little boxes with festive decorations are a great touch for your guests.

…With Some Sweet Treats

Outdoor winter party ideas: sweater mitten snow hat cookies
Image credit:

Channel the warmth of these snow hat and sweater designs into your cookies to keep you feeling warm inside and out! They can even go in your lunch boxes.

Lighting For Festive Mood

Decorate Your Gazebo With Lights

Outdoor winter party ideas: A gazebo illuminated at night and decorated for Christmas or New Year

If you have a hardtop gazebo in your backyard, you can decorate it with lights for Christmas or New Year outdoor celebration. See this pin for inspiration.

DIY Lanterns Which Are Complex

Outdoor winter party ideas: DIY Winter Lantern
Image credit:

These gorgeous ice lanterns are a great way to make your outdoor space glisten and to also include a fun DIY project, perfect for involving kids. A must-do on the list of outdoor winter party ideas!

And Which Are Simple

This is a much simpler and easy version which can include a tealight for subtle glistening lighting during your party.

Experiment With Globe Lights…

With a similar design, these are just a larger version of an ice lantern, perfect for lighting up an outdoor space thoroughly and creating a statement piece too. One Little Project has also created a great DIY guide for making your own globe lights.

…And Mushroom Lights

Outdoor winter party ideas: Mushroom Shape Winter Outdoor Lighting
Image credit:

This is a great image first seen on Martha Stewart, to add that magic fairy tale feel you can make you own mushroom style lights.

Or Go For The Old Classic!

There is nothing wrong with candles for lighting an outdoor space, and as seen on Vinterpotpurri. They can be both simple and very effective, plus seeing a flickering flame can keep you feeling warm.

Use That Fence

Winter outdoor party decor #outdoorparty #backyardParty #outdoorPartyIdeas #winter #backyardDecor #backyard #patio

A simple and effective way to use candles is to simply hang them in jars. Hanging on a fence or elsewhere in your backyard is a wonderful way to add a little extra charm with your lighting.

Or Even Use a Snowy Lampshade

Outdoor winter party ideas: Snowy Outdoor lampshade
Image credit:

These lampshades look awesome! The mesh design is perfect for keeping some snow attached and giving a mesmerizing appearance in your winter wonderland. This will definitely make statement lighting in your yard.

A Touch Of Warmth

Extra Gloves and Scarves

Keep your guests feeling good about being outside by offering some extra warmth via gloves and scarves.

Or A Nice Warm Blanket

Outdoor winter party ideas: Blanket in a basket
Image credit:

If only every party had a “please snuggle” offering! These blanket patterns are gorgeous and are a good way of making sure your guests don’t feel the frost too badly. This is one of my most favorite outdoor winter party ideas.

Or Encourage Guests to Get Their Skates On!

Vintage skates and sweaters are perfect for getting your guests up and active if you have a skating rink nearby they can use. Great for hosting increasingly popular skating parties!

Still Can’t Face The Outdoors?

Outdoor winter party ideas: Outdoor tent for a Party set up
Image credit:

Not to worry! If you still can’t face the outdoors you can rent or buy a party tent that can still give the same beautiful, magical feeling of the great outdoors and let the winter light pour in.

Did You Like Our Outdoor Winter Party Ideas?

I love the winter months and think that it is the perfect time for home comforts and outdoor parties! But you can add some festivity to your party by inviting a friendly nature to them. You can do it easily if you install a few winter bird feeders in your yard. Your guests may appreciate watching wildlife in its natural habitat!

If you are looking to decorate your yard with somehow more traditional Christmas items, head over to my page with Christmas decor deals! You will find tons of items to install!

And if you have a porch or patio and you are not sure how to prep it for the festive season, check out my post with winter porch ideas!

Have our outdoor winter party ideas inspired you to enjoy the great outdoors more? Leave us a comment below.

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